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Our Stay at the “Aurora Borealis Motor Inn” at St Ignace, Michigan

When booking hotels, I have figured out the formula that best works for me. First, let’s be transparent here, its price. As much as I would love to brag that I have all the means in the World to stay at the posh places, cost is always the guiding factor. I’m not cheap, but I also don’t want to stay somewhere a murder recently took place or they haven’t washed the sheets in weeks. I have a range I try to stay in and I normally book for the free nights I get after staying 10.

I need a safe place, nothing leering under overpasses or at the end of dead-end roads. It must have a restaurant nearby, and a gas station is also a plus. I have driven across the Country several times, and I can’t tell you how exhausting it is to check in to my hotel, and then have to drive around town to find food, AND gas up for the next day, when all I want to do is relax. Having them all in one spot, even better if I can walk to get food, makes the stay that much more enjoyable. I don’t care about pools anymore, spoiled by the one in Florida, they don’t matter much. Gyms? Nah, half the time I can’t figure out how to work their equipment. By the time I do, I am too frustrated to want to work out. Finally, has to be smoke free!! Who want to lay on sheets reeking of cigarettes? Yeah, hard pass.

The bonuses are always: a room with an amazing view, vanity outside the bathroom, great shower head and water pressure, bath products that are Hyatt level, microwave and fridge in the room, and of course, a mattress that I actually get some great sleep on. So alllllll of that said, we booked “Aurora Borealis Motor Inn” in St. Ignace, Michigan, for our vacay in the Upper Peninsula. It’s a small city, so we knew we would be going for something comfy with hopefully everything I listed above. Checked in on August 24th and stayed through the weekend.

Check-in went smoothly, everything we booked online was how it was supposed to be. It’s always a fun game, will match the reservation you made or will the Hotel change it? Yes, happened to me a lot. We reserved a queen bedroom, which we found and when we entered it, it felt claustrophobic. Big time. We were going to be there for 5 days, and I knew that the walls would feel like they were closing in with each passing day. I went to the reception desk and talked to the owner who was more than happy, and kind, to give us a different room. We paid a bit more for the Deluxe Queen Room, but she gave us a great deal, and we got the end room, with a corner window of the water! It had two queen beds, more beds means more space. Space is awesome and we were very happy with it.

No elevators here, we walked up the two flights of stairs (outside) every day to our room, parking right outside our room. It was a pain at the end of the day, but hey, exercise finds us in fun ways, right? It was a safe motel, nice spot at the top of the hill, and right next to a great restaurant we dined at for breakfast. I really do enjoy when I can get in and out of a hotel parking lot with ease, nothing stresses me out more when I finally FIND the hotel and it’s a pain to get in and out of. This one was nice and easy.

The beds were comfortable, and we got to choose which one to sleep in, or hey stretch it out and have our own some nights; Ernie and Bert it! Shower was great, water pressure was strong. Can’t stand weak water pressure, you might as well drop a bucket of water over my head for how long or how much time it takes to get the trickle out. They have a food store up the road, so we grabbed alcohol and ice cream on our last evening and sat in the chairs provided outside of our room on the balcony and watched the cities fireworks that evening.

I highly recommend the “Aurora Borealis Motor Inn” for its location to Mackinac Island, Sault St Marie, the Mackinac Bridge, and other surrounding attractions. Affordable, safe, and friendly staff- loved it and I hope you use them on your next stay to the upper peninsula of Michigan. Check out what we did during our stay in Michigan HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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