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My Disney Scrapbook Pages: Cinderella’s Royal Table Breakfast

It first started in the late 1990s for me, an infliction I brought not only upon myself, but my husband as well. I was tempted, I couldn’t help myself, it was an opportunity to dine somewhere magical. How could I pass it up? Who wouldn’t want to dine in a Castle, but THE Castle at Disney? But there was a catch; a phenomenon known as “GetUpAtTheAssCrackOfDawnToBookASpot.”  Yes, it is and was a real thing.  Time zones, Disney call centers opening, and the demand that every one of our children experience this freaking thing, makes for a fun time for every non-early riser.

I remember for both visits, one with just Kyra and one with both girls, getting up incredibly early, it still dark outside, to call the 407 WDISNEY line and sit on hold for what feels like months.  Back then, this was THE meal to book, and I am sure it still is.  For those that don’t know, there is no tour through the Castle like at Hogwarts across the way. The only way you saw the inside of the Castle was this breakfast “Cinderellas Royal Table” or you won a night in the suite at the top floor during the “Year of a Million Dreams” Celebration.  Since the latter was unlikely, you dragged yourself out of bed and hoped for the best. Clearly I got in both times, but it is nail biting being put on hold and hoping you are getting a decent time. If you get it too early, there isn’t enough to do between when you are done and the Park opens. Get a time too late and you miss the morning rush of the rides. It’s all like a science experiment.

The first time we ate there, we were in awe of the beautiful windows, the high arched ceilings, and the magic that the Princesses brought with each visit. The food I would say is sub par to any breakfast buffet in your area, you are paying for the experience. So when Uncle Al complains that this wasn’t worth the price of his eggs, you can remind him of that.  The second experience we had was nice being that both girls got to experience it together, but the food seemed worse and it all was just rushed.  To pay almost $200 for the four of us, for a repeated experience for three of us and again, the kids barely ate because they were SO excited to get into the Park, that for us it was the last time we booked since. Keep that in mind too, your kids are SO PUMPED to get into Magic Kingdom, heck ANY Character Breakfast on Property, that they really don’t care if you put toast in front of them or Cinderella with Mickey waffles. They are super focused on getting out of there for their day, so it’s better I feel to book your Character Meals for either lunch when you need a break, or dinner when the day is done and you can truly relax and have some “Mickey Wine” with that meal. Just my 2 cents.

Below are the scrapbook pages I made, and years ago Sandy Lion made these adorable Princess Dress sticker sets that were perfect for Disney pages or your kids dressing up.

I love looking at these and seeing my kids so little and so happy in their most magical place on Earth. Enjoy!

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