What People Are Saying.

“I just want to say congrats on starting the blog. I’ve been curious about doing one myself but don’t know where to begin; maybe I’ll be inspired by your blog to try it out.”    ~Brian Martin  2.28.10

I am really looking forward to reading about your journey as it unfolds.”    ~Christi Bunn 3.1.10

Love your blog- what a great and exciting adventure you’re having!  ~ Beth Wolfe 3.3.10

My wife and I are planning on moving after the kids get out of school. Three and a half more years. Interested in reading how your adventure goes. Thanks. ”   ~Mike Christoferson   3.5.2010

You are heaven-sent and I love you!! I am currently a cast member, and I cannot begin to tell you that if every guest who came to WDW or Disneyland read this article, the parks would be a happier, safer, better place for everyone!!”   ~Sidney  3.6.2010

Great tips.”  ~Greg aka Doc  4.5.2010

This page is exciting! I am graduating HS in 2012 and i’d love to move to florida if I could find a good inexpensive college and a affordable apartment. I’ll check the blog for updates. I love it!”   ~Joshua Stevens  4.8.2010

Excellent explanation of the Disney meal plans.”  ~Mary Lou  4.9.2010

Thanks so much for this blog!!”  ~Tara 4.9.2010

Looking forward to my next stay – and your next blog!”   ~Sarah  4.9.2010

This post made my day! We’re heading down May 8th, which is in your blessed heaven times. I’m never sure with May, but you, my friends, are amazing. ºoº”    ~Sarah  4.13.2010

This a great blog! You touched on some many of the issues that annoy me when going to WDW.”   ~Kathy  4.15.2010

Feel free to contact me, if you like, with any questions. Having already gone through all this & hearing from co-workers what they went through, I’m more than happy to help someone avoid some of the pitfalls we encountered. Happy planning – hope to see you @ Disney in November. We’ll be there as always.”  ~Marianne  4.25.2010

Good luck in your journey for relocating to Florida! I know I’ve been here almost my entire life and don’t want to leave!”  ~Angala 4.26.2010

A wonderful column, thanks! As I wrote earlier, my wife and I are following a similar plan, albeit for 2013, and to read these gems makes that not seem so far away.”  ~Mark Vitek  4.26.2010

I like your plan and you seem to have everything covered.”  ~Susan McNaught  4.27.2010

This is all so exciting and I wish you the best of luck with relocating!! Thanks again for including all of us on your journey. It almost feels as if I’m relocating along with you (Don’t I wish!).”  ~ Tara  4.28.2010

Gosh, you just made my day! ….Thanks for this post! It put me at ease…we’ve got a lot to do!”  ~Sarah  5.3.2010

“I LOVED this post! Currently, we’re at the 6 months and 10 days mark. AND … My husband told me tonight that we just might be going (again) in February 2011!! He’s caught the Disney Bug in a BIG way and says that for now, it’s the ONLY place he wants to vacation.”  ~Tara    5.17.2010

“Great Post!! I love all those ideas.”  ~Susan McNaught   5.18.2010
This is such a great idea! I love how you gave your yard sale that Disney touch. I hope you and your family have a great time.”  ~Cassidy Hoffman  5.24.2010

Great, great ideas!! Hooray for your down payment!”  ~Tara   5.26.2010

“I couldn’t agree with you more! I do the Disney music all the time when things are stressful at work and it always makes it better! I think there is pixie dust mixed in with those notes!!”   ~Kim Restagno   5.27.2010

“Love this- I’ve been destressing with Disney all my life.”  “Love this idea – wish I’d thought of it.”  ~Marianne Potrzeba  5.27.2010

“Amen!!! I feel the same way! No matter how far away our next Disney vacation is, it just makes me happy to think about it.”  ~Terri Michalenko  5.28.2010

“Good for you! That’s exactly what hubby & I did 12 years ago. Packed up & moved from NY to Orlando just to be near the Mouse House.”   ~Barbara Naness   6.5.2010

“Thank you for this. My family and I keep vascilating on moving to Orlando. We hate the winter where we are and love Disney, but when summer rolls around and I look at my friends I change my mind again. In our process of deciding it’s nice to hear your thoughts on moving, and your excitement!”    ~Katerina  6.6.2010

You have inspired me! I have been thinking about relocating to the Orlando area for some time now, but always saw it as a distant dream… but after reading your blog I am going to make it a goal. I’m actually going to dedicate part of my blog to my future plans! Keep writing so I can keep working toward my goal!”    ~Roslyn Cooper  6.6.2010

I couldn’t have put it better myself Jesse! Have fun in Florida and at Disney World!”  ~Brian  6.6.2010

“Great post! There are many times we put on the Disney Music just to take us away! We also like to think about where we would eat if we were there right now.”   ~Bruce G        6.6.2010

“I love reading your blog,, you have a lovely family, and i enjoy hearing their views on your big move. My husband Dan and I often talk about moving to our “dream”, I work with mr/mh people in a group home, they are wonderful people, my ideal job at Disney would be working at helping handicapped people enjoy their time there, Our 13 year old grandson, lives with us, so we cant move till he grad.in 5 years,, but will be watching, and learning with you. thank you for writing your blog.”  ~ Kathy B.    6.12.2010

