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A Letter to My Mom on Her Birthday

In the World of social media, we are able to see everyone’s updates on family life and such. And the one that always breaks my heart, are those who have lost a parent. The words that always ring true “If I could see her one more time, hold your mom tight and always appreciate her.”  I don’t know about others, but these words did settle under my skin. I have tried to live my life that not would only make you always proud of me, but proud of always putting my family at the top of life’s list. 

So here we are, back together again, something I thought was truly in the past after moving to Florida. But after you broke your wrist, I knew you would need help. I knew that putting your needs ahead of mine, no matter how I felt or where I was, was priority. After Bob had his heart attack, I knew you would need my emotional and physical support. I didn’t hesitate to get in my car and drive to Texas or Wisconsin. I vowed that going after my dreams was important, but when and if you needed me, I would be back to help. And here I am, and here you are.

But it has been so much more than helping an aging parent, it has been a deep friendship that grows with each day we spend together. I don’t know what I look forward to more each week, seeing you or the laughter I know is coming when we hang out. You may see them as errands, but I see them as helping you out. I love hearing your stories about growing up, your silly and fun friends, and your day-to-day activities.  Helping you unload the doll collection I know is bittersweet, but I am also happy that you are downsizing so that you can enjoy the simpler life without feeling the clutter around you. I am SO proud of you for moving forward.

For however long we get to do this, I will never take for granted our Green Goddess Salads at Panera, our thrift store shopping, our driving and getting lost, the breakfast burritos in the Kwik Trip parking lot, laughing our ass off in fitting rooms, strawberry pie at Perkins, garage sales during the Summer, and our veggie nachos and margaritas.  Every moment I log away in my “Mom” bank in my memory, and ALWAYS grateful when I get to add another one.

Thank you for always being a great example of what a kind, helpful, and loving human being can be. I love you, Happy Birthday!!! Now let’s go get liquored up.

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