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Dinner at “Dunraven” in Estes Park Lodge

On so many of my road trips, I would stay at a hotel that didn’t have anything really “on site.” Maybe an exercise room, a pool if I was lucky- but after living in Florida for so many years, the pools aren’t as exciting anymore. So when we stayed at Estes Park Lodge, I was super happy we had a Restaurant on site. Staying at such a nice place, we vowed to make the most of everything it had to offer, something I encourage all of you to do. We can get so wrapped up in what’s going on outside, we forget to explore the very place we are staying in night after night.

Located at 1700 Colorado Peaks Drive, our Restaurant in the Lodge was called “Dunraven” and we needed reservations for dinner (served 4-10 pm daily). We made them after checking in, making sure we checked it out at least once.

It was a really cool place. I love the roaring fireplace in the entrance, the windows that surround the dining room in starlight. Dollar bills cover the place, so it was like dining in a log cabin covered in money. The story behind the dollar bills is a very sweet one. One of their first customers back in the 70s wrote “good luck” on a dollar bill to the owner. The tradition grew over time, and then the walls are filled, they donate the money to charity. Cool!

Seated by the window, the view of the Mountains, we dined on Italian cuisine. I ordered the Lasagna (Italian sausage with certified angus ground beef with meat sauce ricotta, Mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses) and Craig got the Traditional Ziti (Meat sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and rigatoni pasta). The cost of the Lasagna was $22, seemed like a no brainer and my association with the number LOL.

Both dishes were large serving sizes, and definitely worth the money. Nothing like delicious carbs with mountain views. The wait staff was incredible and attended to all of our needs, a water glass or soda always being refilled. We left the meal full, happy and satisfied. We loved it so much we would be back later in our stay for breakfast after a long walk. If you aren’t staying at Estes Park Lodge, I encourage you to at least make reservations at “Dunraven” for a meal and enjoy the views. Check them out next time you are in Estes Park, Colorado


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