“Great story Belle!! Wonderful to hear it from your point of view!”   ~Kelly Lins  6.14.2010

Well put Jessie! Thanks for sharing your joy with us!”  ~ Kelly Lins    6.14.2010

Wow!! I am so happy for you and your family. …. Anyway GOOD LUCK and I look forward to hearing more about you upcoming venture. (((HUGS)))”  ~Vicki Delien  6.20.2010

What a great story and I’m so glad you and your family had this experience, especially Jessie. I”m a cancer survivor of 12 years and it was very scary, so I can only imagine how scary it was for Jessie at her age. You both deserved this trip as much as your kids for the heartbreaking moments you endured as parents with a sick child. Thank you so much for sharing this story.”    ~Beverly  6.20.2010

I cry every time I read your story. God Bless You!”   ~Amy Henkel   6.21.2010

Great story! I started to cry of course! Love you guys! Love my “little” Jessie!”  ~Kelly Lins  6.21. 2010

“What a great story! It is those characters that become parts of your life, obviously some more than others, they stay with you for a lifetime, tug on your heart, get you through even the hardest times… Disney, no one does it better…Thank you for sharing such a personal story.”   ~Amy Sinclair  6.21.2010

Thanks for sharing this amazing story. It brought a great smile to my face.”    ~Marie Montgomery  6.21.2010

Excellent post! What an exceptional moment and what a memory that will be for ‘Jessie’ … and for you as well.”  ~Greg aka Doc 6.25.2010

“Thank you very much for sharing the story.”  ~Ray Pilgrim  6.28.2010

“Losing the job may be the closing of a door but I’d say that your already well plotted out move to Florida is a big ‘ole bay window!” ~Katerina   6.28.2010

“Hey, heard you on BOGP today, and now you’re in my feed. I’m a local already, and wanted to say let me know if I can help out at all.”   ~Todd Perlmutter   6.28.2010

“I wish you and your family the best of luck!”   ~Kissimmee Office Leasing   6.28.2010

“I’m mostly a lurker here, but have been following your story with interest.”  ~Debra Peterson  6.30.2010

“I’ve been following your blog from near the beginning…and am a big believer in things happen for a reason. While I am sure it is not ideal that Carl lost his job, there is a bigger plan and I say go with it…this may be God’s way of saying–’go for it’ Best of luck!!”   ~Amy Joy   7.21.2010

“What a great story. Thanks for sharing something so personal and special. I always try to remember when one door closes another door will open…..Faith and Trust will take you right where you need to be! “   ~Kim Restagno  7.3.2010

“I will keep you in prayer, and just know that things like this happen to everyone, even those in ministry. I want God to make a message out of my mess! There are no easy answers, just keep pressing on, keep applying and most of all KEEP BELIEVING! “   ~John, Youth Pastor   7.4.2010

“I heard your show on BOGP and immediately subscribed to your blog! My husband and I have talked about moving to FL (currently in CT) and I was excited to hear your story! I’m sending you Pixie Dust in hopes this will all work out soon. Keep up the great work with the blog…this is going to be a great resource for a lot of people.”  ~Sarah M   7.5.2010

I’ve recently been following your blog. I’m very interested because in about 3 years, I plan to be exactly where you are now. I hope things work out well and am looking forward to your next post.”  ~Dana  7.7.2010

“So just keep on living your dream and let us know – we will love to keep on reading! Sunny greetings from a German Disney enthusiast.”  ~Angelika  7.8.2010

“Even if you think it was a sign that now was supposed to be the time, it obviously isn’t the right time.
My Mom says. “Everythng Happens for a reason.” God has your plan and will help you with it. Keep the Faith, Trust in each other and believe inthe Pixie Dust.”  ~Bruce G   7.9.2010

“I have been following your dreams and aspirations since very near the beginning. It is an inspiration; both the smooth patches of sharing the dream and the rough patches of what it takes to make the dream come true. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue forward. I am also struck by the number of comments that include the thoughts of other who share your dream; that of relocating to the Walt Disney World area. As helpful as your “relocation information” tab is, I think it would be wonderful to have someplace where so many like-minded people could chat or message each other. There are bound to be so many questions out there and it would be a way for people who are serious about relocating to share information, resources and information.  Thank you for what you’re doing and best Wishes! in the days and weeks ahead. And, as Uncle Walt said, “Keep moving forward.”  ~Greg aka Doc  7.10.2010

“Wow… what can I say? I cannot express how incredibly humbled and grateful I am for such a wonderful post, and your comments about my show and me personally. I certainly remember meeting you and your wonderful family at the Studios a while back (and yes – I loved the shirt!) I love your Top 5 lists, too! I hope to have the pleasure of seeing and thanking you all again in Walt Disney World soon!!!   P.S. I love the Mike, Pam and Rikki from BOGP, too! Thanks for including me in such great company!”  ~Lou Mongello 7.19.2010

