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My Disney Scrapbook Pages…Soarin’ over California

My Disney Scrapbook Pages…Soarin’ over California

I worked at the Disney Store in 1999-2000 in Wisconsin.  Here I would meet some of the sweetest and amazing people in my life during that chapter. One was Diane, and as we grew closer, she was offered a job out at Disneyland on the other Coast and moved to California. Never being there, she invited me out in 2001 and I stayed with her for a week while I got to play at Disneyland/DCA for the first time. DCA had JUST opened that year, so I was party to everything that is already long gone now.

BUT the first thing I rode on my trip to “Disney’s California Adventure” was something that was relatively new, “Soarin’ over California.” Poor Diane, I am SUCH a ride chicken, I am sure she thought I was the most insane person with all of my questions. I don’t like heights, and the way the ride was described by her, I wasn’t sold on how the seating worked and how high I was going to be, so we rode the third row which is the very bottom. Again, had I known now what I knew then, I wouldn’t have had so much anxiety over such an amazing ride. But I can tell you, riding that for the first time, I was in love. And then I heard that they were bringing it to Walt Disney World, and I WAS SO HAPPY!! So, the Scrapbook pages below document my first ride on the original one in California, and how happy I was to try it out with Diane and her friend, Kat.

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