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My Disney Scrapbook Pages: Our Stay at All-Star Movies

Going back to Disney World, we wanted to stay on Disney Property again but also somewhere different. Our first trip with Kyra was at Dixie Landings, aka Port Orleans Riverside, and this time was going to be Emily’s first Disney World experience.  Because of her love of Jessie and the Toy Story franchise, All-Star Movies was a hot spot for our little Pixar fan.  Even though that special little cowgirl wouldn’t be in that area, the rest of the gang was. (Pssst Disney, ADD JESSIE please!).

This would be 2005, so the All-Star Movies wasn’t super old yet, but a popular Resort for their value price. The only rooms that were at a higher rate were poolside at the time, other wise the other sections were the same price. It wouldn’t be until years later that Disney decided to price gouge for the certain sections, specifically Toy Story because of it’s popularity.  I believe the rooms closest to the Lobby in the 101 Dalmatians section are also higher now. Anything for a buck I guess.

We personally LOVE the All-Star Resorts. I think they scream Disney magic with the bright colors, the larger than life characters and the fun lobby areas.  Some of the Moderates and Deluxes are of high quality, but they don’t say “Disney” to me. “Art of Animation” is another favorite of mine for all the above reasons, just so much Disney magic surrounding your stay.  I feel like kids really love these more with all of the Disney eye candy, but maybe that’s just me.

Emily fell in love with seeing All-Star Movies, even starting with just the lobby. Magical Express dropped us off and we walked the red carpet into the Movies lobby. There is this smell, that to this day, I can smell that and instantly be transported back to that first time in 2005. The Cast Members were so nice, they helped us out and made us feel so special. It was a great start to an amazing trip for our girls, and here are our scrapbook pages to show the moment.

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