“Wow! That is such a great plan! I wish I had the guts to move down there!”  ~Nellabeaner    7.22.2010

Hurray! You all sound so excited! I’m happy for you!”  ~Karen  7.22.2010

Congrats on making the big decision!!!”  ~Kelly Smith  7.22.2010

Yay!!! We’re playing with the decision to move to Orlando in 2012, so I’m SUPER excited to watch your posts on the move!! Under a year is SO awesome, have a GREAT time in November and enjoy your last year away from the Mouse.”  ~Lindsay  7.22.2010

“Congratulations on the decision! I can imagine that you are all beside yourself with anticipation. I am looking forward to seeing how the move progresses both before and after. Remember, there are a number of us who are living vicariously through you in all this!Best wishes in the months ahead!”  ~Greg aka Doc  7.22.10

Whoo-Hoo! Congratulations! You will love the Wine and Food Feastival, in the Fall. Keep us posted. ”  ~Bruce  7.22.2010

Congratulations! I know you have been trying to figure this out, and am glad you’re happy with the new plan. Thanks, as always, for keeping us posted!!”  ~Brian Hubbard  7.22.2010

Woohoo!! how exciting!!Looking forward to your updates!”  ~Terri Dobbins   7.22.2010

“That is great news! Congrats! So happy for your family. I hope you will tell us about life near the mouse when you get there!”  ~Sweet Moments Bakery  7.22.10

Congrats! I am so excited for you guys! You’ll have to keep me up to date on everything your doing to get ready now that your so close to moving! I am hoping to move in 2013/2014! It seems like forever away!”  ~Rosyln Cooper  7.23.2010

Congratulations to you all!! I’m so, so happy for you! xoxo”   ~Tara  7.23.2010

Congrats on the definite move date! How exciting!”  ~Amy Eastman  7.25.2010

Good ones! My favorites are the theater in the back of the exposition hall on Main Street U.S.A. and if its just the adults, the lounge on the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort. Best of luck to you all in the next year!”   ~Sarah   7.27.10

“I’m so glad that you posted about this. Some people get the World and then just get so upset when they don’t get absolutely everything they want.”  ~Jessica  7.29.10

WOW!! I can’t believe you wrote this entire list, but then again…I can. i love seeing your posts and enjoy them so much. I would love to move back down south. i keep bugging hubby all the time about it..he’s a huge Mouse fanatic so i atleast got that on my side as one reason to go..LOL.. I haven’t been able to experience any of the romantic views/sites in or around Disney at all so needless to say I am jealous..I wish you all the best of luck. Keep posting!! (((HUGS))) to all of you.”  ~Vicki Delien  8.8.2010

Love love LOVE this post! You guys have given us the reality check we needed to say “why aren’t WE moving to Orlando?!” thanks for the blog and the inspiration! (we’re planning to move Oct 2012!)”   ~Lindsay  8.9.2010

“How sweet of you to mention my blog! I follow you on facebook, as well, and continue to root for you as roll with the punches and follow your dreams!”  ~Shannon Sullivan   8.10.10

I’m currently back tracking through your blog and so far, I love it! I’m hoping to be able to use some of it to convince hubby that we need to move to FL.”   ~Danette  8.11.10

I too would love to move to Florida! We’ve been talking about it more and more since we’ve been going to WDW every year for the past 4 yrs! Have a safe move!”  ~Sharline   8.20.10

When you hold your first Relocated Tourist Meet(#159) I want to be there; even if I don’t live in the area. So, give plenty of advance notice.”   ~Greg Grimsley aka Doc  8.23.2010

Great to Read the Blog Tonight! Congrats again on the Job, Full Spead Ahead!”  ~Bruce  8.29.2010

“Congrats, Carl, on your new job! It’s perfect that you will be able to work anywhere. Have a great week!”  ~Brian Hubbard 8.30.2010

“I am enjoying sharing in your journey. Continued best wishes in the process! You’re going to have a bunch of folks who are going to want to meet up with you in the parks once you’re locals!”   ~Amy Eastman  9.2.2010

Fantastic list! May I suggest another?
301. Carrot cake cookies at DHS with Amy and Chris of Growing Up Disney Best wishes on completing your list! Please continue to update us all once you’re having all that fun!”  ~Amyand Chris  9.7.2010

“Congratulations Carl!! Ellie, this is such wonderful news, I am so happy for all of you. It is amazing that he can work from home and doesn’t have to find another job when you move. You and Carl are living Bill’s dream, he wants to move by WDW too. Maybe someday.”  ~MrsKSomeday  9.7.2010

“Woo-hoooo! Congratulations on the job. Your quest to follow your dream of living near WDW is nothing short of inspiring!”  ~Robert from the Snow White Sanctum  9.8.2010

“Oh I am so excited to have found your blog and am wishing you guys ALL THE BEST! Would love to be doing what you are doing….but still have a lot of convincing to do for my husband. Sooo in the meantime, I will live vicariously through your experiences!”   ~Nancy from theaffordablemouse.com   9.8.2010

