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Our Visit to St. Ignace, Michigan

Once Craig and I signed up for the Michigan Paranormal Convention, we had to choose a place to stay.  Having not been to Michigan since our youngest had cryotherapy for her Retinoblastoma (eye cancer) in 2001, we were both excited to check it out and explore it more. The convention was to be held in Sault St. Marie at a Casino called “Kewadin” which I thought, ok, that’s the name of it and why would there be more than two of them? So when I booked our hotel, the “Aurora Borealis Motel” in St. Ignace, I had done the research and saw that it was close to the Kewadin Casino, only 8 minutes by car- PERFECT! We would be able to ferry to Mackinac Island from here, close to the Paracon, and have a sweet little city to explore.  What I came to find out is “Kewadin Casinos” are a chain, not just that one, and so Craig and I are making our driving plans for the Convention, and we put in the address and instead of 8 minutes away, it is 49 minutes- I was so embarrassed. Now, thankfully 75 is an easy drive, there were no problems getting there, we were just happy we checked the day before and didn’t get there later than planned. I mean, at least it wasn’t hours away! So pay attention to details and ADDRESSES folks, don’t be a dummy like me.

With all that said, St. Ignace IS the perfect spot to stay in for a visit to the Upper Peninsula. It’s a quiet town, with a sweet little Main Street, great places to eat, a boardwalk to enjoy, and views of Lake Huron that can’t be beat!  Founded in 1671 by explorer Jacques Marquette who established a mission there for the Jesuits. Later in the 17th Century, it would be the hub for Native Americans trading furs. As the city became more popular in the mid-1800’s, it took on bigger industries like logging and commercial fishing.  It is one of the oldest cities in the state of Michigan; the older, the better I say. Spirits walk among you here.

We checked in on Wednesday, August 24th, 2022, and checked out on Sunday, August 28th, 2022.  I found the area to be actually very quiet for the end of summer, normally places like this remind me of Door County or St. Augustine which are busting at the seams with people in those last weekends of sun and fun. We LOVED that it was quiet, for we found the quaint shops easy to browse and look at, the Restaurants weren’t overflowing with people, and it was just easier to breathe when the place is to yourselves.

The beautiful homes and bed and breakfasts that peppered the Main Street and coastline were GORGEOUS!! I would consider trying out one of these B&B’s in the future, the places look like hugs wrapped in brick and mortar.

Later this month, or next, I will be writing a food review on “Gangplanks” which was conveniently located down the hill from our Motel.  We LOVED eating here, and it set the tone for one of our most enjoyable trips last year. After dinner, we did a bit of light shopping in town, a couple of gift shops were open, checked out a cool rock formation and then just called it a night. The rock formation was called “St. Anthony’s Rock” and is located right behind Main Street.

We did ask the waitress what there was to do in town, and she mentioned Waterfalls and a Bear Sanctuary, and we were like WHAT?!?! Yeah, I just get super excited about this stuff. We added it to our itinerary the next day and stay tuned to hear about both of those amazing places in the future.

On our last night we really enjoyed visiting one of the Parks against the coastline. We sat on a park bench and just watched the sun set over the lake with the Mackinac Bridge in the background. It was pure bliss.

Again, just a great location for things like parks, beaches, waterfalls, and the big stuff like Mackinac Island and Sault St Marie being close by. Don’t forget the Mackinac Bridge and everything on the other side of that to see as well. Even further down you have the Canadian border, so you can vacay here and then hop across, Passport required now, and check out another Country. This is THE place to stay if you want to enjoy so much that Michigan has to offer without being in the middle of tourist central of other places. The Ferry landing is also off of Main Street, easy to find, and so convenient to the proximity of our hotel.

I highly recommend this area, beautiful scenery, incredibly kind people, and we felt right at home during our stay. If you ask nicely, they will even explain to you the history of the Upper Peninsula. Check it out and have a great day!

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