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Our Stay at the JW Marriott in the Mall of America

I love a good surprise, the kind you just didn’t see coming at all. Craig had gotten a bonus at work and wanted to do something spontaneous and fun. As any couple, we are always a work in progress, but a weekend away, unplanned, oh, amazing. We needed some time together, so he surprised me with a weekend booked at the Marriott attached to the Mall of America. I was so excited to just pack my bags and get out of town. We headed out on Friday, July 29th and stayed through Sunday, July 31st, 2022.

We hit the road, which is always fun since we seem to be a great team in the car. We find enough to talk about, the GPS shows us the way so we don’t fight about directions, and we take turns driving 90 minutes at a time. In no time we were there, and found it was a bit tricky to find the valet and drop off area. Looking at the Mall of America from the road, the valet area is hidden looking the other way, so it’s not visible from the street. Once we figured it out, we got our bags out, Craig checked in, handed Valet our key and we were off to our room.

The Hotel was absolutely gorgeous, we were in awe with each corner we came around. The lobby had tall ceilings, contemporary counter tops, a backdrop of purple flowers in clear cylinder vases. There were places to sit and work, chill by the large fireplace, or eat at their Restaurant. Easily accessible to the Mall of America, we used our key card to get in and out to the Mall. Honestly, that was the coolest part. We had been to the mall many times, but not to stay overnight and not have to worry about hitting the traffic on the way out, we could take all day and night and really explore the place. And we did. But more on that in a later post, let’s talk the room!

I love a room where you touch the key, (and it works), but when you open the door, there is that WOW factor. It was so beautiful, with clean lines, and a gorgeous view that overlooked the Minneapolis skyline. We chose a king size room and were not disappointed by the fluffy pillows and comfy mattress. The room had a microwave and mini-fridge, which we used, and plenty of counter space for our things. They had USB ports on either side of the bed, so important for charging cell phones and watches. I hate going to the older hotels and searching endlessly for not only a USB port, but an open outlet at all. So this was great to have. The lighting was spot on, I enjoy when it’s soft over the bed and not wiping out your retinas.

The bathroom had a large tub, but it was the shower we fell in love with. Great water pressure, easy to use, can’t stand when I am fully naked, and I get in a strange shower and spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to start the darn thing like I am fighting for my life to get out of an escape room. And it HAS happened, I get in, can’t figure it out, must get back out, decide how badly I wanted that shower and do I want to call Maintenance and get all dressed again and wait around for them. I KNOW someone else out there has been through this!! Anyways, this shower wasn’t that.

We found the hallway traffic was quiet, not loud in the room at all, and we didn’t hear anyone on either side of us, or below. You never know who will be staying around you, and it can always ruin a stay when the noise is out of control. It was comfortable, it was quiet, it was romantic, and it was amazing. Our favorite part was the view at night, watching the planes take off from the Airport located right across the street. Many planes would come up right over the Hotel, it was super cool.

We will definitely be back, for the room, for the dining at Cedar + Stone (Review coming on the blog), and for the convenience of the mall. Check their website to see rates and book yours today!

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