Happy 17th Anniversary! You two are wonderful people and I hope you have many more years of Happiness and Love. ~Bruce G bruce@unknownmagicwithinwaltdisneyworld.com  9.9. 2010

What a great story! My husband and I are going to WDW in 18 days to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It will be our first trip without the kids and I have mixed emotions, too. I’m sure we’ll be fine since you both made it.  Happy Anniversary!!”  ~ Amanda 9.9.2010

Greetings! This is my first comment here, but I’ve feverishly caught up on your posts. Congrats on making the move that I am certain many of us dream about (including my wife and me, who have followed an eerily familiar path to absolute Disney obsession)…..Thanks for a fantastic resource for escaping the “real world” to ponder and dream about WDW!”  ~John  9.14.2010

Just started reading your blog and am insanely jealous about your moving plans. I’m looking forward to following the journey!”  ~Krystal  9.14.2010

Hi Ellie! I’m a new follower of your blog- I’m enjoying all of your stories!!”  ~Erinlindsayhodge  9.21.2010

Great blog post!”  ~Johnny 9.21.10

By the way, I enjoy reading your blog and the fact that you are moving there next year.”  ~Roger Miller  9.24.10

“I loved this post!! We do many of these things. We call it “spreading the pixie dust”, we just love helping others have a great vacation!”  ~ Tracy B.   9.25.10

My husband and I do many of these things also. We find that we enjoy ourselves more on our vacations to Disney World by helping others out and spreading the pixie dust. I’m so glad you wrote this blog.”  ~Lesa Thompson  9.26.10

Great blog (as always) & great tips! I do these or recommend these to guests (especially those who are wondering what to do with their DP remainder).”   ~Marianne  9.26.2010

“I really enjoyed this blog! I especially loved seeing the photos of your souvenirs. Everything is framed so beautifully, too! I LOVE (I mean love, love, love) the “People Mover” poster in your kitchen.”    ~Tara  9.28.2010

Love all your pics! I especially love the ride posters – I didn’t know about those.”   ~Susan McNaught  9.28.2010

“What a great article, as usual! the Main Street Electrical parade is cool to see, but I like spectro-magic better.
Have a great trip- Enjoy the Magic!”   ~Bruce  10.21.2010

“LOVE your blog! My husband and I hope to semi retire in FL in about a year and you have some awesome information out here. Thanks for all your hard work.”   ~Candy  10.22.2010

What great ideas!! I cannot wait to try them. :0)”   ~Kelly   11.1.2010

“I was sitting next to Todd on Jungle Cruise, and he noticed that you weren’t on the boat with us! I was bummed to hear that you weren’t feeling well, it was so much fun hanging out with you!! Great to finally meet you, look forward to chatting with you again soon.”   ~Jonathan Grant  11.15.2010

“Dear Ellie,  I am deeply saddened that your adventures have not been recently updated. I hope that an evil villain has not taken you captive at one of the Disney Parks and put you under an evil spell. I will patiently wait for a new blog of your adventures!  Your pal, Matthew Zidek”     ~Matthew Zidek  11. 14.2010

“I am a recent reader to your blog at the insistance of a dear friend of mine, Matthew Zidek. Matt and I met at Penn State and I consider him a friend for life. He really is one of the nicest people ever. So it was so nice to see him mentioned. I love your blog and wish you the best of luck in your move!”   ~Emily  11.16.2010

“Your blog always makes me smile. Disney friends are really the best. They “get it”, they get that we love the magic and the wonder and it is ok to feel like a kid when you are there.”  ~Mrsksomeday  11.21.2010

“Dear Ellie, just a short note to tell you that I love your blog, and am so envious of your count down to move to the Florida area.”  ~Kathy Blanchard  11.21.2010

“Thanks for a terrific blog, even tho it left me “homesick”  ~Christina  11.24.2010

“Hi there, this is my first comment but I’ve been reading your blog since you started. I’ve so enjoyed your trip post and the thing that made me finally comment was what you wrote on One Man’s Dream. Walt will forever be my hero and when I visit this tribute to him I am always moved to tears. I actually ache wishing I could have met him in person. I believe you get that and I wanted to share that feeling with you! Thank you again!”  ~Diane McCornack    11.25.10

“Oh Ellie, I couldn’t agree with you more. The Land is my FAVORITE place in EPCOT. Soarin’, Garden Grill, Living with the Land…all of it. (I always ask for a front row seat for Soarin’ too!) We’re headed to the world in 2 weeks and I can’t wait to spend some time there. =)”   ~Erin   11.27.2010

“Hey! This is off topic, but this blog has been nominated for a Disney Driven Life Academy Award. Please ask everyone to vote- Good luck!”   ~jlknopp 11.30.2010

Thank you for the tips from Spain!! : )”  ~Adriana  12.11.2010

“Thank you so much for sharing that…. brings a few tears.”  ~Lowell  12.12. 2010

Amen Disney sister!!!! I agree whole heartedly!!!”  ~Sherry Jackson  12.15.2010

Amen to all of that. I am just glad that I am not the only one.”  ~Isabell Blancher  12.15.2010

