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Back to “Totally 80’s Pizza” in Fort Collins, CO

One of our favorite things we did in Colorado during our first visit was “Totally 80s Pizza.Located in Fort Collins, they were in a strip mall the first time we found them. Now they were in another area of town, with a much bigger space and we were SO EXCITED to go back to the 1980s once again!

This was the last stop of our trip, so we booked a hotel nearby to have dinner here and just sit and simmer in the nostalgia as long as we could. What is it about the 80s that makes us smile? I know for me, it was the decade I went from a little child to a teenager. I watched “Where’s the beef” commercials while I snuggled with my Care Bears. Saturday mornings were for cartoons, my favorite being the Smurfs, while I sat cross legged with a big bowl of Lucky Charms with ice cold milk- 2% of course.  My life was filled with the Muppets and Sunday nights with Walt Disney. Everything about being a child then felt like living in different worlds with Star Wars, Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite.

In my teenage years, it was all about Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Wilson Phillips, Boyz 2 Men, and Richard Marx. (Ironically, I would meet most of them in or around Disney World later in life). Big headphones, record players, and eventually walk-mans. While my friends were into the hair bands, I was singing my heart out into hairbrushes “I Think We’re Alone Now.” I have yet to meet a soul that lived through this time period and says “God, I hated it.” It was such a cool time, and this pizza place not only has memorabilia, merchandise, autographs, and delicious pizza- but they also have TVs playing the 80s commercials and tv trailers. It’s like sitting in front of your huge console of a tv, once again back in your living room, and there’s nothing like it.

We ordered the Supreme Pizza with no olives, because ewww, gross. I remember my parents telling me that when I got older my tastes would change- sorry Dad, but I still hate olives. Oh and black licorice, but thankfully that isn’t offered on pizza- yet. We ordered at the counter, added a couple of sodas, and chose a table. Of course, we chose the “Goonies” table. I had the shirt on, it was meant to be! I loved the extra space in their new place, and they had new memorabilia since we were last there. The pizza came in about 10 minutes, and it was delicious! We gobbled up the yummy goodness while we watched Max Headroom over head on one of the TVs.

After the food was gone, we walked the Restaurant, taking videos and pictures. I talked to the owner about my last video going somewhat viral, and he was very thankful and gave me some free merch which was totally tubular! We bought a Ghostbuster sweatshirt, magnets, and stickers. Seriously, we love this place so much it was hard not to buy it all. He also added a really cool  Star Wars display of the old 80s action figures- my brother had all of these. Core memory activated.

To some this may just be another pizza joint, but to us it’s our childhood wrapped in pizza. It’s more like a museum, and I recommend stopping by, even if you aren’t getting food. I guarantee if you grew up in that time frame like I did, you will settle right in. Maybe they should start offering large bowls of cereal with milk and let us all sit on the floor in front of the tv. Wow, I really do miss those innocent days. Go check them out and see our FIRST VIDEO of their last location HERE that blew up on the Internet. Thanks for hanging out with me, and I hope you liked this post, or maybe you liked liked this post- leave it in the comments. Have a rad day!

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