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Trying to Decide on Dressing Up for my Next Run Disney Event

I have been super lucky to have been able to enjoy many Run Disney events over the past decade. And with every one I have run, I always admire the costumes. I wonder how hard it would be to put something together, and would it be easy to run in. My next race is the Springtime Surprise Challenge, in which I will be running for 3 days in a row. If I were to dress up, it would probably be for day one, the 5k and not the third day which is a 10 miler.

First I want to say to everyone who dresses up, I APPLAUD you. I have not been brave enough to try yet and I am blown away by your creativity. Since I find myself finding new way to run, celebrating running, and enjoy every race, because who knows when it is your last, I would like to do SOMETHING fun this time. 

Second, my fears. My fear is that running in it will distract me from getting the job done. On a 5k, it won’t be as much as again the 10 mile. I am in NO WAY shrinking down what the 5K means to MANY people, I just find myself a bit more seasoned these days that “I” feel it wouldn’t be too much for me on that amount of distance. SO MANY TIMES I have watched these gorgeous runners in their amazing costumes only to find them tearing off tiaras, tutus, and extras off their body. It’s like a costume cemetery that first mile of the race, someone could make a killing of the stuff! LOL 

Third, where do you start? I have never costumed up before, so can anyone suggest some fun ideas or where to look?! I literally have no clue. Even if I can find some cute Disney tanks for the rest of my race, that would be cool. I know they are at Expo, but this girl trains in her stuff first ALWAYS, and you don’t wear something new on race day EVER. At least I don’t. There is a ying and yang to all of this and I really do enjoy finding that perfect balance on race days. I don’t want to be itchy, so tutus are out. I don’t want any loose jewelry or pins, so that’s out.  A VISOR or baseball cap would work for a costume idea, but nothing that’s 5 feet off my head.

The races are Pixar themed- so something Cars, Monsters Inc or Toy Story would be cool. PLEASE let me know if you have any ideas, where I can find Disney tanks and such online, and THANK YOU to those who read this. See you soon!  


  1. Ideas – easiest answer – Barbie (tights and leotard with a pony tail), Jessie (cowgirl hat, vest, and brown pants/shorts) or Bo-Peep (blue tracksuit with your hair done – more effort) from Toy Story, Mike’s girl friend, Celia, from Monsters (needs a wig), I’d say Roz but she’s more of a challenge to dress as.

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