Welcome. Love the blog and the family pics. Hope to meet you in person one day.”  ~Julie   12.16.2010

“Hey, I recognize you!! This is Greg of the “Disney couple” who sat next to you on the plane. Glad to see your trip went so well. BTW….we’re headed to DisneyLAND in February.”  ~Greg 12.22.2010

“Dear Craig, Amy and Family, I can’t believe you are so close to the 5 Month mark! Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading “The Relocated Tourist” so, so much over the year. Your wonderful blog has changed the way I look at Walt Disney World.”   ~Tara  12.23.2010

“How exciting! We still recall fondly our big adventure of moving to Florida from the west coast. And while we moved back west to be with friends and family, we often think about moving back to Florida again. Wishing you the best!”  ~Kathy Holmes  12.23.2010

Hi Amy, long time reader, first time poster.. I think the christmas festivities must have got the better of me over here in snowy London!  Just wanted to say how much i’m enjoying this commentary on the experiences you’re all going through, i’m sure the last 5 months will fly by and before you know it WI will be but a distant (and happy) memory and FL will be where it’s at. I hope you’ll continue to post when you all arrive, this is by far the most enthusiastic Disney blog i subscribe to, not being able to get to WDW as much as i’d like (every 2 years or so, if we’re lucky) it’s things like this that keep the Disney flame alive in me. Happy Christmas to you allm have a safe and happy one.   ~Dave Forbes  12.23.2010

How clever is that? We did a photopass Christmas card the past 2 years – may have to do the calendar next year. Love it!” ~Kathy Holmes 12.27.2010

“Nice coming out post. Look forward to meeting you all in person. And to Amy/Ellie – It’ll be great having you as part of our team at WDW. You’ll be an asset!”  ~Marianne Potrzeba   12.29.2010

“I’m super excited for you and admire you following your dream. How exciting for your family!”  ~Angela Nock 12.30.2010

“Amy, I am so excited for your family and I hope you know I am jealous! just know I will be asking you alot of questions on how to make a move like that happen. I have to say Happy New years to your family from mine. I am so truly grateful for you sharing your adventures. and hope that someday we will be neighbors in FL and can share memories of fireworks, parades & meets of WDW.(HUGS).”   ~Shelley Jones 1.1.2011

“Oh my gosh that is such a GREAT idea! You can look at your pictures all year long. What fun!!!”  ~Jessica  11.4.2011

“I am so happy for you guys. I don’t know how you are able to do this but I give you and your family alot of credit. This has to be hard on your girls too. you are always in my thoughts here and I hope for the best for all of you.”   ~Vicki Delien  11.4.2011

Again a beautiful update. Something that I learned from TGMis “Friends are the family that you choose”  ~Thadine  1.5.2011

“The Prince found his princess & the Princess has captured her princes heart! I love it guys! You 2 have found a special place in my heart and by watching the amazing journey of your dreams coming true has allowed me to dream too!”  ~Shelley Jones  1.8.2011

“Hi, Amy, and all potential relocators ! I started reading this blog when I learned about it via the Be Our Guest podcast, but haven’t posted a comment before (though Amy recently accepted my friend request on facebook . This blog has been invaluable in the practical aspects and the emotional aspects as my husband and I hope to relocate this year as well.”  ~Wendy  1.9.2011

“Beautiful article Craig! God bless you guys for many more happy years to come.”  ~Thadine  1.9.2011

“…Congrats again! Would love to meet up with ya once you’re settled in!”  ~Jen Brinkman  1.9.2011

“I am so glad that I have met you and others so when that day comes that I will have those new friends already in place that they will not be new, they will be family!”  ~ Shelley Jones  11.9.2011

“By the way I love your idea of making the shirts for your little princess!!! May borrow that idea!”  ~Thadine  1.11.2011

“But I love the idea of making your own for a special celebration. What fun!!!”  ~Jessica  1.12.2011

Hi Amy! Having lived in Florida and worked at Disney, I am enjoying so much reading your blog and reliving adventures I had and of course, missing living in Florida very much. I understand completely your posts and find myself saying, “that’s me!”  ~Christina  1.12.2011

I always felt so alone with my urge to move to Florida. Friends and family around me don’t share my Disney passion. I love reading your blog, love it that I can relate to all that you are writing. Hope we can meet in person some day.”  ~Thadine  1.12. 2011

Yes..yes….yes!!! We love matching shirts!! We only discovered doing this though on our most recent trip. We used the Disboards as well!!  Love it!”   ~Kelly  1.13.2011

Hi! Love the latest blog!”  ~Bill Aiken  1.16.2011

Great blog Ames! Very special message! ~Kelly Lins   1.16.2011

“I understand how you feel! We have had over 110 inches of snow so far this year and these winter seasons have just worn my wife and I down. But with each box we pack and each bag of stuff we donate we can see it all coming together. Soon we put our house on the market and then the real waiting begins!”  ~Bill Aiken   1.18.2011

“Thank you so much for posting so honestly, Amy… while I await the same journey soon, reading your similar emotions makes me feel less guilty for sometimes wanting to rush through these next 3-4 months of my life. I want to be thankful for the time I have left here with friends (though I, too, am DONE with the snow already!!!), but there are some–and honestly, most–days when I just want to get a move on it!”   ~Wendy  1.21.2011

“Thanks for this! I totally spent an entire morning last week watching all my WDW promotional videos from the past 10 years. It felt warm =D”    ~Katerina  1.22.2011


Reading this was honestly such a huge relief! I’m NOT alone in how much I want to go back home!

