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Finding ASMR at Disney World

It seems one of the trends, for the last couple of years anyways, is ASMR. What is it? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Basically, that tingle that climbs up your spine, the goosebumps that raise in delight, the triggering sensations that run all over your skull. And at Disney, or any Theme Park, it can be hard to find those “chilling” moments in the chaos of chattering crowds and crying children. But, I have found them, at least what works for me anyways, and I thought I would give you my list and see what compares to yours.

In no particular order, the first one that comes to mind is “The Seas” with Nemo and Friends in Epcot. When Epcot first opens, people rush to “Soarin’”, “Test Track”, and now “Guardians of the Galaxy”. I have always taken a different approach to these mornings, I walk over to “Seas,” ride Nemo, and then head up to the second floor of Alpha Base.  Usually alone, it’s quiet with just a small hint of ambience ocean music playing. It sounds like the orchestra music to Nemo, but I could be wrong. Whatever it is, it’s ethereal. With the fish and sea life swimming, the music playing, the water gliding around coral and rocks, it’s a treat for the senses. I just stare, I let it wash all over me, goosebumps, and all. If you haven’t tried this, it’s a must.

Located next door, literally, would be “Living with the Land.” I know a lot of people love this ride, and it has many favorite scenes for the ASMR of the day. Mine would be the very first, the thunderstorm rolling through the forest. Disney does such a terrific job of hearing the rain fall, the thunder roll, and the babbling brook. My other favorite scene would be the rainforest- the smells of the waterfall, the light sprinkling if you happen to be on that side, the tropical birds and the sound of our ride vehicle gliding through the water. Yep, gets me every time.

At sunset, World Showcase in Epcot becomes an entirely other experience. Each Country starts to light up, each it’s own little magical place to explore in the dark. And when Illuminations was playing, my absolute favorite sound in the world was when they blew out the torches before the show began- chills! Also a shout out to “We Go On” -always goosebumps, always tears, another sensory overload for the better.

But have you graced the mystical place known as “Mo’ara” at night? Located deep in Disney’s Animal Kingdom lies Pandora, where the Avatars roam amongst us in the clouds. A pathway that connects this magical area from the Africa savannahs is one of the most peaceful places on property. While crowds are in lines, follow this boardwalk area along its bioluminescent steps and treat yourself to the sounds of mythical beasts hiding in the brush, the tinkling of activity around you, the eye candy of the path’s glow. It is so peaceful; you just have to stop running from ride to ride and LISTEN. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, listen to what magic sounds like. The same music you can hear while dining at “Satu’li” in the same area- it’s why I love eating there so much. Instant shivers, like someone is brushing my hair repeatedly, the overdose sensory is incredible.

Following that same train of thought, “River Na’vi” gives me the chills. The lighting is just out of this world, but it’s when I can start to hear her, the Shaman of songs, singing that the hairs on my neck stand straight up. It’s something about the rhythm, the chanting; I could listen to her all day. Any stress I felt before riding that just melts away, the peace just settles in like a warm hug. You never want it to end, I am almost annoyed when I have to exit. I just want to bathe in that feeling all day. Similar when you are on “Flight of Passage” and you come to the part where everything starts to glow in the forest area- the music swells, you feel the rhythmic breathing of the banshee between your legs, the glow becomes brighter as you start to fly on. DISNEY – you got this so right, ALL OF IT!! So basically, Pandora is just one ASMR playground. Check out all of these locations on YouTube- “Ambient Worlds” is a great channel for this!

I couldn’t recall any in Studios, probably because it’s my least favorite Park. But, my baby, my favorite, Miss Magic Kingdom herself, hers are a bit more background but definitely worth mentioning. First off, it’s the clip clop of the horse hooves on Main Street USA for me. The minute I hear those I feel like I have been welcomed home, all is well in the World. The whirr of the People Mover as I ride it, the wind in my hair as we tour over Tomorrowland. The oceans sounds as we dive under the sea in Little Mermaid, the organ playing throughout the Haunted Mansion- even the darkness in the ride gives me goosebumps.

Feeling Craig’s hand in mine as we sit on “Peter Pan’s Flight”- always a tingle.

That first bite into a Mickey bar, the chocolate hard and the ice cream so creamy and smooth. The sound of trickling water at Gaston’s fountain outside his restaurant, the smell of cinnamon rolls wafting out the door. The train whistle as you entered Magic Kingdom, always such a welcome sound. One of my favorites before even getting to the park is the closing of the Monorail doors, it means that it’s happening, and I will be at one of my Parks soon.

And I have a weird honorable mention, please don’t judge me. Every Disney restroom I ever go in, always gives me goosebumps because it tells me I am really at Disney World. No matter where I travel across the World, no matter any Rest Area, any public bathroom makes me INSTANTLY think of Disney’s and I get all tingly about it. Ok, so what, I am weird. Now you won’t find me meditating in any of these, it’s just the feeling when I immediately walk in. (Shout out to the Tangled Toilets, Disney thought Rapunzel was just full of….).

I am sure I am missing a ton, what are yours? Leave below in the comments, thanks for stopping by. See you in the Parks!

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