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Our Romantic Stay at Estes Park Resort in Colorado

I have always wanted stay at a Log Cabin Home or Lodge, tucked in the Mountains somewhere. Waking up to the sunrise glistening off the snow caps, while still walking among babbling brooks. Nothing but fresh Mountain air, a cool breeze on your back with the warmth on the sun on your face. Heaven, really. How could such a place exist? Estes Park, Colorado.  More specifically, The Estes Park Resort.  Found online, I knew it was the perfect place to stay at while we ventured in the area. Our journey through Colorado brought us to many hotels and Resorts, but this one was special. So, after a long and beautiful hike in the Rocky Mountains, we checked in on our Anniversary, September 14th and checked out the 17th. Let’s talk this Resort.

First, we found it easily. It is right off the main road leading into Estes Park, settled next to Lake Estes. Parking was free and easy to manage during our time there. We had no problem with check-in, I had booked on and had scored several free hotel nights during my last road trip. I used their balance against the three nights here, and wound up with this being practically free. If you didn’t know, using one, or multiple nights, for free on is only available by paying the full balance up front. I am one who really likes to book ahead, but not pay until I grace the hotel the day of my arrival. So many variables these days with cancellations, it always eased my mind not to pay until it was time. This was an exception for the celebration we were having, and the killer deal we were getting. AND it was nice to know it was all paid for and we didn’t need to budget a hotel for those days when figuring out the vacation costs.

You can choose what type of room you would like online, which we decided on a King Suite. They have tiers for ground floor or balcony floors, we didn’t care, we just wanted a lake view. (Side note, parking lot view would have been horrible. Nothing to look at on that side, but I am sure were probably cheaper). Ground floor was a bit cheaper, so we went with it, still getting our fantastic view, and we would come to find it had other amenities on that floor.

So, we didn’t have a balcony, which was nice because there was no one underneath us when we hung out on our patio. And because they put us on the end, we had our own STAIRS that led us onto the walking path around the Lake, the path up to the parking lot, and back to the Resort lobby. It was SO NICE!! We didn’t have to lug our suitcases through the hallways and elevators we just rolled it down the sidewalk, down our little steps, and into our room!

The room itself was so spacious, I love when a resort room feels like an apartment for your stay, and not a tiny closet with a bed shoved in it. This had a beautiful vanity (which was a bit odd so close to the bed, but it’s always nice to get ready while someone showers) on the outside of the bathroom, a huge king size bed, a full couch, desk, great tv, microwave and fridge. At the end of the room stood the large patio doors, with huge windows next to them that wrapped the corner we were on, lots of sunshine and fresh air pouring in. A bistro set on the patio, we snuggled up out their several times and stared at the Mountains in disbelief of our luck. One of those memories that you can’t believe you lived, but there we were, 29 years later sitting at a Lodge, getting ready for dinner, in Colorado. Wow.

The best part was not only “Dunraven” which is their Restaurant on site (post to come on our meals here), but the Lake and the trail surrounding it. I bet you didn’t know, that for years and years, before I started running, Craig and I walked every day. It was our time to chat, exercise, and just get out of the house. I was usually home taking care of kids and the house, Craig started working from home years later, but we all seem to be at home more than not. So those moments in the morning meant a lot to us, and who knew it would be even cooler in Colorado. Every morning we got up, no make-up or shower, just got up, got dressed, and out the door we would go. We didn’t even have to step foot back into the Resort, just out our patio door we would go, up our personal stairs, and onto the path!  The sun just starting to peek across the mountain side, it was a show every morning. Add the steady streams of water, the ducks and geese having their say- it was just incredible. We did have a dangerous encounter with a large male elk later in the week, stay tuned to hear more about that in a further post!

Everything from the comfortable bed, an actual shower you DIDN’T want to leave because they know how to get the pressure right here, and the view every morning and night- we didn’t want to leave. PLUS it is located SO close to the downtown area that you can WALK from here to shop, eat, find tours, etc.. Having the convenience of the Mountains, the Lake, the Lodge feel AND be close to town is a tall bill to fill – and the Estes Park Resort did it!!  Check them out on your next visit, first visit, whatever you venture for, THIS is where you want to stay.

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