“We’ll cope, both of us, even with our poor Florida-prepped cars getting stuck in the endless white stuff!”  ~Sarah  1.24.2011

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who does this.”  ~Dennis  1.26.2011

You also brought up something very important about being a ride chicken: never tell your Disney friends you haven’t ridden something.”    ~Amanda   1.26.2011

“I am super impressed with you!”   ~Chelle  1.28.2011

“Great job on the issues of being both a good host and a good guest.”  ~LadyDooley  1.29.2011

All in all I think you have made great points in the post and it commitment on both sides to make it an enjoyable stay.”  ~Shelley Jones 1.29.2011

“I enjoyed reading this post. The things you wrote are so true. We don’t have the space in our home to host people, but I love to tour around with them and show them places here on the island. I hope I will get to meet you in December, even if it’s just for ice cream.”  ~Thadine  1.30.2011

“I am so glad you posted this! I am looking for a place for when I go down for the college program (hopefully). I need a place where I can have my fur babies.”  ~Cassidy  1.30.2011

Love following your blog, Amy.”  ~Marilyn 1.31.2011

“Good tip about email being correct and current.”  ~The Edmondton Tourist  2.1.2011

Great tips. I’d also suggest watching facebook and twitter if you fan/follow any Disney people.”  ~Hedy 2.1.2011

“I found you on Facebook a couple days ago and just finished reading your entire blog. It’s wonderful and I am here to tell you, your dreams CAN come true. We just did it May, 2010 and I still can’t believe we live in this beautiful state! As far as Space Bags go, they are great for moving but will also come in handy after the move. Coming from central PA and a house with a huge basement, we have adopted a saying here…”it’s all about the storage.” ) Also, have you thought about moving using PODS? We did and it worked out really well for us. If you’d like info, let me know. I’d be happy to share our experience. Congratulations and I look forward to reading your continuing adventure!”  ~Teddy   2.2.2011

“Have been reading your blog for a few months and enjoying it.”  ~Debbie   2.4.2011

“I was just reading your blog for the first time and I just want you to know that I really enjoyed reading it!
Keep the updates coming!”   ~Christopher Jones   2.7.2011

“Amy great entry! You touched on so many of the fears we had while planning the move.”  ~Dawn  2.10.2011

“I have truly enjoyed reading about your most amazing journey. And, I’m very fortunate to have finally met you at Lou’s November 2010 Meet of the Month and can’t wait for you and your family to finally arrive here in Central Florida. I am very honored to be able to call you my good friend. Be patient. The day will arrive sooner than you think! Until then, keep up the awesome work on this amazing blog!”  ~Your friend, Scott Otis   2.12.2011

“I think I gained twenty pounds just looking at the pictures! What a delicious post!” ~Tara 2.13.2011

“I love, love, LOVE this list! As always, I’m so delighted and excited for you!” ~ Tara 2.13.2011

“I loved reading this post. I have always had a soft spot for Goofy. He reminds me of my dad because they are both super tall and super…goofy!!”  ~Cassidy 2.15.2011

“We miss you already! But honestly I’m so proud of you and excited for you and your decision about what to do. (You are also making me realize how much I miss blogging!)”   ~Janet Moran  2.15.2011

“Amy, WOW that is full of emotions. I know when I just left my position 2 weeks ago because I had to due to the re-alignment in my company, it was so hard to say good bye. I struggled for days but I had to really see that this move was 1 more day closer to my dream.”  ~Shelley Jones   2.20.2011

“What an amazing talent Kyra and Emily posses! These are wonderful pieces! Love love love all of them.”  ~Courtney 2.22.2011

“Love This..you sure know how to make someone laugh girl..sorry you guys got slammed..we got half of what you got here..”  ~Vicki Delien 2.23.2011

“Really amazing artwork girls!!! Your parents must be so proud of you both! My daughter also loves to draw and I will definately show her this post! Hopefully she’ll be inspired to do some Disney drawings of her own!”  ~Sue McNaught  2.23.2011

“We went through many of these issues when we moved from MI to SC. Thankfully you have some time to plan; I had just under two weeks to plan, find a house, pack everything we owned and move across the country. Hugs to you – I hope the move is awesome and better than you anticipated.”  ~Lynn  2.23.2011

“I adore the Kyo!
Fruit’s basket is such a cute show!
And all the Disney pictures are wonderful! I’m so jealous of their drawing skills!”   ~Meg  2.24.2011

“These remaining 100 days will fly by.
Mark my words!!!”   ~Thadine  2.24.2011

HAPPY 1st Birthday Relocated tourist! It is so amazing to see how quickly time has went by but I have to say I am so grateful to be part of your family through this journey!

