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Tahquamenon Falls State Park

During our visit to Michigan, we had purposely planned a “whatever” day. That meant, whatever we wanted to do, sleep in or get up early to see the sunrise or maybe go out for breakfast and take a drive. As much as I love to plan, these days get me just as excited. You never know what’s “just around the riverbend.” After a visit to the Bear Sanctuary, we were told about some gorgeous waterfalls located not too far from where we were. I love to watch Craig hear someone suggest something and his eyes light up and say “Yes, let’s do it. Why not?” So off we went looking for adventure…ironically in a city called Paradise.

The rain was still sprinkling down, nothing getting us soaked but merely a light shower. Barely any traffic on the road, we chatted away while we drove to find this hidden gem. Easy to get too, the Upper and Lower Falls are located in a State Park, so you will need to have a State sticker or buy the daily pass which we did. Parking was easy, found a spot with no problems, and just followed the PAVED path to the upper falls viewing and trail system. I LOVE that this is paved for access to wheelchairs and EVC’s, they even rent those in case you have a loved one who can’t make the walk to the Falls. Public restrooms are located RIGHT at the start of the trail, so no need to go looking in the gift shops and restaurants (yes, they had those too!). It was convenient to have them right there, especially after our drive.

Everyone was camouflaged in raincoats and umbrellas, the rain barely coming down now as we headed on the trail. It was about a 10-minute walk, and depending which way you chose, you could see it from above or take trails to get lower and closer. The rain becoming steady at this point, we didn’t want to sprain an ankle on the wet ground or get even wetter, so we chose the above viewing balconies to experience the Falls.

Although the orgin of the word “Tahquamenon” is not known, research seems to believe that it’s story comes from Indian lore.  The amber color that comes from the famous Falls, also known as tanic acid running off the land and swamps, contributes to the name. This State Park covers nearly 50,000 acres, and is home to moose, coyote, black bears, bald eagles, deer, otter, porcupine and foxes. Camping is available here, to learn more about staying inside this beautiful park, click HERE.

We got to a clearing and found a great spot to view the Falls without anyone around us. It so was peaceful, the rain bouncing off flower petals and blades of grass. The sound of the roaring waters below us, the beauty of the trees embracing the river. As a child, I just loved nature. My sign says I like water, but I feel I have always been born for the trees. Not that a good rainstorm doesn’t make every hair stand up, but the smell of the bark, the crunching of sticks beneath my feet, birds singing above you with no care in the world; perhaps I was born a Fairy.

I loved that we took our time here, even with people coming and going around us, we just enjoyed the rain falling in the forest. We did a lot last year, but I know Craig and I will hold this memory as another favorite of ours, it was just too peaceful and magical to be forgotten.

Now we just stopped to see the Falls, headed back to the gift shop and bought a throw for our theater room, some cute bear boxers for me to wear as pjs, I think a shirt or hat, and definitely a sticker and magnet. They had a concession stand selling hot dogs and burgers, so we grabbed a couple dogs and sodas and ran to the jeep in the rain with our treats and souvenirs in hand.  A romantic picnic of hot dogs in the rain, in the parking lot. It just was something special.

I highly recommend checking Tahquamenon Falls State Park out, it’s a beautiful area and we hope to come back in the Fall sometime to see the colors.

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