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Wildwood Wildlife Park…. Feeding the Goats and Deer

I think it must be a rite of passage that as a child we must be tormented by some sort of wild animal at a zoo or park.  I can remember being shoved by a buffalo in the rear, being bit by eager goats, and watching several kids get pushed down by an array of animals. What brings us back for this torture? Well, they are just so darn cute! With the many of Zoos and Animal Parks I encountered over road trips and family adventures, I always thought back fondly to feeding the goats and deer at Wildwood Wildlife, formally known as Jim Pecks.

As a kid, it blew my mind that they had deer just roaming around the park, around other animal cages, other people, just hanging out like cats and dogs would. I was so nervous the first time I fed a deer, not knowing if I was going to need tetanus shot after I left the experience. BUT that wasn’t it at all, it was SO COOL!! They come up to you, they are so friendly, and they just calmly eat the feed they sell around the park, right out of your hand. I feel this is such a cool experience to share with your kids, to show them that animals are our friends, that certain ones are nothing to fear. Now, let’s talk about those darn goats!

Craig and I walked in, had the food in our hand, and we were swarmed! You would have thought they hadn’t eaten in months they were so excited to see us (they feed them just fine, all love for Wildwood). Being first in the park, we had the place to ourselves for a bit, so it was goat heaven for us. We had so much fun watching and playing with them, some were snuggly, and some were just a holes, I mean yeah, they are goats.

When we brought our oldest here as a child, she loved feeding them, and they loved crawling under her stroller and trying to eat her snacks. So warning, don’t have any exposed food on you, in pockets, in purses- they WILL seek it out and find it! The biggest kick we got out of them on this visit was while it started to rain, it seemed like all of the goats were trying to take shelter in the public restrooms. It was super funny to watch people walk out into a sea of goats while they tried to get in.

Located in Minocqua, Wisconsin, Wildwood Wildlife is home to 1700 animals and 29 species. Open from May to October, they offer several animal experiences, including feeding parakeets, safari ride, and more! Check out the fun we had feeding the parakeets HERE. Prices for the 2022 Season were $24.99 per adult for ages 12 and up, $16.99 for ages 2-11, and under 2 are free. Parking is easily accessible here, close to the entrance gate, and free. They were open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. when were visiting in June of 2022. We found we were able to do most of everything in about 3 hours, including the safari ride but the rain prevented us from feeding the giraffes, which I hope to do in the future. (I LOVE doing this at other Parks). The extras like the safari ride, deer food and goat food are extra and can be purchased inside the gift shop where you pay for your entrance tickets.  I highly recommend this Park, enjoy!

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