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Miramont Castle…. The Spirits Speak

During our planning of Colorado, we came across another cool site online. A Castle you say? In Colorado? YES! I was SO EXCITED!! I have been to Castles in Disney, the Coast, heck, even in Illinois! So I get really giddy when I see a huge Mansion, home, or ya know, a CASTLE to explore! Located on the list of National Register of Historical Places since the 1970s,  Miramont was built back in 1895. Home to Father John Baptiste Francolon, his home boasted 14,000 square feet and 40 rooms! Four different types of architecture are used throughout the home, including an eight sided room and also a sixteen sided room- not many four corners to a room can be found.  Father John had come to Colorado from France, and with the unrest he left behind, he decided to make tunnels underneath the Castle for safe passage at any times.  I am unsure if he lived there during the time of the Montcalme Sanitarium, or if they took over after his passing, the timeline is a bit fuzzy. The tunnels were used then for the Sisters to take food and items to the Sanitarium. I don’t know what made this place creepier, the nuns or the Sanitarium. Just saying.

So let’s start at the beginning of how to get there and how to park. Yes, it needs to be shared because it was a big old pain the rear. Finding it? No problem. GPS is your friend. It’s actually on the same road that you follow up to the Pikes Peak tram. Once you drive down it’s main road, you will run right into it. Take a LEFT and you can park in the FIVE spots provided or drive up the road a ways and find another parking lot. This seemed to be the theme around this area, drive up and park. Hope you find something! We were there extremely early to get one of those 5 spots, which we did. Sorry, I don’t mess around. Its free parking by the way, just way to little of it and then further to walk for others up the road. I realize Historical places do not account for parking 100 plus years later, but still, going to give tours? Come up with something better.

Before you plan your visit here, know they are closed MONDAYS. They are open the rest of the week at 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  A handful of us were there early our morning, so we all walked in, paid at the podium, $14 each. The tours are done on your own, just how I like them. I HATE listening to someone talk on and on about something and I see another room that I am DYING to look at and I have to pretend I am remotely interested in what they are talking about. Not all the time, but I swear I am just distracted easily. They have you start though in the basement and that was just weird. Not the display, my hats off to firemen, especially out there with the amount of wildfires they have. It was just off because I was all geared up for the Castle itself and instead I was walking through a cold area with Fireman displays. It just seemed better fit for their town hall and not the regality of the Castle, just my two cents.

After EVERYONE pretty much sped through that area, it was time for the good stuff. I am a sucker for the ceilings, I know, weird right? I love the ornate ways they used to make them look, they actually TRIED. Gorgeous sconces, fireplaces in so many rooms, the wallpaper that someone from long ago put up. I ust love thinking about someone coming home, having a cigar or smoking a pipe while they read the newspaper. A fire crackling, the smell of fresh bread coming from their old pipe stove. A simpler life, although in a Castle probably very first class.

Did I mention staircases yet? Oh, wow. The more, the better. The richness of the woods, each step that could tell a story of those who came before us. I imagine children running down them while laughing, a Father getting ready for his day while his hand glides along the banister. Yeah, I have a very big imagination. It happens when you are a Cancer, and Empath, and a Dreamer.

I felt something around us the entire time we explored, but more so on the top floor where the children would play in this certain room.  A feeling of wanting to reach out my hand for a little one to hold, so much I stood at that room and just listened for quite a while. I played my ghost box for a bit and they were sending names through with hellos and talk of toys.  They leave a white teddy bear there for the spirits to play with, and I didn’t even see this until further down the hallway. It confirmed what I felt and that it was definitely something childlike.

The small gift shop is actually located on this last floor, and as we purchased our magnet, I mentioned the kids. I told her I got these names and she just look dumbfounded because one of them she was familiar with. I smiled, it validated it all. She also told us something interesting, that a famous Ghost hunting crew had come and they let them investigate. Apparently they were disrespectful to the place and to the people of the Historical Society who run it and they decided to stop all private ghost hunts from there on out. So, thanks to whoever ruined it for the rest of us.

Is it worth it? Well, its haunted and it’s a Castle, so, yes. For the small price you pay, and you can explore on your own, it’s a nice stop amongst everything else that the area has to offer. They even have a tea room where you can have “Queens Tea” for an additional price. Check it out next time you are in Colorado!

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