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“The Melting Pot”…. A Romantic Date Night Turned Deadly

Back in 2016, we had a lull in FL living that brought us back for a plethora of reasons. We of course then moved back to Florida, but the memories in those short months of being back will stick with us forever. THIS being one of those memories. Craig proposed an idea, let’s do 50 romantic dates over the time we spent back in WI. The first one started with a place called “The Melting Pot.” Known for its delicious fondue, it seemed the perfect start to our dating life. Cheese? Chocolate? What could possibly go wrong?

Picture this: the Restaurant is dark, candles glowing, we are tucked away in our own booth. Funny how we all get so excited about food, but that’s what makes life worth living sometimes. At the time, we were both watching our figures, so this wasn’t just a date night, it was a cheat night. And anyone who has watched their weight KNOWS what I am talking about- just get that darn craving out of your system so you can get back to your weeds and fungi (what my grandma called salad).

We ordered the works, three courses of everything we could think of to have. If we were going to blow it out, we were going to do it the right way. And so we did. The first course was melted cheese (we chose Wisconsin Cheddar, duh) in the fondue pot with bread, vegetables and tortilla chips. We couldn’t get enough; every bite was orgasmic. So we just kept on shoveling it in, until the cheese was no more.

Next, they bring a plate of chicken, shrimp, steak, and pasta to the table (Known as “The Classic”) with a pot for you to cook it in. As a side, we got potatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms which went really well with the meats. Centered on the table, we cooked like queens and ate like kings- hoping we cooked it well enough. (Wait, this is just self-check out at the grocery store, why are we doing all the work? LOL) I guess they think if you get food poisoning, it’s on you because you didn’t cook it long enough- genius).  As we shadowed the great Gordon Ramsey, we were brought 6 different sauces to dip in our meal in. We gobbled up every bite!

Lastly was the chocolate fondue…the perfection of perfections. “Pure Chocolate Fondue” as it is called. It was smooth and bubbled on occasion, as we dipped in fresh strawberries, bananas, pineapple, brownies, cake, rice crispy treats and bars.  And yes, we finished all of that as well. I feel like a good 90 minutes later, they rolled us out like that blueberry girl in Willy Wonka, and honestly, we should have been sent to the juicing room. For what happened next, it’s been spoken about in legends and storybooks, and I am here to tell you it’s true.

Cheese will try to kill you. Yes folks, our most romantic of nights was interrupted by several visits to the restroom, both of us sure we were dying a slow death. I have never in my life felt that kind of pain, at what point I was positive I was ready to black out. Nope, not food poisoning, been there, done that. This was cheese with it’s sidekick chocolate, and it was pissed off!! TO THIS DAY we have not been back, and I am telling you, I am shocked one of us didn’t land in the ER. I laugh about it now, have too, and I haven’t felt pain like that since. I’m pretty sure my soul left it’s body for a brief moment. But when I walk past the cooler at the store, and cheese is waving its dirty little cheddar hand at me, I shake my head, give it the finger and scream in disgust “Not today Cheese, not today.”

So a word to the wise when dining on fondue, maybe not so much cheese, or maybe don’t finish it off like we did. Remember my tale friends, so I may keep YOU from a near death by dairy. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the giggle.

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