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Why we LOVE “Morimoto Asia” at Disney Springs

On September 29th, 2015, a new culinary delight was born in the heart of Disney Springs, formally known as Disney’s West Side. Master Chef, Masaharu Morimoto, is known worldwide for his interpretations of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dishes. Asian cuisine had finally come to the shopping and dining district, and we were all on board! Since then, we have dined here several times together, with our families and with friends, each time never disappointed. This is Morimoto.

What makes a place one of your Disney favorites? That one place that you have to hit up on every visit, otherwise the trip just doesn’t seem complete? For us, it’s here. So many wonderful moments shared here, the place makes me feel at peace from the craziness of the crowds outside. Our first dining experience here we came with the kids in 2015. Our waitress suggested buying several items off the menu and then eating them family style so we could try different things. Emily is my fried rice girl, she stuck to that, but I remember ordering the orange chicken, the Mongolian fillet, and the spare ribs to try out amongst Craig, Kyra, and I. We found after gobbling up every last bite, there just wasn’t enough food for the portion sizes we desired. So, lesson learned, we would order our own dishes next time. The food was impeccable, to eat every grain of rice says something. Here, is where I would fall in love with the spare ribs. Now, I had at them at other Asian establishements (looking at you PF Changs) but they never quite hit the mark.  The meat on these ribs fell off the bone, the melting in your mouth with their signature sauce, oh my goodness I am craving them now.  

The Orange Chicken was delicious, and it tasted like real chicken in sweet sauce. Not that stuff from Panda Express that seems like they rolled it around in the floor and sawdust than put it back on your plate (no hate PE, I still eat there LOL). The Mongolian fillet was tender, I like when meat melts in your mouth, and isn’t tough; I always feel like a dog with a chew toy when I am trying to eat something so rough that you swear you burned more calories getting it actually into your mouth than digesting it.

You can have fried or white rice with your meals, but it is an extra cost. When I get anything else that isn’t the ribs, I usually order the fried rice with it because I just love the combination and it seems off eating Mongolian beef without it.

They have a wonderful bar on the second floor, with a sushi station on the adjacent side. Craig always orders Spicey Tuna Roll, I on the other hand can’t stand sushi. I have tried it, first year I lived in Florida actually, and it just tasted like cold rice with a cold leaf with something odd in between. Love my hubby, he offers it to me every time we eat Asian, but alas, that is one adventure I am good to sit out.  He said their sushi is fresh and wonderful and definitely a must when eating here!

The dining room is beautiful and I love the Asian motif. It just calms me sitting in there, and I have been lucky to sit in the first floor dining room, the second floor closed off dining room, and the outside balcony. My favorite place is the balcony, only when its not crazy hot outside. Nobody wants to sweat while enjoying a nice meal, unless you be eating something super spicey! We were blessed to enjoy it on a cool evening last year, sun setting, oh so beautiful, wonderful and romantic. It got a little chilly once the sun went down up there, so you may want to bring a light sweater just in case.

On our last visit we chose the enclosed, second floor dining room. We were given a large table for maye 6 or 8 to sit at because we think they were slow that day. Normally, this place is busting at the seams busy, so it was nice to have the space and room in there. I had sat in this same area with a friend and we were at a table of two, kind of smushed against the windows looking over the dining room. We just didn’t have a lot of space to breath on that experience, but you do take what they give you when they are busy and fully booked.

We will eat there again this year I am sure, and I look forward to my half rack of spare ribs, and Craig his orange chicken with spicey tuna rolls on the side. I highly recommend you try this out on your next visit to Walt Disney World, and even though it is on the pricier side, it is DEFINETLY worth the money. They also have a walk-up on the outside, with a small dining section on their porch, for a limited amount of items from the main menu offered inside. Kyra and I had the Ramen and the steamed bun filled with teriyaki beef. Still on the pricey side, but an alternative in case you can’t get reservations or just want to try the Restaurant out in a quick way.  Speaking of reservations, you will WANT to make them as early as possible here. This is a very popular place, and you’ll want to assure yourself a dining time when visiting Disney Springs. We park in the ORANGE garage to get to this Restaurant, take a right out of the parking garage, past Coca-Cola and Planet Hollywood and then another right and you will come up right behind it, seeing the Walk-up area first.

Want to know more? Check out their menu HERE and see if there is something that you would like to try out on your next trip. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and if you see us there, say hi!

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