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My Disney Scrapbook Pages…. Magic Kingdom Train Station

I have a bad habit, I hate to even admit it here. My palms are sweating as I write this, should I speak the words? No, no I musn’t. But someone out there might know this affliction, this ridiculous need and desire. Ok, here goes…. I have a problem over doing things. Yes, someone can tell me to buy a gift. I buy that gift, but I usually can’t buy just one of something, and didn’t they say they like cats? Oh, they have cat stickers, oh even a cat mug! And didn’t they say they like coffee? Or was it wine? Well, I have to add that to the gift. And who doesn’t love chocolates? Something sweet says I think they are sweet, right? Right, right… wait, I think they like to write too. Oh, maybe a journal or a new pen. But a blue or black pen? Not a red one right? That’s used to correct papers. Wait, weren’t their parents teachers? Maybe she would like an apple basket instead.             Yes, that’s my infliction.

Why the explanation? See below. I couldn’t just BUY a Die Cut of the Train Station, or maybe hand make one, I had to draw and piece one on my own. Oh, but isn’t there this amazingly beautiful flower arrangement in the shape of Mickey’s head? I mean, I have to recreate that right? Good thing I have a flower punch. So I punch a trillion flowers and then I hand drew the image on the paper to then add the flowers in the same pattern of the lines. The irony and funny of it all is that I have all of ONE picture on this 12×12 duo pages layout. When you see how many Disney pics I have, one covering two pages is really silly BUT it looks damn good!

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