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My Disney Scrapbook Pages: Making the Perfect Pocket for your Disney Guide Maps

I wish I could tell you when it started, because for the life of me, Craig and I don’t remember. I think we have all been there, you walk into the Disney Park, and you grab a guide map.  And over time, after each trip, and the THOUSANDS we have being FL residents, I can tell you that it’s hard to throw them away. I have found that not only are they EXCELLENT reference guides when journaling after your trip, but they tell the story of Disney history. Now when I come across them, I get so giddy to see the attractions listed that are long gone now, heck, even the Restaurants.

As a scrapbooker, I wanted to find a unique way to keep them organized from each trip. I didn’t want to stick them down or cut them up in any way. So, I made myself a creative pocket with a Mickey and Minnie head. Just enough to see the guide maps peek out but keeping them nice and safe at the same time. Super easy to make and looks great in any Disney album! The Mickey heads are circles I cut out, I hand made the bows, and I cut a 12×12 piece of paper behind it for the pocket. I made the pocket first, making sure to only adhere around the edges so the maps would slide in and out easily. Then add the Mickey and Minne, and a bit of Disney flair with small Disney confetti or Mickey head punches and voila! You can make one for each Disney trip, or make one for each Park in your Album. This is also great for any other paperwork from your Resort Stay as well. (It’s fun to look back and see how cheap the Resorts USED to be compared to now LOL).

Tips to Keeping Those Guide Maps Fresh Until You Get Home:

*First, and foremost, pick one or a couple up on the way OUT of the Park.

*PAY ATTENTION to which Guide Map you are grabbing. They provide a variety in different languages, so make sure you choose the one you want.

*Put ONE inside another one, keeping it from creasing or folding.

*DO NOT HOLD IT on the way to your transportation- with the hot Florida sun, the sweat from your fingers will smear the ink. Only hold them if you put one inside the other.

*Only take what you need- we all know that during the Anniversaries and Birthday Celebrations of the Parks, people love to take a bunch for nostalgia or resale, which I do not recommend. I have taken a couple in the past for those who couldn’t make it and wanted one, but keep it limited so everyone can get one. They only print so many on those one day events.

*Pack it inside a hard covered book for the trip home on the plane, or a folder if you have one. They are easy to rip, bend, and fold so bring a folder for all of them and other Disney paperwork you may want to keep for your albums.

*If you miss getting one in front of the Parks, check with the gift shops. You can find them usually at the check out counter or ask a Cast Member for assistance.

I hope this helps someone out, I hope you enjoy the page and make your own “Perfect Pocket” for your magical map memories. See you in the Parks!

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