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Day 64: “Short Circuit” House, “Goonies” House, Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, and Tillamook Cheese Factory

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

After a long night of coughing up any lungs I have left, I felt like I could handle a new day after the nightmare of yesterday. It had to go better right? I worked on the rest of yesterday’s blog post early this morning, showered, packed, and checked out to get to the Oil Change place as soon as they opened. I drove up and they took me right away, flushed my lines, and refilled my A/C. I held my breath, turned on my car, full blast of the fan, and still warm air.  So they said I may need a new relay clutch switch, and when I tried to get Ellie into dealership to see if that’s the problem, I was told they were scheduled out for 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS. Yeah, I just left and thought “guess I am going to sweat a lot.”

Mengler Bridge

Astoria Oregon

While in Astoria, I had certain sites I wanted to see FOR SURE, so I headed to the home of Ally Sheedy in “Short Circuit” first.  It’s at the very top of the hill, the backdrop being the “Mengler Bridge,” at the corner of Hume and Duane Street. Happy to just GET to the top, I pulled over to grab a pic and a woman was loading up her car in the driveway. I said “Is it ok if I take a pic?” She said “Oh we rented it, it’s a Bed and Breakfast now, you are more than welcome to take pics in front and such. Would you like me to take yours?” I screamed I was so excited!!  I have been a “Johnny 5” fan for a VERY long time, so much that I am quite obsessed with the El Debarge song “Who’s Johnny” which I heard FIRST in this movie! (My kids can attest to this, they know it is cranked in our home when it is played).  It was such a great moment and I thanked her profusely for her kindness, I needed it today more than ever.

Short Circuit House Location


Short Circuit Home



Second stop was Mikey’s home in the “Goonies.” Located at 368 38th Street, you can park close to that street, park, and walk up the stoney driveway. They used to NOT allow foot traffic, but they do now, signs everywhere inviting you to walk up, but NO cars. Literally it is their driveway you’re walking up! Next door is Data’s home in the movie, so grab a pic of that as well. Show your appreciation and drop a few dollars in the donation box, I am sure they appreciate it! 

Goonies Home Location in Astoria


Goonie House Location



Goonies Home Location in Astoria



Goonie Home Location


Happy those were checked off, I headed out of Astoria, putting “Haystack Rock” into my GPS. Located in Cannon Beach (which is a town AND a Beach name), it took me literally 50 feet from it on the road. So I was able to find public access to the beach, and get right in front of it, it was beautiful! 

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach


Haystack Rock Cannon Beach

IMG_6454 (1)







Haystack Rock Cannon Beach

After a drive through this beautiful, little town, I headed to the Ecola State Park which is located on the OPPOSITE side.  $5 to park, although I didn’t see anyone monitoring it, I paid and got to see the spot where they lined up the skeleton key to the rocks to match the clues.  Also this is the same area the Fratelli’s had their hideout at!  VERY happy to check off all the movie hot spots, and yes, I know Kindergarten Cop was also filmed in the area, I wasn’t a fan LOL.

Ecola State Park







Ecola State Park


About another hour of driving, I stopped in Tillamook to see what else? The cheese palace of Oregon, bought some of their cheese and a sticker, watched them make cheese, and left because there were a million people hankering for cheese and ice cream today.  It’s a self-guided tour, free, merch is on one side and all of the food offerings on the other. Tour is upstairs away from the craziness and crowds. It was cool to spot and look at, but I wasn’t waiting in those line for an ice cream cone.








The last 2 hours was spent on the 101 and then some, driving the Oregon coastline. I stopped to take many pictures, the view was just spectacular.  I wish I had stayed on the Coast after winding up in traffic in Portland on the way to Gresham. Traffic was so slow that I was able to take pics from the high fly overs of the city. That may be as close as I get, I am not a fan of big cities without someone else with me.  This was another Kyra stop, so I may do it another time with her and take a break tomorrow.

Oregon Coast



Oregon Coast

Portland Oregon


I have learned that I may not do everything I plan, and I may do a lot that I never even thought of- like the Short Circuit home!  Cold is almost done, now let’s figure out this darn a/c and I would be a happy, cold camper. See you tomorrow!

****Side note, thanks to EVERYONE who have donated to my hard work. This is what I do for a living, and it is a passion for me, so tossing me a couple bucks below helps me SO MUCH with everything needed. I love being able to bring you all these amazing places so that YOU can do them as well. I work mostly on donations so thanks again!


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