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Our 15th Wedding Anniversary at Disney’s California Grill PART ONE

We have all been there, some anniversaries are adventure bound and others you wind up at Red Lobster. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with Red Lobster, I mean come on, have you had their cheddar biscuits? (Note to self, go to Red Lobster in near future). My point being is that the ones I remember the most, were of course on Disney Property. I know, you are all SHOCKED by this, I see you grabbing your pearls! But it’s true, the magic lives there, and add celebrations to the mix, it is what Dwight from the Office calls “Perfectenshlag.”

Long before we lived in Florida, trips abound we made. We didn’t need an excuse, but we always found one to hit the open road or the skies of blue and head to the Mouse himself. I see you nodding my Disney peeps. If yall haven’t known me long enough, know that my love language is to gift, celebrate, encourage and make people feel loved. I love the details in something major coming down the pipeline, and I will pick and prod at it, to make it perfect. Such was our 15th wedding anniversary in 2008, nay, our BIRTHIVERSARY.

Yep, I have talked about it before, but for those who are new to the blog (and I am HAPPY to see all of the new readers who have found me), Craig and I got married on his Birthday. And after being almost married 30 years this year, we have come to find a common celebration for the duo, as to not leave Craig out, or our anniversary- we came up with “Birthiversary.” Because I am who I am, we needed MATCHING TSHIRTS!! We had printed on the back our Birthiversary and the date and we had lots of compliments, and it was awesome.  (Shout out to all the guys out there that put up with women like me who makes them wear this-you were a trooped Craig!)

While celebrating that week, we headed to California Grill, located at the top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Dolled up, it was one of our first Disney meals that we ever had at a nicer Disney Restaurant. We wanted to make it a big deal, being 15 and all, plus Craig was turning 34 so we wanted to make it special! While waiting to be seated, we checked out the balcony area on the Magic Kingdom side. It was so beautiful out and you could see the Castle so well from there!

We were seated by the window, which we were SO pumped about! A fantastic view of Magic Kingdom and the Castle, It was great. They had decorated our table with Disney pixie dust; we just felt really special. We ordered the “Triple Cheese Flatbread” for an appetizer, which was incredible- light and fluffy and that rich cheese taste- divine! For our main course, we both ordered the “Filet of Beef” accompanied by Bonita Mashed Potatoes, sauteed Haricot Vert with Teriyaki Barbeque Sauce. When I tell you how good this beef was, it was the kind that it touches your tongue and instantly melts in your mouth it’s so good. It was the kind of meal you don’t want to end- the food, the ambience, and of course, the company. We never stopped smiling.

Desert was included in the meal we had chosen, so hey, we were all about it. AND we got to have something brand new, you ready? We had never had Crème Brule before! I guess we just never were somewhere that it was offered or looked at each other sitting on the couch and said “You know what I have a hankering for, a big ol bowl of Crème Brule.” Included with it was also a chocolate brownie and chocolate éclair. An extreme sugar high.

Craig has really only one rule when it comes to Birthdays, and it is simply this- no birthday singing at Restaurants. He suffers from “Poor-spirited” which I hear many men are afflicted with (it’s a joke people). Here is where we differ- bring in whole damn marching band for me, it’s time to celebrate!! We made it this far, why not go all out?!? BUT I am a good wife, and I made sure they didn’t sing, and no one has since or before that. So usually they bring out the desert like a secret mission, quietly bringing it to our table for no one else to see LOL.  We already had first desert, now it was time for second.  A beautiful piece of chocolate cake with “Happy Anniversary” and “Happy Birthday” engraved in milk chocolate. It was so pretty; I didn’t want to eat it. But of COURSE, we did, it’s chocolate? I’m not insane! (Jury is still out).

The night just got better, but you will have to stay tuned for Part Two, coming later in the week! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for a great walk down memory lane for me. I love writing about the fun times with Craig and how much we have overcome since then. It makes my heart happy, thanks for reading!

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  1. Loved this post!!! Creme Brule is my absolute favorite dessert!  The sugar “crust” on top is so good to break through!  We’ve never been to California Grill, but have heard so much about it! Maybe we’ll have to go on our anniversary this year (celebrating 57 years). Again, I am so happy for you and Craig.  Marilyn Johns

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