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My Blendjet and the Smoothie I Make Every Day for Training

A couple of years ago, my awesome daughter purchased me a gift card for Christmas. Not knowing what to use it for, I decided upon a new product called “The Blendjet.” For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a small blender for one person, great for every day and travel as well. I bought one back then for my road trip, training for my marathons, and I was hooked!

Since then, this past Christmas, Craig gifted me another one- a DISNEY version! Yay, my heart was so excited! I had seen the Disney ones advertised in December, and immediatedly knew which one I wanted. What’s so great about them? Well, first off, you aren’t making a huge mess with a large blender. Yes, you can fit in a lot more in a larger blender, but I have found that when I used that kind, I was making way to much for myself. No matter how much I measured out my items, I still had about half a glass extra that I just didn’t need. With the Blendjet, I am able to have the exact portion every day, keeping me on track.

For me, the smoothie I make for training (running) is the following:

  1. Muscle Milk- Chocolate. A serving size is 2 scoops, 30 total grams of protein, low in sugar. A protein powder that can be purchased at Target, Walmart, or any drug store. Runs about $20 and lasts about a month, give or take.
  2. Next, I add a serving of Miralax (Powderlax is cheaper from Target and is tasteless). Approved by my Doctor, it helps with the extra vegetables and fruits I consume while running and trying to lose weight. I was told this is a safe alternative to just flat laxatives because the powder helps your body move it’s normal actions below, where as a laxative stops your stomach from doing it’s job, hence why it hurts so much if you have ever taken one.
  3. Then I add a sprinkle of cinnamon and ginger- this is to help joints, plain and simple.
  4. I add water first before all those ingredients, and then I add ice after that. I blend that twice for the first wave.
  5. Next, I add fresh blueberries, about a half cup usually.
  6. Finally a cup of spinach and more ice, then blend all three. I take a knife and push down the berries and spinach, with the ice sitting on top. This makes it blend even, and the ice blending last, taking the pressure off the blades. 

The Blendjet will turn RED if it is jammed and there is too much. I simply shake it and hold it horizontally over the kitchen sink to give it time to blend it all. With this Blendjet, using for the last 7 weeks, this method has worked every day.

No, you do not taste the spinach at all. The more, the better as it is an excellent source of energy a long with these health benefits:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Cancer Prevention
  3. Eye Health
  4. Popeye had it for a reason
  5. Relaxing Properties
  6. Helps to keep Healthy Bones
  7. Reduces Hypertension
  8. Prevents Anemia
  9. Helps with your Immunity
  10. Boosts Gastrinominal Health
  11. Good for the skin

I don’t know about you, but that list is everything we all need these days. So if I can throw it into my smoothie and not even have to taste it, win win I say.

Why use Blueberries? According to Web MD, the health benefits are incredible!

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin K
  3. Vitamin A
  4. Antioxidants
  5. Manganese

This combination helps high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and even aging! According to them, eating blueberries for just 2 weeks can help reduce damage to your cells by 20%. Who wouldn’t want to slow the aging process down a bit?

I drink my smoothie right away, be prepared to be super cold from it. It tastes like Chocolate cake batter; super yummy. Then I wash it right after, as I have found leaving it too long builds up a funky smell from the whey protein in it. They wash super easy, just some hot water, soap or not, run it with the top on and it cleans in seconds. The top has a seal that will need to be removed now and then to get the gunk out, but that’s about as technical as you need to get with the cleaning. I then pop it back on the charger, and once it is BLUE it is good to go. I unplug it once it is ready for the next time.

I make this every day, with a side of turkey bacon for added protein. (No, not IN the smoothie LOL). The final step of my morning routine with all of this is my slew of Vitamins. I take Everstrong for bone strength, Flaxseed Oil for hot flashes (THIS WORKS VERY WELL), Vitamin D, Vitamin C gummies, Probiotic gummies, sometimes a fiber one, Magnesium, and usually a Calcium. I found as I got older that I don’t drink milk as much anymore, so the calcium is a critical one.

Now, do any of these work? I just had a full physical and labs done yesterday at the doctor’s office and I passed everything with flying colors. In fact, my sugar was at 84 which she said was hella impressive since I didn’t fast for the appointment. (They forgot to tell me). The only thing I was irritated with was my weight. With all of the running and eating cleaner than I ever had, I assumed I was lower. I FELT I was lower; you can tell your body starting to lessen and tone. But that number, it’s exactly why I DO NOT WEIGH at home anymore. It messes up my mental health when I FEEL and SEE I am doing well. Oh well, I am perimenopausal and I know that can bring weight to a standstill, along with training builds muscle first which does weigh more. I am working on it, doing my best. But the lower I am, the less I have on my knees to run with.  Work in progress.

So there is my routine with Blendjet, vitamins, etc.. It has worked for me and I can say that I have had a ton more energy these days. I hope this helps someone out who is looking to start something like this, have a great day!

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