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The Sheboygan County Asylum Ghost Tour

Being into the Paranormal, I was more than excited, and confused, when I watched “Kindred Spirits” and “Destination Fear” investigate a place that was down the road from me, my entire childhood. Confused because I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS THERE! I literally spent most of my later childhood in the Country burbs of Sheboygan Falls, which is a couple miles from where the Sheboygan County Asylum is located. Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls are next door to each other, our town being named for the Falls we had. We were a little fish in the big pond of Sheboygan, well that’s how you see it as a child. Operating for 62 years, the Asylum closed its doors in 2002 with 17 Wings and over 275,000 square feet.  Anyways, I had no clue this was there, and my husband, Craig, who also grew up in Sheboygan, had no inkling of it either. Not that these places were advertised back then, or haunted asylums “a thing”, so it was interesting to hear my little town name dropped on two of my favorite shows.

So what does one do upon hearing there is a haunted asylum in their backyard? Well, you sign up for a ghost tour!  Having been raised in the area, it wouldn’t look good to be into the ghostly stuff and not even try to check it out. We booked August 12th online, the 11 pm-2a.m. tour, for $70 each, all paid for and done months before we graced its steps. First, I want to say this place is VERY popular right now, so if you see a date you want, book it right away so your spot is held and done. I believe they sold out quite a few times, October seeming to be the most popular. Secondly, we chose that time because we thought being there during the darkest hours, over midnight, would be spookier. Thirdly, they have all these things to bring and what not, but we were never asked for ID, our paper tickets we printed that were never checked, it was just telling them your name and boom, you were checked in. They have a rules page, check it out, I’m just saying everything they asked us to do or bring didn’t seem to be cared about when it was time for the tour.  Side note, flashlight is a must on this or any tour.

Dinner was with Craig’s parents at Texas Roadhouse in Sheboygan and then a check-in to LaQuinta Inn for the night. We knew the tour would go late, so we wanted a hotel room nearby to safely drive to, and this one just happened to be located by one of our homes we lived in back in the 90s. One must get a little bit lit for a ghost tour, just enough to take the edge off but lucid enough to enjoy the experience. Ironically, we went back to the hotel and slept for several hours before the tour so we would be fresh for the night. Besides, they would rather you not come drunk.

Parking was marked and free on their property, and we lined up with everyone else around 20 minutes before tour time. Once checked in, inside the lobby area, we were ushered into a large room for rules and what how’s of the night. There we were split into two groups, one of their tour guides leads and one follows up from behind. Like Waverly, we were never in the same area another group was, so you could really sit and listen to EVPs, the sounds, and of course, the silence. Everyone stayed silent when we needed to be, and I really valued that since I have been on tours where everyone seemed to talk out loud, making it difficult to sit with the darkness and experience it in peace.

We headed to the basement first, and with each step downstairs, the feeling of heaviness got thicker. They ushered us into a Chapel area with stories about religious figures that enjoyed hanging out in this area, pranking visitors. They brought their own investigation equipment to use, I don’t believe we could bring our own on this type of tour there. The cat balls were my favorite, which are literally what they are. They are these little light up balls that when cats or anyone approach them, they light up. So, when an energy or spirit was near them, they would light up. Simple tool and cheap. I also loved the purple laser strips they used, another form of energy passing over it and it would light up.  A grid was also projected on the wall, again would detect light or energy passing over it. It was nice to see these since most using the dowsing rods (which I got for Christmas), a recorder (which I have), EMF detector, and SLS camera. They may have had these, but I feel both groups had different items.

We would find a room, or hallway, the tour guides would lay down the tools, set them up, and we would all stand or sit, watch and listen. Again, everyone was completely respectful and stayed quiet when needed. In fact, we had a guide dog with our group for the first time the Company said. We were all excited to watch his reaction in certain areas we investigated. The morgue was definitely creepy, very small quarters, and he seemed to react the most in here. He was circling and whimpering to his owner, or he just had to pee. Either way. Chip Coffey had felt a lot of darkness and pain in that area when “Kindred Spirits” filmed there. I felt like the room was so small that it felt more like a dungeon cell than anything – brick and mortar walls, gross floor. It didn’t feel or look like other morgues I had seen.

The tunnel- we stood in the center area with the rem pod and other devices and listened. We went total darkness at one point, and one tunnel the light strip was constantly lighting up. No voices, but this is the area on “Destination Fear” where they caught a shadow figure/black mass walking out of the tunnel. I giggled that they left beer and cigarettes for the spirits on the floor- I guess they like to party too.

We then explored a children’s area, women’s lockdown, and the nurse’s floor. The nurse’s floor is where 1 woman took their own lives from the pressures of working with the mentally ill, along with 6 more in other areas of the building. I can’t imagine the strong will you must have to work with so many who may be in pain and confusion on a daily basis. Women’s lockdown was where women were put who “got out of control” let’s say. Another area I felt incredibly sad and gross in, I just felt for anyone who would be put in these tiny rooms and forgotten about. 

We were given a break about mid-way through where we chatted with the other group outside about what they had seen or heard.  They were using the “Estes Method” which was born in Estes, CO and why it is named so. One person puts on noise cancelling headphones on with a ghost box playing in their ears, while another, usually close by, asks questions and the person with headphones, who can only hear the spirit box, says whatever comes through. I was SOOO hoping we were going to do the Estes Method, as I am dying to try it out, but we never got there. They did try a new spirit box type tool, which was meh, it wasn’t anything great. But I understand the need and want to try new tools. I also loved when they use a music box, it turns on when a spirit comes near it and touches it.  I don’t think you realize how creepy a music box is in the darkness of an Asylum…..just saying.

Is the tour worth it? That’s what most want to know, is the price worth the experience. I would say yes and no. You have to check your expectations at the front door and just go with it. If you go to this, or any tour, with the expectation that you are going to see something or hear something, you will probably be disappointed and angry at what you spent. I try to always go in with optimism, respect for the places and the spirits, and an open mind. I do believe that they know who is open to contact and who isn’t. You get three hours, with experienced tour guides, who we learned were volunteers because they love investigating this place so much, and a break to chill before going on. At no time did I feel there were any safety issues, nor was I scared at any point. I felt taken care of, to be made sure we knew where we were going, and they explained each area very well. For what I have paid for in past ghost excursions around the Country, this is on par for the pay. Just remember that ghost hunts are like safari rides, you can’t make them “DO” anything or appear magically, it is all organic and if it happens, it happens.

Want to see more? Check out “Destination Fear” on the Travel Channel or Discovery Plus. The Sheboygan County Asylum is Season 2: Episode 6. They catch some amazing stuff and were the first Paranormal Team to sleep overnight in the Asylum. “Kindred Spirits” also went here, with Chip Coffey, and Amy Bruni had a different approach to their investigation. She and Adam looked more into the Mental Health side of things, and I really loved the different style she took. They are also located on Travel/Discovery Plus.  I have met both teams, great people, very down to earth, and it was a full circle moment meeting them after doing the Ghost Tour at the Sheboygan County Asylum. (Meet them and more from the Paranormal World at the Michigan Paracon– Check it out HERE).

Check out my pictures, let me know if you see something that I didn’t catch. For the most part, I am sure the light squiggles are my camera moving too quickly but let me know down in the comments. I am always looking forward to my next ghost hunt, where should I go next? Let me know and have a great day!

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