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“Sea Life” at the Mall of America

One of the coolest things to see at the “Mall of America” is “Sea Life” located, in all places, the basement level of the largest Mall in the States. That’s the thing about being the biggest in the Country, you have some odd stuff available to your customers. As a kid, aquariums to me were located at the Milwaukee Zoo, Chicago, Disney or Sea World.  They fit a sort of theme, not thrown in the basement of a shopping trioplex, but to each his own. CLEARLY we thought it was cool because we went and checked it out!

Now, I have been here before with Kyra and my Dad. My brother had a thing in town, so we were all there to celebrate, and decided to make a weekend of it by checking out the Mall of America too. Since Craig and I were staying “on site” we thought it was a perfect opportunity to check it out again. 

I am not sure what it is about aquariums, but they are so darn soothing. The music they pump in, the water making that rippling sound, the subdued darkness of the exhibit… seriously, its an ASMR I could use at bed sometimes.   Follow the escalator downstairs where you can purchase your tickets, or at the kiosk on the Mall’s first floor. 

For a summer day, the crowds were extremely low, but again, when in the Midwest, most take FULL advantage of the warm temperatures outside instead of the mall like us nerds were doing. BUT it makes for a very peaceful, cozy and dare I say, romantic walk among the fish when nobody is around. Also, it was a summer day, no large school groups, so YAY on that as well.

We just followed the path, the biggest sell is their tunnel of sharks, similar to Sea Worlds in Orlando. I never feel nervous in the tunnels, more like a bit queasy. I find I am trying to look at each animal, and as one swims over me, another sneaks up and I divert my attention and it feels like my lunch as well. Add the warping of the tunnel glass, and yeah, I do better viewing things far back as the belt moves forward.

My favorite, besides the sharks, are the jellyfish. I could stare at them for hours, watching them move and where and what is located on them befuddles me every time.

It maybe took us a couple of hours; it isn’t very big. It’s great for a stop with the kids if you need them to burn off some much-needed energy. Then maybe you will get lucky and be able to shop while little junior is taking a nap in the stroller. Is it a MUST DO? Meh, if you have been to an aquarium, you have been to them all. They have the sting ray pool for petting and feeding, so that’s cool for kids, but other than that, it’s the shark tunnel and the rest is like your local Zoo. To MAKE time for it amongst a very long shopping day would only be detrimental, like I said, if your kids needed a break from looking at store after store. Although with Nickelodeon Universe being RIGHT THERE (the Amusement Park in the middle of the mall) I doubt the older kids will care about the fish. Check it out if you have the time, skip it if you’d rather ride the rides and shop. Enjoy!

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