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The Disney Trip “ABC” Scrapbook Album I Made Emily… A is for Animation, Animal Kingdom and Aurora

Back in 2007, I decided to make an ABC Album for each of my girls of our latest Disney vacation. Since scrapbooking a good 5 years by then, I loved finding other projects and ideas. The hobby is an amazing and fun one, but it can get tedious and long when you see it as so much to “get done.” An ABC album was a focused one, even adding a couple more to each letter still made it a simple and sweet endeavor. All of my loved ones enjoy following the blog, so I thought they would enjoy seeing this and maybe give others some fun ideas for their Disney vacations. Enjoy!

Can I just say how much I MISS the Animation area at Studios? We looked so forward to drawing with our kids – especially since both of our girls are AMAZING artists! Here we are pictured with Timmy Brit, and Animator at Studios at the time.

The reason for doing a couple of pages for one letter was simply the pictures were too darn cute not too! I die cut letters to start the titles on each page and the pages were 6×6 size so it made for a small area to wrk with but also they pages took less time to make!

A little trivia for you, Princess Aurora is my FAVORITE Princess! As a child, I would dance around my room to “Once Upon a Dream.” So my kids meeting her was a dream come true for me!

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