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Breakfast at Seabiscuit Café on Mackinac Island

After our long bike ride around the Island, Craig and I were famished. The Main Street lined with it’s shops, eateries, and restaurants- everything looked fun to try, and VERY busy! While we were on our peaceful mission of cycling bliss, Shepler’s Ferry had been bringing in full boats of people who now crowded the main drag. You almost kind of panic; feeling so hungry and seeing the people, I knew we had to find breakfast quickly.

We decided to head away from the ferry landing area, and found a place called “Seabiscuit Café.” Yep, after the horse! A full house already inside, we put our names in with the host and hoped for the best. Luckily, we didn’t wait long and were seated within 10 minutes.

I loved the speakeasy feel of this place, the dark woods and brick walls. Decorated for the horse himself, you felt like you were dining in someone’s den who really loved the horse and the movie.  I ordered the “Old Smokehouse” which was my choice of eggs, which I got over easy, bacon, home fries and toast. Craig ordered the “Breakfast Burrito” which was a 12” flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, avocado, cheddar cheese, and chorizo with home fries on the side.

And what goes well with breakfast and vacation? A “Manmosa”- a yummy cocktail of champagne, rum and orange juice. Now, I LOVED the drink- it was a great addition to the meal, and it felt like a celebration of our bike ride. Craig, not so much, I am not sure that he ever had a mimosa ever in his life, so I think it hit him differently. SO SOMEBODY had to drink it…number one rule of Mackinac Fight Club…NEVER leave a drop of alcohol behind!  (That could be made up, it sounded funny in my head, you’re welcome).

My eggs were light an fluffy, hate when they are runny. The bacon was super delicious, but in full disclosure, I haven’t had a bad piece of bacon yet! The home fries were just ok, I would have liked a bit more seasoning on them. Craig said his burrito was a bit bland, it needed something to enrich the flavors a bit more.  Now, we were “hungry as a horse”, so you could have put Seabiscuit himself in front of us and we would have eaten him, so take our opinions as just that.

It was pricey, but these days, I don’t know what isn’t anymore. Of course you are going to get more food for cheaper off the Island, but they have your full attention when you have nowhere else to go. It was a sweet spot, it was out of the heat, it was a very unique place to try out, and it had a really cool bar that must be a lot of fun. I recommend this for a bite eat, some alcohol goodness, and a break from the heat and crowds. They are open from late April through late October, 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. For more information, check them out HERE and have a great day!

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