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How Training is Going

All of my fellow runners know this feeling…you sign up for the race, you paid the money, and now comes the fun part, the training! No matter on the treadmill or outside, I have been vigilant on getting it done around life’s twists and turns. So today I thought I would just share with you where I am at with it all and just how it’s going in general, enjoy!

So more on the treadmill than outside these days, I have learned there is an odd rhythm to it all if you can get it right. I commeitted to Mondays being my long runs, Tuesdays and Thursdays my walk and weight lift days, Wednesday my speed day, and Friday my running longer intervals day. I take the weekends off for not only much sleep and rest, but mentally, I need a couple of days to get things done with the family since everyone is busy doing something all week.

I used to do long runs on Sundays or Fridays, but I found that when I do them on Fridays that I felt I had a free pass to eat all weekend”  because “Hey, I ran 10 miles” which I learned, doesn’t work that way.  Sunday was a favorite of mine for a long time, I could run amongst neighborhoods in Florida whilel everyone was still sleeping. Monday works the most right now because it really charges my week. I feel more confident to get everything else done in my life because, hey, that long run is out of the way for the week. I do tend to miss most of my Tuesdays and Thursdays because of parental duty, always trying to decide that IF I get to the gym, will I have MORE energy to spend with them or LESS? Jury is still out.

The crappy thing is, is that we all know that training on a treadmill is far different than running in the race itself! First off, the Disney ones are like running with everyone in the Parks on their busiest day. No matter how much they cap the numbers, it seems like the entire city is running with you. That being said, pacing it difficult, but not impossible. I take it all in stride that I am just getting my body used to moving and running for long periods of time so that the ENDURANCE is there. My speed is slow, but my will is freaking powerful.

I have to share with yall a funny story that happened to me last week.  Im at the gym, on my favorite treadmill (Yes, don’t deny it, yall have one) and I am just in a full sprint during my last mile of my long run.  At this point I just want it over with, every muscle is literally screaming expletives at me.  I reach for my large water bottle, always filled with sugar free powerade, and I grab one last drink before cool down coming up.  I don’t know if it slipped out of my sweaty hand, or I just missed the cup holder completely, but my water bottle SHOT across the gym lobby off my treadmill!  LOL I was just about dead with embarrassment. But as any runner knows, your time is still  running!! Did I stop to pick it up? NOPE! Not until I got to cool down, which for reality sake here, was like another 30 seconds. I know I gave everyone a good laugh, as I slammed the stop button finally and walked off to see where and how far it made too. Pretty impressive, like 10 feet lol. More impressive? The lid stayed on, so thankfully there wasn’t a trail of red Powerade throughout the gym.  Honestly I was ready to tell them, that’s just my blood, sweat and tears all over the floor. Meh, I would have laughed. THAT’S how training is going LOL.

I am trying to stay positive with each workout and run. Fighting perimenopause and life’s stresses at the same time is not helping, but I have learned to accept I cannot do anything about the things I can’t control. All I do know is that I can control what goes in my mouth, what and how I spend my time training and exercising and working on improving myself little by little every day. I think we all just need a hug or a conversation from Fred Rogers every morning and this world would be a lot happier. SO, I keep at it, still looking for costume idea or even new running clothes, maybe even shoes.  It’s getting closer, stay tuned! 👍

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