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Getting Our Wedding Pictures Taken at “Magic Kingdom” in 1995

Since it was the week for celebrating love, I hope you have enjoyed some of our stories I have shared about us. One that kicked everything off for not only our love of Disney together, but also our marriage, was an idea that came to me in the shower. You have to LOVE those shower thoughts, nothing distracting you but the warm water trickling down your back. Let’s start with the back story.

Craig and I met at a party thrown by mutual friends, during our Senior year in High School. Instant connection, we would date, and as young as we were, our love was strong. Strong enough to get married young, have a child young, and have an instant family life at the young ripe age of 19. Difficult? Hell yeah. Anyone that tells you differently is kidding themselves. We didn’t have a lot of money, a simple apartment, we married at the local courthouse and that was enough. At the time. But as my friends were getting married in these big, elaborate and gorgeous weddings, I would feel a sense of longing for something bigger. It shouldn’t matter, we were already married, why did I need the white dress and celebration? I just learned to shelve it during that first year, busy being a young mom, I just figured it wasn;t in the cards for us.

Then in 1995, about a year and a half later, Craig and I planned our first Disney trip alone. We wanted to get away, Mom was going to watch Kyra, so the plans were in motion. And while in the shower, it dawned on me that MAYBE we could get our wedding pics taken in front of the Castle! I didn’t have professional ones taken for my real one, and I so wanted that princess moment once in my life. We called Disney, and at that time, again 1995, BEFORE the wedding mammoth they have today, all we had to do was pay a fee ($200) up front for a sitting and they took care of the rest!  We chose the Castle and Magic Kingdom, and they were more than happy to oblige. They gave us a date, where to meet Rick, our Photographer, and the time. We were set! This was WELL before they had the Wedding Pavilion and Empire it is now.

The morning came in June, and we weren’t staying on Disney property. Again, we didn’t have much money. We were on International Drive at Gateway Inn, so we weren’t sure if we should dress at our hotel or find a restroom at the Disney Resort we were meeting at. When I tell you this probably never happens anymore, I would put money on it. Disney GAVE US FREE OF CHARGE a room at the Contemporary, IN THE TOWER, to change in that morning. We had it for a couple of hours and got to see Epcot and Spaceship Earth from our balcony- it was incredible!!!

We were in full wedding clothes, which I bought my wedding dress at a thrift store for $20. Yep, that’s correct. Craig had his tuxedo lent to him by our dear friend, Jay Koebel. When I say we used our resources, that is in fact what we did. In full romantic glamour, we descended the escalator at the Contemporary with the biggest smiles you have ever seen! Here we were, a couple of kids practically, about to get the best pictures of our lives, in the most amazing clothes, and coming out of one of the best Disney Resorts. It couldn’t get any better, I was ready to float off into space I was so happy. But then, it did.

We were waiting for our Photographer, just chatting with the Cast Members at the reception area. I jokingly said “Hey, are there any celebrities staying here?” Now, I knew they can’t really say, but for some reason I was in this haze of happiness, and I thought why not ask. They said, “You never know.” And smiled. I giggled and continued to twirl around in my dress in the lobby like a little girl in a brand-new dress. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. We were walking out to the Disney Van ready to pick us up, and here comes Jack and Felicia Wagner walking out past us. THERE IS NOBODY ELSE AROUND. Now, this is during the time of “Melrose Place” and so my heart just dropped when I saw him. Again people, I am IN MY WEDDING DRESS, and I shout LIKE AN IDIOT, “I LOVE YOU JACK!!” He turns around and says “Thank you. Congratulations to you both!” They get in their limo and drive away. Ask me again why I am BEAMING in my wedding photos LMAO. Craig and I just looked at each other “Did that really just happen?” They were in town shooting a Lifetime special called “Weddings of a Lifetime” where they showcased special weddings around the Country.

Continuing, we were escorted to Magic Kingdom with our photographer, parking behind Main Street. Now back then, this was exciting to see backstage! Now they have this path for overflow on fireworks nights at MK, but back then, it was taboo to see “behind the magic.” We all walked onto the start of Main Street, and it was a moment of moments I will never forget the rest of my life. Hand in hand with the love of my life, wearing my wedding dress, Cast Members coming out of the stores to wish us happiness and congratulations, IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! This was very early in the morning, the sun had just risen, so the Character breakfasts hadn’t started yet, giving us an empty Park.

Our wedding shots were taken on the lawn next to the Castle, and then right in front of the Castle on the stage. It was so incredibly magical; I don’t know how to else explain it. This was before I Phones, so we have the wedding photos from Disney, but none of our own. And honestly, that’s ok, because they were enough to remember that moment. So that’s our story, a young couple with little money made it to Magic Kingdom with wedding photos in front of the Castle and a celebrity sighting to boot! I would have to say that’s pretty darn cool, thanks for stopping by.

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