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Why I Dress Up at Disney World

Let me rewind to 2005ish, and I decided that finally I am going to take my oldest daughter, Kyra, to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Now, I knew nothing, and I mean nothing, about how Renn Faires work. I thought it was like any theme park- buy a ticket, show up, eat some grub and buy a shirt on the way out. I had NO IDEA the complexity of fantasy and fun that they held, and how just putting yourself out there to no only attend but JOIN them, it was something I had never experienced before. As time went on, I would get an outfit to wear, then Kyra, then the entire family (including my parents!).  I found immersing myself in their world made me so much more a part of the story they were telling- I felt a part of something bigger.   

With that experience, and truly over the last decade or more I would say, dressing up for any occasion but more so for the conventions and theme parks, has become a real thing.  As a child, I would dance around my room in the bedroom curtains, pretending to be a Princess or some fairytale creature. It is no wonder my love for Disney, Bristol, and Cosplay is so strong.  Who wants to be part of the reality these days anyways? It is magical to me that clothing, pieces of fabric, can change and alter our entire mood and personality.

For my 45th Birthday, which a post is coming down the pipeline about, I decided to meet 45 (and more) Characters across all of Disney’s four theme parks- in ONE day mind you. I could have just worn the usually shorts and Disney shirt, but I had bought an Orange Bird dress, size Medium which I was UBER excited about, and I thought “It will add to my day!” Guess what, it did!  I received so many compliments, a free photo shoot, and it just made me feel GOOD! Do more that makes you feel amazing, it just transforms your life.

Now, when Disney turned 50 technically 2 years ago now (but hey they love to stretch a birthday out), of course I had to wear a party dress to the party!  They have so many beautiful gowns these days, and I am so happy they offer them online as well in the Parks. Yes, they run over $100 now, but a lot of them find their ways to the Outlets (Where I bought Orange Bird for $15), a white wedding Party Gown with the Castle on it for $20, and a bit off for the 50th Anniversary dress as well. I was always that person who said, “When am I EVER going to wear this again?” Now, this can be true. But honestly, it’s like the Renn Faire dresses. Everyone wears them multiple times to join the fun!

The 50th dress was different in that it had short sleeves, not straps for me to worry about. I am not one for feeling comfortable showing my bra straps through or exposed when wearing anything. Yes, I am fully aware this is chill these days, but I am not. I loved the look of it, and I was teetering between a large and extra-large because I like to eat like everyone else. I wound up going with the extra-large which for the most part was ok, but was too big in the shoulder areas, and the waist I could never get the sash tight enough to hold the perception that I actually HAD a waist! (Again, I am used to Bristol tying me in so tightly that I am sure I misplace a rib and my oxygen is compromised for the rest of the day -but hey, I look freaking amazing)! LOL

I had so many compliments, and it was such a nice addition to all of my pictures. Feeling like a Disney princess in the happiest place on earth is incredible, why do you think we all go so much? But dressed up? You feel like a Queen. I felt more confident in my skin, I felt beautiful and worthy of wanting selfies and endless pics taken. Listen, I struggle with my weight just like many of you. I have been a size 16 and a size 8. Everything can feel like a fight with your body, and when you want to visit your happy place, all you want to feel is alive and incredible. Forget the crowds, forget who is staring, BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. After a while I wished I had dressed up MORE, like a tiara or something. (Yes, have never bought one yet, maybe someday).

I pipe curled my hair like in my high school days when I was going out for something special, I wore the makeup, I put the matching ears on. BE a part of that World, even if for a day, it is so different when you can PLAY there versus when you are just THERE. Take pictures, take thousands, be in every moment like it was your last. I cannot tell you how different that day was to so many others I had been in there and not dressed up. I realize it may be too pricey for some, so like I said, check outlets in the Disney area, and check online like Ebay or Mercari as well.

It is COMPLETELY worth it, and THAT is why I dress up at Disney!

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