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Day 58: Mount Rainier National Park

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

I am learning on this journey to go with the flow and leave room for space not planned…also for when I am not feeling very well, weather conditions, wildfires, oh, and yes, a Pandemic that is still happening. I am fully vaccinated and happy to help my fellow man in this simple kindness. I have heard whispers we may shut down again, and that would be the only thing that would send me home. Not much point to being on the road and doing things if nothing will be open. So, we watch, we wait, and we hope more and more make better choices in all of this. 

In the meantime, I don’t mind this area. But I HATE the traffic, I think it may actually be worse than Orlando, and I didn’t think that was possible. I almost didn’t do anything today because of my high stress levels of driving in and out of Bellevue. GPS can only do so much, but the ramps and exits around here are in multiples, so when you exit, it may be for three choices, instead of the normal one. There has been a lot of swearing in my vehicle the last 2 days, and more praying as well. I can’t relax when I’m so worried about which turn to take, and that makes driving ANYWHERE uncomfortable and unfun. So, with that being said, I DID get out to Mount Rainier National Park today, but tomorrow will be a REST day- there will be still be a blog post tomorrow, but my butt will be chilling out all day.

Washington State

Washington State 2021

So, Mount Rainier, wow. Let’s start with the simple. I have never been here before, brand spanking new for me. With that, I had no idea how to “enter” the Park, meaning what entrance works best.  I belong to SO many National Park sites online, trying to follow the news on many of them, but unfortunately I didn’t follow this one very closely.  I did check to see that they put a mask mandate back on today inside any Federal building at the Park. Yes, effective today, kicker is that all Visitor Centers at Mt Rainier are all closed anyways, soooo didn’t really make much sense, but there you go. I just put in the National Park in my GPS and pick the closest entrance, which to Bellevue/Seattle was the Sunrise Road. Sounded pretty, so I checked in at the Ranger Station, got the map, flashed my “America the Beautiful” Annual Pass and I was in. Yes, it reminded me of the Disney Auto Plazas…I must be missing Disney. I saw the 50th commercial yesterday, and yes, many have asked “How could you be missing it Amy?” Here’s how, I was there for the 40th and many of the other past ones. It doesn’t just happen THAT day, they run it for about a year or longer. With Covid still being a thing, I don’t know how much they will actually HAVE for it. Florida, and that County, has had a huge spike, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they dial it back for the Celebration. I will be there at the end of January for 2 weeks to enjoy the Disney magic and another rest before I go up the East Coast, so I know I will see it in due time. The “DAY” which is October 1st, the actual birthday, is cool to be a part of- but it is crowded, the special edition pins go fast which means you get to stand in a line for hours, the shirts go just as fast unless it’s like Epcot’s and they have tons left (Yall know what I am talking about) and it’s usually a speech in front of the Castle at Magic Kingdom and then everyone goes on with their day until the nighttime show- God willing they have it.  Listen, I hope it’s amazing, but it’s not enough for me to fly back for, I have my own amazing dream I am fulfilling that VERY next day after that….so no worries loves, I will be ok, Disney isn’t going anywhere.

Mount Rainier National Park 2021

Mount Rainier National Park 2021

Mount Rainier National Park 2021


Back to Mt. Rainier…I took the Sunrise Road all the way to the top,  turnouts here and there for you to stop and take pictures and breathe in the view. The very best one is at 6100 feet at Sunrise Lookout, it’s a panoramic view that just has no words…I posted videos of it on the Business Facebook page. 300 more feet up to the point, the very top is 6400 feet with trails everywhere to enjoy. It was quite crowded, and I felt like I may be coming down with a cold, so I took it all in, got my pics, and headed back down.  There is an adorable gift shop located at the foot of the Mountain that has the National Park merch, and so happy there was because like I had mentioned, all the Visitor Centers were closed. It took about an hour and a half from Bellevue to get there, and another 30 plus minutes to drive to the top. OH I did see a little lamb walk past my car…Amy had a little lamb, it was very storybook like in this Park. Even the fields of flowers with the Mountains backdrop SCREAMED “Sound of Music.” I would have done it had I felt better…but my luck I would have just got dizzy twirling, tripped, and fell down the hill. Seriously, I am the biggest clutz in middle age. YAY for adulthood.

Mount Rainier National Park 2021


Mount Rainier National Park 2021




IMG_4953 (1)


IMG_4949 (1)







That was all and enough for today, I made it back to my hotel in one piece and happy to be tucked into bed with soup, Sprite, and snacks. I even scored “Dantes Peak” on HBO here, it was so cool to see everything from the movie that I had just walked around in the same town, and seen just days ago.  So I am going to stream more “Twilight” goodness on my laptop tonight because I am coming for you FORKS!!! I can’t wait, talk to y’all tomorrow. Oh, and I work really hard to share with everyone, so please drop a dollar or two in my Paypal to let me know you appreciate this crazy ride, the gas is insanely expensive here! Thanks everyone.


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