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Our Visit to One of the Spookiest Cemeteries in Glenbeulah, WI

Growing up in Wisconsin, which seems like another lifetime, there were stories about this place. I had joined a group called “Campus Life” during High School and met many a friend who spoke about gathering in this haunted spot. As a teenager, I was more about the boys then what went bump in the night, so I really didn’t pay them much attention about it. Besides, my Plymouth guys, would have SURELY scared the living snot out of me, regardless of what lies beyond the graves. Side story, I hung out with guys more than girls in High School. They were less drama, so I enjoyed the feeling of having a band of brothers around me. Anyways, they take me to a haunted house attraction, and I’m thinking, I am good to go, they got my back, right? We walk in and they all shout “GET THE GIRL!” Thanks guys, swell pals. So, you can see why I wouldn’t want to head to some god forsaken cemetery in the middle of nowhere. But as a grown adult with my family? Sure, why not.

I had to see it for myself, what all that hype was about in the 90s. First off, they couldn’t make it MORE confusing on the name. If you search it online, it will either come up “Glenbeulah Cemetery” or “Walnut Grove Cemetery.” I hear Walnut Grove and I immediately think of “House on the Prairie” so the name of this place messes with my head. To add to it, it’s address is 151 Walnut Street. PICK A LANE PEOPLE.

So why is it so haunted? First, I want to point out that with the experience I have had in the Paranormal over the years, it is unlikely they stick around their graves. Think about it, if we revert back to energy, our soul, and it is mobile, WHY would stick around a Cemetery? Go to Vegas, visit your family, haunt that co-worker you hated, but I think sticking at your grave is unlikely. But THAT being said, there is lore around this place. One story is of a man who unalived himself by hanging from a tree. And as many stories go, either it didn’t snap his neck properly or it just took it clean off, but his HEAD is supposedly said to be seen after dark…or if you are lucky, his entire apparition.

There is the usual glowing graves, which again, is a familiar story throughout the Cemetery World. And there is little Grace, a little girl who passed too soon who people leave toys and trinkets at her stone. Funny thing is, there are SO MANY stories I have heard about “Grace” in other Cemeteries like Savannah and New Orleans. Now, I get it, it was a common name. But wow, a lot of little ones named that not only perished but like to roam the graveyard.  Crazy.

With that background in mind, we drove to find the infamous spooky place. It wasn’t too hard to find, it was located at the end of a suburb road, then up a winding smaller road to the Cemetery which sits on top of a hill.  Always a creep factor- one way in and one way out. Not a fan of feeling cornered somewhere scary. No real parking here, just a road basically in to stop on and then back up or turn around on carefully. 

Emily and I explored the Cemetery, the leaves crunching under our feet as we read each epitaph. Some so old, from the mid-1800s, that the names had started to wear away with time. I saw online where volunteers go in to random Cemteries and clean up the stones, I think that is so cool. I realize that so many generations have passed since that person moved on the afterlife, but I still feel it is important to keep their remembrance alive. We all should have a piece that is left here so others don’t forget us.

The Cemetery is actually quite small, it reminded me of the one in Illinois.  Maybe 30-40 headstones, and I doubt they bury anyone up there anymore. One of the creepiest stones we found was separated from the rest, a small path that led itself from the main Cemetery. Why was this person so far away? Royalty or Shunned? I am always curious about those.

I felt we were watched the entire time, it’s just a super uncomfortable feeling you get. We didn’t see anyone or anything, but the vibe was definitely off. Some Cemeteries feel peaceful, like you are being welcomed into the fold of the place. Some give off a “STAY AWAY” and I believe this was one of them.  When a forest surrounds a Cemetery, it is easy to not cause confusion or pareidolia. Pareidolia is when you are actively looking at something FOR something to be seen.  A pool of water, a mirror that may have an odd bend to it, wallpaper that has a design. Our brains can make sense out of anything if we stare at it long enough- this being the confusion. Did you see what you saw or was it just pareidolia?

I played with my ghost equipment, but I didn’t get much to write home about.  I think that spirits only talk when they are around and actually WANT too. I would like to think that wherever we wind up, that we are contacted when someone is trying to speak to us from the other side. “You have an incoming call…your car warranty has expired.”  Well, hopefully not that.

It’s definitely a cool place to check out, but here are a few things to consider. There are signs everywhere about trespassing after hours, not worth it. So, if you were looking for that “nighttime, 3 am experience” good luck and bring bail money. I personally don’t think any Cemetery is worth getting in trouble for, but to each his own. Ghost hunt during the day, and just be respectful of the dead and the living who also may be roaming the same grounds. It was featured on “Unsolved Mysteries” back in the day, so it has brought some notoriety to that area that I feel the locals aren’t too happy with.  Also the very haunted Glenbeulah school is just down the road which has GHOST HUNTS now that you can sign up for. We plan on doing on this summer, we will let you know how it goes. See you there!

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