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Day 60: Lunch in Poulsbo, WA then onto Port Angeles to eat at “Bella Italia” then staying the week in Forks, Washington. Yes, TWILIGHT!!!

Friday, July 30th, 2021

Have you ever woken up from a Nyquil coma? You don’t know what time it is, day it is, are you on planet Earth, because you are pretty sure this stuff makes you float out of your body at times? By the time I got to the bathroom, everything was waking up, including my congestion, but I noticed it was much better. I took some meds, showered, made some phone calls, got out of those pjs and into real clothes, and put some lipstick on.  I figured maybe I could trick my body into thinking it’s ok to keep going with lipstick and fresh clothes….it may have worked.  I checked out around 9:30 a.m., got the heck out of that area, and headed towards Poulsbo, Washington.

What’s there you say? Well, Aaron and Mari invited me to see their beautiful, Norwegian town nestled in the Mountains, for lunch and to check on how I was doing.  VERY kind, as yesterday was the worst day of the trip. I was ready to pack it up and head home.  “Don’t make decisions in the darkest storms”- I will remember this going forward. The storm broke this morning, the sunshine was out, and I found myself meeting up with my friends, and Mari’s beautiful sister, Alex, in town and we drove downtown for lunch.

We ate at “The Loft” which was a beautiful restaurant on the water, and it was so lovely to talk to them and just enjoy being outside. I wore my mask before and after eating, and also in the other public places, I don’t want to get anyone else sick with this cold.  I had fish and chips, they had fish tacos, and then ice cream at “Mara” which was a split peppermint and mojito sorbet. Delicious! We then walked the town, I picked up a sticker, and said my goodbyes again so I could get to the next town.

The next stop was “Port Angeles” which if anyone knows their “Twilight” they know this is where they spend quite a bit of time. About 50 minutes from Forks, “Bella Italia” is the infamous place where Bella and Edward had their first date.  I had made reservations here months ago for Kyra and I, and although I missed her, I was pretty excited to eat at the same place. In the book, Bella orders “Mushroom Ravioli” which of COURSE I ordered! You guys, it was FREAKING AMAZING!!!  Then the people left the booth they sit in for the movie, so I asked if I could get a pic in “their booth” with Walter, and yep, got them!  Waitress was fantastic, Lynn…thanks for making me feel loved and not so lonely during my dinner. I also had scored a parking spot right in front of the Restaurant, so I was feeling pretty lucky today. I didn’t want to leave…but Forks was calling. On the way I stopped to see the GORGEOUS view at Crescent Lake!

Now, per Kyra’s request, and something I had planned on anyways, I had the soundtrack playing as I entered the town.  I was LOOKING for that sign….the “Forks” sign…and there she was, in all of her glory. I laughed as I took pics, literally no one was around to care, which I LIKE because I don’t feel rushed or stared at why I enjoy my Twilight moment.  Hotel was down the road, checked in, they had already charged me for my weekend stay THIS MORNING, yeah…they know what they have here. They be cashing in on that Twilight cow. Hopefully enough to do here tomorrow, have to check out “La Push.” Sunday I am hoping to head to Olympic National Park and explore, also with less of a cold too.  I am exhausted, I am ready for my next Nyquil coma, so I am going to finish this up and get some well deserved rest. A HUGE thank you to Mari and Aaron, her sister, and Lynn today for making me feel welcome and loved today. YOU are what makes this trip the adventure it is. See you tomorrow.

P.S. I MADE IT TO 60 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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