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Day 66: Turner, Oregon… “Enchanted Forest,” and the Drive to Sisters, Oregon

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

After such a chill day yesterday, it was almost disappointing to have things to do today. I have more rest time coming up, so I got into my routine right away, and checked out by 9:30 a.m. Cold is almost gone, just that last, little stuff is left…annoying but oh so thankful that it wasn’t something more serious. Fun side note, today marks the longest road trip I have been on thus far. The 2018 road trip lasted about 65 days, so we are now in new territory folks, it’s getting exciting!!

The idea for today was to hit a really cool, old place that I had seen my boys on “Ghost Adventures” investigate. This small theme park is hella haunted, so I couldn’t wait to play in the tunnels and see if I could get anyone to talk to me there.  Making sure I avoided Portland, I drove around it to get to Turner, where “Enchanted Forest” lives. Owned and operated by the Tofte family since 1971, generations of families have made their pilgrimage to this sweet theme park over the last 50 years. (Yes their 50th anniversary is this weekend).  Thankfully I did my research yesterday and learned that I had to not only buy my ticket online for today’s date, but also reserve the time.  They are closed a couple days a week now due to short staffing, so look ahead and reserve accordingly. 

I went in at my ticketed time of 12:45 and probably headed out about 3 p.m.  Ride tickets are extra, $1 a piece, most taking 3 or more per ride, and they are sold at the main gate and through out the park.  I wasn’t interested in the rides, just seeing the Park itself, and it did NOT disappoint!  Walter and I had a blast going through the storybook tales, then the Western town and finished up in the Village watching a really cool water, light show. Lunch was a pulled pork sandwich with potato salad, delicious and affordable.  I ghost hunted the tunnels, and I ogt a couple of hits – I passed a window with a display of lights and it said “window” and so I figured someone was standing by the window as I walked past. The tunnels are pretty dark, no light, but lots of kids so it’s impossible to get a “moment” to do much investigating. So I just did it when I could. Small, sweet, and magical place, proving you don’t have to be a mega place to be amazing. HIGHLY recommend this for families and anyone interested in the childlike feel of this place. No, not Disney, but that’s why it was amazing. $15 admission, definitely worth it.

Over the next two hours to Sisters, Oregon, I drove on the 22 past National Forests and Detroit Dam.  And then came into where the forest fires had been….my mouth just dropped open. I had never seen anything like it, forests with black trees, orange skies, empty spaces, and to boot, lightning streaked the sky as I pulled into town for the night.  What was 5 p.m. felt like 10p.m. with the air quality and storm passing through.  I will have to see what I can or am able to do tomorrow, I may be staying inside because of the fires. I have to investigate more, here for 2 nights. 

Rolling with the punches, I was offered an upgrade to a king size bed WITH a kitchenette! I haven’t cooked anything in 66 days or more, and to be able to make myself a home cooked dinner made me SO HAPPY!  I was able to walk to the food store, bought ingredients for chicken fajitas, and made them with such delight.  Leftovers for breakfast and dinner tomorrow night, loving that my room smells like peppers right now.  

We shall see what is happening with the area tomorrow and go from there with what I plan on doing, I wouldn’t mind another rest day again.  See you then!

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