“I actually got emotional reading this post and I was brought to tears of joy seeing all the wonderful things you are doing with your blog and how you have reached out to others with your helpfulness! I also have to say that the ideas that you come up with are so creative!”  ~Shelley Jones  2.24.2011

“Happy, happy, birthday! Living your dream is what it’s all about and you and your family are doing just that. All the best to you!”  ~Teddy Beaver  2.24.2011

“I love the idea of the paper chain. The girls will have fun with that!! We do that for a countdown for Christmas and each link has a different activity to do each day.
Congratulations on your birthiversary! And all the best to you and your family as you prepare for the big day!”  ~Sue McNaught  2.24.2011

“Happy Birthday!!!! See you guys real soon!”   ~Sharon B.  2.24.2011

“Awesome post! I have been following your blog for a lil while now, and I am so proud of you guys following your dream!! I wish I were one of your daughters so I could move with you!! Happy anniversary!! great job!! looking forward to seeing the next year!”  ~Jamie Robbins  2.24.2011

“This post has me CRAVING the World more than ever!!! Great tips, especially the AK Safari tip. I have never thought to get there first thing.”  ~Cassidy  2.28.2011

“Great job making head way!! It must be really starting to feel real now!”  ~Kelly Lins  3.2.2011

“I love all the hats! Sometimes it’s better to take a picture in the sillier ones, and then you can have the memory without the clutter. Good idea!”  ~Jessica  3.2.2011

“I wish you the very best, and am so happy to share in your adventure through your blog. Keep up the great tips and posts!”  ~Deb  3.2.2011

“Oh man, we are in the same place as you! We have been stuck inside since november here in NY… After a long day of standing at work I am just too tired to even wrap my mind around cooking. So what happens? =Drive thru on the way home. I can’t wait for the weather to break so we can get back outside! That is a huge reason we are re-locating very soon! I wish I could give you some advice about keeping fast (easy) food at bay but I have nothing. We can’t wait to see you in florida later this year though!”  ~Bill Aiken  3.6.2011

Amy, this post literally inspired me to go through my clothes.  I gave up an AMAZING dress I wore to my Sophomore homecoming that I will NEVER wear again. Have been holding onto that for like 5 years. I also gave up a pair of teeny tiny jeans that I could wear as a Freshman in high school that I don’t think I will EVER fit in again! That was very hard to let go…I had always saved them for they day that I might fit into them, but size 0 isn’t really realistic for most of us…! I am taking my things to a place called Rag-O-Rama that gives cash or store credit for clothes that you bring in. I hope to make a little extra cash! Thanks for a motivating post!”  ~Cassidy 3.9.2011

“Very well put. We are having to reign in our own expectations after recently deciding to: a) Each start and focus on our businesses and b) Get to Celebration, FL as soon as we possibly can and never leave. Truly, though, you raise good points. We must keep our expectations realistic, particularly when they concern something like Disney World — dear to our hearts and an integral part of our lives, much as our careers are. It’s easy to get carried away and, as you mentioned, be disappointed when reality doesn’t match up or, worse, we fail to realize something because the bar was set unattainably high. In any case, it’s wonderful to follow along as YOUR expectations come to fruition and learn from you along the way. All the best!” ~John   3.10.2011

“Amy, I always enjoy your post and for me I learn so much from them. For the time I have been reading I have been able to realize that it is great to dream and at the same time to realize that I have to place things in prespective.”   ~Shelley  3.10.2011

“Thank you so much Amy and Craig! Truly an honor to be part of Fridays with Friends!”  ~Bonnie Clark  3.10.2011

“I love this post. I sometimes get carried away thinking that living in Orlando will be a piece of cake, a magical experience .But there are so much things to consider. In my case so much more than in your case.I love the way how you guys are handling your relocation.You are very organized, you think things through. If my wish ever comes true I know your blog will be my biggest help!”  ~Thadine  3.11.2011

“What a fantastic and inspiring post! You hit the cornerstones right on! Thanks for continuing to share this journey!”  ~Charles Aguillon ~3.20.2011

“Super post, Amy!!! Without Christ we wouldn’t have the courage to step out. Praying for your move and the accompanying adjustments to go smoothly.”  ~Marilyn Johnson  3.20.2011

“We leave in 3 hours!! So excited!! Especially since more snow is forecasted here..Not disappointed we’re missing that! Thanks for your help Amy and for helping us keep up our spirits throughout the past year while we’ve been planning this vacation..WDW here we come!!”  Terri ~3.21.2011

“Thanks so much for writing about courage and exactly where that comes from – our LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!! As we are at the ‘thinking about’ stage of a major relocation, which has included de-cluttering and downsizing our ‘junk collection’, I am inspired by you and your family as you make this move ‘before us’. It will be cool when we get to the ‘it’s real, we’re moving’ stage and start looking at housing options, etc. Thanks for being an inspiration to me! Love you girlfriend!”   ~Kathyrn  3.21.2011

