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Why I LOVE Road Tripping!

As I am preparing for another adventure, and planning for the next ones (always), I realized just how MUCH I love to hit the open road! Something about that freedom of leaving everything and everyone behind, just for a space of time you can call YOUR OWN, is truly something special.  Having been blessed with three cross country road trips under my belt, and probably a fourth with Mom this summer, I find that the ease and comfort of each is what brings me back.

Now, we can’t drive everywhere, flying is required for many a place. And I am a nervous flier, I cant wrap my head around the plane, with that amount of weight, staying up in the sky! I will be flying again in September, and I have learned I have to just suck it up, pop a pill and hope for the best.  So, yeah, I am a seasoned road traveler you could say.  But the anxiety flying brings me is nothing to the peace, the tranquility, and the excitement I feel when hitting the open road. So many questions to be answered- where will I stop for lunch? Will I eat in my car or inside the Restaurant? Do I have to pee? Are you sure you don’t have to pee? You better stop and pee.  You know, the normal stuff. LOL

I love passing into a new State, seeing their signs, a new place to be explored. And whether I am alone, or with the family, I seem to find joy and happiness in the moment.  By myself I am singing my heart out to Tiffany or Debbie Gibson, with a side of Taylor Swift of course.  Sometimes I eat red vines, or I eat clean and it’s carrot sticks and hummus. When I am lucky to travel with someone, we talk non stop about where we are going, our plans, our excitement bubbles over. 

My favorite travel partner will always be Craig, we just have a very ying and yang to traveling together. We can talk and talk and talk about anything and everything, and still give space for naps and taking turns. I could never understand people who take long car trips and never talk, I mean, NEVER. I know some need to concentrate, especially in the bigger cities, but amongst corn fields? I guess maybe cows could be a threat or you are stuck in a Stephen King nightmare and a kid walks out with a gaunt look. I can’t do it, I have to talk during a road trip. It keeps me awake, happy,  and the time seems to fly more.

I guess I just feel more control over a road trip than in the skies, for obvious reasons. My vehicle is always with me, my luggage never out of sight. And yes, the road can be dangerous, but I feel if you stay alert, drive defensive, and SLOW DOWN you will usually get to where you are going. Things happen you can’t control, but I always feel like I have more of a fighting chance on the ground. Plus there is just something that gets me pumped when I am packing my car up for the big trip ahead.

So stay tuned for many a road trip coming, and I hope people are seeing their postcards in the mail I have been sending out. Have a great day!

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