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My Triumph at Arch Rock on Mackinac Island

Craig and I are planners, for the most part and all we had really scheduled for Mackinac Island was the bike ride, some place fun to eat, and hopefully a Fort or two.  Not realizing we would be going past many of the spots we wanted to explore later, the only one we decided upon after starting our bike ride was “Arch Rock.” This famous rock is known for, what else, it’s unique arch! It was formed as a solid formation, standing 100 feet above sea level. About 4,000 years ago the water slowly started to dissolve the soft limestone, creating the look of Arch Rock today. Definitely a must see!

Parking for it is right off the main road, locked my bike up with the lock I rented, and after one staircase, Craig decided it wasn’t for him. Never one to back down from a challenge, I decided to go on and do it myself. Spring Trail to Arch Rock, sign said 207 steps; they didn’t include how many stops you have to take to catch your breath! It was a climb, and I am not a fan of stairs. I did something like this at Starved Rock State Park and in Missouri for Tom and Huck’s lighthouse. I was pretty sure that day I was going to die on those stairs. Running? No problem. Long distance? I can do it. Stairs? No. No. No. But, I did them. I wanted to see the rock! (If I REALLY want to see something at the top, I just suck it up and do the stairs. But in no way, shape, or form are they easy for me at all. Looking at you St. Augustine Lighthouse!)

After decades passed, I got to the top and I felt like Rocky. Seriously, music should have been playing me in, I am just so horrible at climbs. Trails, paths, rocks, NO PROBLEM. Stupid stairs. So, I got up them and had a “me party” at the top. ALWAYS take pictures of these moments in your life, however big or small, YOU DID SOMETHING and it should always be celebrated!!!!

Arch Rock is well worth the hike, it is not only a beautiful formation, but the view of Lake Huron below is spectacular. It took me about 20 minutes to get up there, and around 15 minutes to take pics, enjoy the view, and wait my turn since this is a tourist heavy spot on the Island. Since we stopped early in the morning, I only had a few people in front of me. You could definitely see people proposing up here, sunset, it must be amazing. There is a small park with picnic tables and a restroom at the top, something to remember if you want to picnic on the Island or just a potty break while biking below.

Next time, or your first visit, come check out “Arch Rock” on Mackinac Island in Michigan, it doesn’t disappoint!

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