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Our Dinner at Pizzeria Rustica

On a beautiful evening in September, Craig and I enjoyed exploring “Old Colorado City.” With no planning, we just walked around and took the city in.  During our trips last year, we had a new rule. We had to eat at places we hadn’t been to before. Trust me, this can get tricky on the road, but for the most part we stuck to it.

While shopping in a boutique, loving all the Colorado gift bags and magnets, we struck up a conversation with the owner. She told us about this amazing pizza place down the street that was the real deal- meaning the owners were from Italy and this was no Pizza Hut! Loving pizza, as we do, we were more than excited to try out this new place.

A gorgeous dining room, and a large patio outside to dine at as well, the bees were in full force around the food outside so we chose to eat indoors. Eating outside always sounds dreamy and relaxing until you realize the bugs think so as well and they decide to join you for dinner. I can’t enjoy anything when that happens, so we just made the decision to eliminate that possibility. We are so glad we did.

Because it was a warm evening, most sat outside so we had the dining room to ourselves. Dining when you have space around you while avoiding being on top of people is just chefs kiss! The menu was full of rich tastes and lots of things that Craig and I couldn’t pronounce. At one point, we just asked our waitress what she recommended because we just had no idea. Basically, this isn’t a place you order a large pepperoni pizza.  BUT that is why it was so awesome, its REAL pizza that would be the most amazing and delicious kind we ever had in our lives!

Craig ordered the “Regina Super Margherita” pizza with crushed san marzano tomatoes, imported mozzarella di bufala, oven-roasted tomato, fresh basil leaves, pecorino dusting, and extra virgin olive oil. I ordered the “Fomaggi e Pollo” pizza with 5 cheeses, crushed san marzano tomatoes, fire-braised chicken, red onion, pistachio, and rosemary. The pizzas all come one size, and they bring you bread with olive oil to munch on for an appetizer.  We ordered two Diet Cokes which they served with the can and a glass.

Like I said, it was the best pizza we ever had. I believe I had leftovers only because I got so full so fast that I couldn’t possibly eat anymore. The only negative I have for the pizza were the pistchios on it- I didn’t like the texture of them on mine. They frequently got stuck in my teeth, so I would order it aain without the nuts. Besides, I didn’t think they brought any extra taste with them. The rest of it though, fabulous!

The serving size was huge, as you can see in the picture. You could easily split one between two people. My hubby makes fun of me because every time we get a huge meal, the first thing I say is “We could have just split this.” Well, we could have LOL. A great find in Old Colorado City, although research showed that their address is Colorado Springs, in case you are looking for it with your GPS. If you love the real deal, the kind of pizza that melts in your mouth with light, airy crust- stop and check them out. For more information, click HERE. Have a great day!

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