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Locking up Memories in Loveland, Colorado

As previously mentioned, Colorado was also on the table for relocating too, many years ago. Over the years living in Florida, we thought about what maybe retirement, or sooner, would look like living near the Mountains. As we dreamed through research, we found a lovely city called “Loveland” that was comparable to the size of cities we were used too. On both adventures out to Colorado, Craig and I made a point to stop here and check out the area, stay in town, and get a feel for the vibe.

The best thing we have done when relocating anywhere, is to check out the Visitors Center. A basic idea, but simple enough to get everything you need for the area. In Loveland, their Visitors Center is something pretty cool and a way to leave your footprint on this amazing place. Located at 5400 Stone Creek Circle, you can purchase a lock for $20 in a variety of different colors, key included. (So, I guess if you break up, you can remove it? Also, the key is a nice souvenir on your key chain!) They then provide an engraving tool, and with a steady hand and plan in mind on what to write, it’s relatively easy to write your names and whatever else you wish (keep it clean, kids read these!). We had put our names down in 2019 with the year, so we tried to write something similar this time. With lock in hand, you can attach it to the large “LOVE” sculpture either outside the Visitors Center or down the road at Lake Loveland in the heart sculpture on Lake Drive.

Now, this is where things took a turn for the funny. The plan? Sounded simple. Find the other lock from 2019. How hard could that be? There’s only probably a couple thousand up there. I kid you not, Craig and I stared at this sculpture for a good half hour, trying to find the other one. We planned on attaching this new one to the previous one, and that be that. What’s that expression? We make plans and God laughs. Yeah, he must have had a good giggle on this one. Because I am telling you, they say you can test a relationship by shopping at IKEA, but they haven’t tried finding a lock in a sea of thousands! We even tried finding the pictures of the first one, seeing where we put it, digging through old social media posts and pictures- it was definitely a challenge. After what felt like forever, WE FOUND IT!! Ironically it was no longer the deep purple we started it at, but a light grey from the sun and snow.

We attached our new one and made SURE to make notes on which letter it is located on now and what spot. I think the Visitors Center should make a grid of the sculpture, print it out, and people then can make an x on it for future reference for themselves. They ask that you attach the locks ONLY to the given spots, and nowhere else on the sculptures. We did notice that others bring their own locks, but they would prefer you use the ones they sell because of the size. They ask no locks be larger than 4 inches. Space is incredibly limited as more add to it, as I am sure another sculpture may have to be added in the future.

It was truly a romantic and memorable moment for us, given what we had been through since the last time we attached the other lock. I love that a piece of us, our love, and commitment is locked in a city that we absolutely fell in love with. Did you know they have a Sweetheart Festival every year during Valentine’s week? So cool! Maybe Craig and I will get back for that someday. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a free photo opportunity in the Visitors Center lobby! #visitloveland #lovelandlovelocks

Happy Valentines Day to everyone, whether you are celebrating love with a dear one, a family member, a friend, or just loving yourself. I hope you have a great day and feel LOVED! Thanks for stopping by.

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