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Dinner at “The Gangplank Pub and Grub” in St. Ignace, Michigan

Upon our arrival to St. Ignace, and after check-in was completed, we went foraging for food. One of my favorite things to do while vacationing is finding new places to dine. Even better? When I get the seating, I want AND the view I want- perfectenschlag! With some driving and digging on the interwebs, we found this cute place near the water called “The Gangplank Pub & Grub” and here is the review, enjoy!

It was a warm summer day of 2022, the end of the season drawing to it’s close. In town for the Paranormal Convention and some sightseeing at Mackinac Island, St. Ignace turned out to be the quiet base camp we needed to see it all.  “Gangplanks” was just down the hill from our hotel, the “Aurora Borealis,” but having just driven all day, we opted to drive instead of walk to dinner.

A cozy little lakeside joint, this had everything you wanted for a warm, summers evening. An open-air concept, we were seated on the edge with a view of Lake Huron.  (It is located across the street from the Lake, not ON the Lake, for reference’s sake for those looking to dine ON the water). Parking is limited in their small parking lot, we opted to park across the street in a larger public parking area. Famished, we drooled over the menu, our eyes huge with anticipation. We decided on drinks with cheese curds and marinara sauce to start us off.  I LOVED how they made the cheese curds square and fried. I am so used to the normal, squeaky ones we find at the grocery store. It was a nice change of pace and very delicious.

For the main course, Craig ordered fish tacos and I got a salad. Now, this is just a side thing I have to say. But does anyone else get grossed out by the concept of “fish tacos?”  I just feel like seafood being where beef or chicken normally is just makes my stomach turn.  He said they were AMAZING, and I said I would take his word for it. They LOOKED good, but the whole concept has just icked me out for years. Fish and taco just shouldn’t go together. My salad must have been ok because I can’t find a picture of it LOL. I must have filled up on too many cheese curds.

It was a beautiful place, we both loved the vibe, and highly recommend it for price as well.  Something about having a drink in hand with a warm breeze rustling through your hair while you sit with the love of your life, not a care in the World, priceless I tell ya. It was great, check them out if you are visiting St. Ignace or coming through from Canada or Sault St. Marie.

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