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“Whose Line Is it Anyways?” Milwaukee, WI Tour Stop

One of my favorite things to do with Craig is exploring the unknown. It gets my juices flowing to see something different, experience the brand new, OR see something familiar that I am ABSOLUTELY in love with!  A favorite TV show of ours is “Whose Line Is it Anyways?” which we not only watched as a couple, but also a family. So, when Craig heard they were in Milwaukee, under the tour “Whose Live Anyways,” he had to get us tickets. It’s so nice to go to these big events somewhere you are familiar with, or I get all kinds of anxiety about the location of the place before I ever get there (talking about you Doctor Phillips area).

We made a weekend of it, booked us a fancy hotel in the downtown area so all we would have to do is walk over to the Pabst Theater for the show and walk back. Now, Milwaukee isn’t known for being super safe, or safe at all, so we made sure to get a hotel as close as possible. Parking downtown, like any big city, is a nightmare and we would rather just take our chances with the walk LOL.

Our seats were on the main floor, further back, but we could still see everything and everyone. We were really here to see the man himself, Ryan Stiles. I also LOVE Greg Proops. Jeff Davis and Joel Murray are hilarious too, but I wish Colin Mockery was on the tour as well. I WISH I could meet Ryan at a Con or something, he is bloody brilliant. If you haven’t seen his outtakes on YouTube, google them now and you will need to grab some Depends because you’re going to pee yourself!  They are still going with the show in L.A. right now, and maybe we will get lucky to see them some day. We head out to California this September, so who knows. I have heard taping for the LIVE TV shows can be long and tedious and we have a lot packed into our trip so we shall see.

The show was INCREDIBLE, our rib cages hurt from laughing for 2 hours. They had people come up from the audience, like the show, and contribute phrases and such.  I love the improv comedy; it’s why Craig and I go to as many Comedy shows as we can. We have one coming up with Kathleen Madigan, which is my FAV right now, can’t wait!

I highly recommend seeing them on tour if they head out again, it’s just good to laugh these days when life seems to be off kilter in the World lately.  Tickets were affordable, around $40 each and that’s a steal when you hear what concert tickets are going for.  Go check out your local comedy bar and support the comedy community, you won’t regret it!

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