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Adults Buying More Toys for Themselves these Days

I was running at the Gym this past week, and if you have been to any gym, you know they have several programs going on at once for you to watch while you work out. (Honestly, it’s the one thing I HATE about the gym, gives me a headache). As I was on cool down, a news program was doing a story on adults buying more toys for themselves than children these days and wait for it…… OH THE HUMANITIY!  If you know me, this is VERY tongue in cheek, because first, I am all about collecting what you love (mind it doesn’t hurt or cause harm to someone else). Second, I am here to say, who cares? Why should we care someone collects toys, let them do them. Why try shaming someone, which is what they were trying to do, when I have yet to see a toy shortage on the horizon.

               Toys are just so much more than items of plastic and metal. We hold onto these so deeply because I feel as adults, we see them as pieces of a past gone by. We can’t go back, but we can touch these items, hug them, look upon them with giant smiles and remember (hopefully otherwise why have them) good memories. I cannot tell you the amount of 80’s toys I have seen making a comeback over the last 5 years and squealing with glee seeing a “Strawberry Shortcake” doll or a “Care Bear.” Yeah, they aren’t the original ones, we had it good back then with those “Star Wars” figures, “Rainbow Brite,” “He-Man”, “She-Ra”, “Sesame Street’, “Mandy and Jenny”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” “Matchbox”, “Voltron” etc… but the fact they brought some of them back is a testament to not only their popularity but longevity.

My Mom started collecting dolls in 1984 and still collects to this day. She can tell you where she bought each doll, with who, and for what reason. That same year, I started a teddy bear collection, and although I don’t collect them anymore, they were soon replaced with Disney anything in my adulthood. I guess I never looked as it as a childish endeavor, a “Why don’t you grow up?” kind of thing because it just what I loved. I think there are plenty of toys to go around for everyone, so why not everyone enjoy them.  I guarantee that I know a certain brother who would love to have his full Star Wars collection intact to this day, not to play with but to share with his kids, or maybe sell.

               It’s funny the push back you can receive when someone hears you like and collect Funkos, wear Loungeflys, or GASP, shirts with Characters on them! I remember an acquaintance from my past giving me this bag of Mickey shirts they were done with and literally said “I’ve grown up, I don’t wear these anymore. You can have them.”  As an adult, I felt like I was just insulted, as a Disney fan, I felt I had hit pay dirt, LOL, lots of mixed emotions on that one.  So yeah, I disagree with the “There is  time to put away childish things…” because there is no reason you can’t be a grown adult enjoying the toys from the past or today. Hell, with the World and how much we have all been through lately, I HOPE you have a stuffed animal to hug and cry into (I suggest a large stuffed friend like Patrick, from “Spongebob Squarepants”). I HOPE you buy that toy at the Store that made you so happy, I HOPE that somehow toys can HELP you cope with the World today, I mean why the hell not.  I am NOT talking about ripping the toy away from your 3 year old, we are still adults, I am just saying, buy the toys that bring you joy. We need more of it. Plus, I am sure it will be worth something down the road. Win, win.

               I am one of those kids who will NEVER grow up I am proud to say. I feel it keeps me younger, it keeps me more open minded to the generations below me, I am able to share more with my kids, and it just makes me feel good. I wouldn’t even know HOW to define what an adult is anymore. Maybe that’s why I love Disney World so much, maybe that’s why a Figment Popcorn bucket makes me giddy, or maybe this is just WHO I am. An adult, with a strong childlike, empathic spirit, who refuses to acknowledge the years of time, but defines her life in the connected dots of unapologetic joy.

Yeah… I like my toys, so much I wanted to share with you some of my Christmas goodies this past year. First, it’s Emily’s fault, she will take total blame for this, but I got into the world of “Mini Brands” Disney Store Edition. What are “Mini Brands?” They are tiny toys, food, clothing, that you can collect, play with, use for dollhouses, whatever. As someone who grew up with this gorgeous dollhouse, I would have about died to have this fun stuff for it back then. So, Emily and I are at Target last month, getting stuff for my nieces, and we come across “Mini Brands.” She says “Mom, they are little Disney toys and then they have a full Disney Store to set up with them.” My mouth dropped open; this was too cool. See? I can’t help it; I love this stuff. So, we bought 4 balls, they come in these orange type containers that contain 5 pieces each, and the fun is not knowing what you will get!  After the first one opened in the car, I was hooked! We ran back into Target and bought more (on sale for $4) and opened them over time. I bought the advent calendar of them and opened one up each day, and NOW I saw yesterday they have a SECOND EDITION!! Yep, ball is sitting right next to me, and it will be my treat for completing another blog post today! Where am I going to PUT my Disney Store? Have no idea, I will update you when I do. Emily told me every time I got a repeat, it’s more for inventory LOL. Yep, it’s silly and it fun, and THAT is what life should be about!

               Below are the other fun items I got this Christmas. Craig got me the Peter Pan’s Flight Collections with the stuffed Mickey, the key, the ears and the Loungefly (still looking for Minnie to complete the set unless we are forgetting something else). It was a TOTAL surprise, as I only asked for the Loungefly, so I was super happy about the set. I also got two Goofy Funkos and an Elliot and ET one- I wanted it to remind me of the ride at Universal.

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