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Our Colorado Trip in One Spot

If you have been following the blog this year, I have been sharing stories and experiences about our amazing time in Colorado. I thought I would put all the links in this post so that if you haven’t read them yet or if you are interested in heading out there, you can conveniently find them all here.

While I was combing through these links, I was trying to decide what was my favorite thing to do. So to make the links more fun, I thought I would list them on my favorite being number one and then so on. Again, my opinion, and your list may look completely different. Craig and I both agreed we would love to head back some day, but we have so much we want to see before then, so stay tuned. My bucket list has all the Disney Parks around the World, visiting my dear Amanda and Jimmy in Australia, going on a “Lord of the Rings” trek in New Zealand and so much more.  Mom and I are talking about a girls trip to New York City, or to the Little Women Mansion and then Prince Edward Island. So many things, and the time is ticking away too fast! So every time I get somewhere and the trip is completed, I am SO GRATEFUL that I was able to see and do what I did. So here is my list for Colorado- enjoy!

  1. Hiking the Rocky Mountains with Craig on our Birthiversary–  you had to be there. To watch my man be so happy, smiling ear to ear in the Mountains that he had been craving to get to… it was the best Anniversary present I could have ever gotten.
  2. Dinner at Twin Owls- same day, celebrating Craig’s birthday and our marriage. It was the perfect view with the most delicious meal that we both will never forget.
  3. Pikes Peak– my Everest, I had been wanting to get up there for some time. Scared of heights, this was a huge accomplishment for me and to share it with Craig was incredible.
  4. Estes Park Lodge– We had ALWAYS wanted to stay in a rustic lodge in the Mountains, and we finally did it!
  5. Totally 80s Pizza– a continuation of the trip before, it is one of our favorite places on the planet. Basically a time machine back to our childhood, complete with cheese and sausage.
  6. Our Walk Around Estes Lake– for a couple mornings, we took a walk around this gorgeous lake amongst the Elk and Mountains.
  7. Garden of the Gods– it’s just beautiful there.
  8. Old Colorado City– our first night in the State, romantic as hell walking around together downtown.
  9. Pizzeria Rustica – the best and authentic pizza we have ever had, straight from Italy!
  10. Big Thompson Canyon– one of the coolest areas we have ever driven through to date.
  11. Loveland Visitors Center– adding our new lock to our old one.  
  12. Dinner at Dunraven– yummy Italian food, at the comfort of our Resort.
  13. Miramont Castle– Haunted as heck and I LOVED it!
  14. Shopping downtown at Estes Park– I love this Main Street area because forever it will be where we got our new wedding rings 😊
  15. Manitou Cliff Dwellings– Peaceful end to our day.
  16. Downtown Fort Collins– coolest Soda shop ever!
  17. Eating Lunch at the Trailhead Restaurant- the best feeling is sitting after a hike in the Mountains!
  18. Staying in Manitou Springs– old town surrounded in lots to do!

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