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Category: From the Heart

The Number 22 and my Birthday

So it’s my Birthday today, and like most we like to look back on our year, and perhaps fall even deeper down the rabbit hole and dare look at our […]

Day 9: Lessons Learned on the Road

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 I hit the open road by 6 a.m. this morning, grateful for the kindness and hospitality by the Livers family, but also very excited to see […]

A Tribute to a Dear Friend

Back in 2009 when I started the blog, I didn’t expect much. I thought I would write a bit, maybe meet some new people, and find a resource or two […]

Hitting Life’s Reset Button

I think it was a Staple’s commercial where there was a big, red button you could press to reset something, and I always thought “Wow, how handy that would be.” […]

Pharr, Pharr, Away

Hello from this windy Thursday in the deep heart of Texas. I have been here 4 days now and it’s been a long week of waiting, praying, hoping for the […]