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My Disney Scrapbook Pages… The Disney Contest that Brought Disney to Us

Starting in the early 90s, Disney became a big part of my life, Craig’s, and eventually my kids. Before living in Florida was even on the radar, we planned our Disney trips like the rest. So when we heard that Disney was coming to US? We were shocked! Back in 1998, Disney held a contest and the winner would win a Disney parade for their hometown.  I didn’t even know about the contest, but Sheboygan was definitely notified when the city was chosen for it!  I held the spot the night before with chairs and blankets, and had a group of people join me later that morning. Yeah, I am always the place holder. Every parade, every theater, anything you have to hold space for- that was usually me. 

The Disney Parade was AWESOME and it was great to see the large floats and characters coming down 8th Street in little Sheboygan, Wisconsin. While I was holding our spot all morning, I was able to chat with strangers around me who were also big Disney fans. It’s like a hug for the soul when you find someone with the same interests and you both get excited talking about the Parks. Not many can say this happened to them in their hometown, we were truly lucky to experience it in ours.

Down below I scrapbooked in a “block” or “grid” style. The point is to maximize pictures without taking away from the story and scene too much. Sometimes we can load up the pages so much that it becomes this chaos of mess and we lose the focal point of the moment. I tried to find the balance here because I was also trying to NOT have a 16 page spread on the event. I have done this for other things, and I wonder why my Scrapbooks are bursting at the seams and cannot be carried unless you have been working out your arms for months. Keep it simple, make the point, enjoy those memories!

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