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Dinner at “Cedar + Stone” an Urban Table Experience at the J.W. Marriott

I think we have all had that meal that just sticks with us, sometimes for the bad more than the good, but we remember them. Sometimes a home cooked meal that your Mom or Dad made that brings you back to your childhood, or a night out on the town with your loved one at a classy joint. Last summer, Craig surprised me with a weekend away to Minnesota at the Mall of America. Staying at the JW Mariott, we were pleasantly surprised by the Restaurant they had located on the main floor.

After a long drive and check-in, we were famished. So excited to be at the Mall of America again, but shopping wasn’t in the cards until the next day. Not wanting to exhause ourselves walking the Mall to find something to eat, we opted for the hotel Restaurant downstairs. You never know what you are going to get in some of these, always a hit or miss. Now, being in a first class hotel, I figured this would probably be a good bet, so we went for it. This is Cedar + Stone, an Urban Table Restaurant.

It was a July evening, and we were seated right away, a perk of staying at the hotel- no reservation needed.  We got a window seat, and I always love seeing the sunset while having a romantic dinner. For appetizer, we ordered the “Pork Meatballs Pomodoro” which were made in their pomodoro sauce, with fresh basil, topped with mozzarella, parmesan and sourdough crostini.  Accompanied by lots of alcohol, which I know mine was a mojito and but I can’t remember what Craig had, the combo was DIVINE.  Excellent start to our meal, just enough cheese and the taste of the basil was subtle so it didn’t take over your palette.

And why have one appetizer when you can have technically two? We WERE in Minnesota of course, so we should try some of their delicious “Minnesota Wild Rice” soup.  HEAVENLY!! This alone for a meal would have been enough, but we were there to dine and drink, so bring on more food.

For our main course, Craig ordered the “Rosemany Brined Amish Chicken” with roasted mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, asparagus with truffle sauce.

I ordered the “Grilled Fillet” with a caramelized shallot potato cake, asparagus, and brandied mushrooms.  When I tell that both of these were INCREDIBLE, that doesn’t do the meal justice. The food got better and better with each bite, and of course, we were drinking more as time went on. We aren’t big drinkers, so when we relax a bit and have a few with a classy dinner like this, it is pure HEAVEN.  It also hits us quite hard, and I remember we took a walk through the Mall of America after this, but I couldn’t tell you much of what I remember. LOL

I LOVED Cedar + Stone, and I would HIGHLY recommend trying it out if you are staying in the area, at the Mariott, or shopping at the Mall of America. Reservations are requested and can be made on their website HERE.  I loved this experience, and Craig and I just had a really good time. Yes, it is very pricey, but you get what you pay for here. The staff was incredible, they were prompt and always refilling water and getting us more drinks. The food came at a timely matter and was nice and hot, hate when they bring it to me lukewarm like someone had it warming up in their armpit. The Restaurant is warm and inviting, and I LOVE the Urban Table movement that is happening.

Check them out and have a great day!

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