“Amy, I have tears in my eyes as I read this. I remember our dream – our older son had just gone to his heavenly home, we were leaving our younger son and grandchildren in Illinois – moving to a state we had dreamed of for many years yet still questioning if it was really going to happen. Was this the Lord mvoing us or was it us wanting it to be Him moving us? Would we get to Florida and be so homesick for Iillinois that we would move back? Would we miss the seasons? What about finding a new church? What about finding a new doctor. grocery stores, our everyday norm would be gone. We went through the same anxiety as you and Craig are going through now. However, when you know you’re in the Lord’s will and realize it’s the enemy that is putting all of these doubts in you, you will succeed. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” The NIV says “make your paths straight.” We ae praying for you as you go through this. If you ever need to talk – let me know. We’ve “been there, done that” and would do it again in a heartbeat.”   ~Marliyn 3.21.2011

“Wow! You truly are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this with us. I know you will fulfill your dream and there are many of us in Florida eagerly awaiting your arrival. Do take good care of yourself, though.”   ~Scott Otis 3.22.2011

“Amy, You and your family continue to be a wonderful source of inspiration! God bless all of you.”  ~Tara 3.2011

“I always laugh when people talk about missing the seasons. How do they know I want the season changes. I love Spring and Summer and hate the winter, therefore a climate that is 90% Spring/Summer weather is my perfect environment. Shorts and T-shirts year round is great. Don’t give up on your dreams especially since others don’t have the same dream.”  ~Chris Hill 3.23.2011

“Glad your health scare was nothing serious. You DO continue to inspire. And when it’s my turn in a few years to relocate to FL, I will probably look up your blog. I for one will not miss the seasons. And I really need to be closer to the World!”  ~Jim 3.23.2011

“Oh, my word… I LOVED this post! Everyone makes fun of me for loving this ride so much :) . To be honest, I think I love it because it’s one of the attractions I can actively remember from when I went as a kid for the first time (pre-Three Caballeros” :) . How I adore when it takes you by the volcano and you see all the lights twinkling from San Angel Inn. Nice to see someone give this one a shout out :) ! Thanks, Amy!!”  ~Wendy  3.26.2011

“Amy, I’ve enjoyed following your blog for some time, but haven’t commented until this one. It was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Walt, and what you’d say to him in heaven. I especially love the phrase “Christ has, and always will, direct my paths, but I will be ever so grateful to you, for directing my dreams.” I love that! Thanks for sharing the journey of your move to Florida.”  ~Jan  3.28.2011

“I love this post, Amy! I emailed the link to my husband to read while he is at work.. we have never been to this attraction but it is a must on our next trip..thank you for sharing!”  ~Angie DeRosier 3.28.2011

“Beautiful sentiments and oh-so-true! Having covered the whole gamet of these feelings, I can tell you that “living the dream” is real and attainable and it’s LOVELY. Hang on tight, hold on to each other and enjoy the ride!”  ~Teddy Beaver 4.2.2011

“The dream coming true is even better than the dream!!! We cried when we left Chicago and friends and family. But, as soon as we crossed the Florida state line, we knew we had come home and our dream was coming true! Each day we thank the Lord for bringing us down here and giving us our dream.”  ~Marilyn Johnson 4.2.2011

“Great post Amy! I am always seeing hidden Mickeys here in my hometown of Greenville, SC. Our Downtown area actuall has a thing called “Mice on Main”. Hidden downtown are nine bronze mice for you to find!”  ~Scott Land  4.2.2011

“I love love love Tangled. It’s now my favorite Disney movie. I can understand your feelings. Even I am excited that your date is getting near. I put it on my calendar.”  ~Thadine 4.4.2011

“I’m so excited for you guys! This list, however, reminds me of many things that I WILL be doing, now that I’ve moved out of Florida. Frowny face.”  ~Jonathan Grant 4.4.2011

“So terribly jealous I can’t stand it. We’ve set our sites on “next year” as the get-to-Celebration-at-any-cost date — now it’s just a matter of clearing as much debt and saving as much as we can. Good luck and God bless as you approach “M-Day” (move, Mouse, etc.) — we’ve moved across the country and back 3 times in the last 4 years, so we understand your pain. Keep your chins up and your dreams at the forefront — it’ll be over and you’ll be soaking up the Florida rays sooner than you can imagine!”  ~John  4.14.2011

“Wow, what a beautiful post. I’m something of a sentimental packrat, and I don’t know how I’ll deal with getting rid of all my mementos from the kids’ schooldays, past WDW trips, etc. I really like your idea about making new memories! And leaving a church can be hard, too. I still miss the one we left 14 years ago when we moved to Michigan! But what we have here is good. Thanks for all your wonderful posts! They should be a book some day.”  ~Jan 4.14.2011

“I’m sure with that positive attitude you will find that the sacrifices, while real, will be worth it. You are not leaving the Lord, you are just finding a new place to worship Him. You are not giving up family and friends, you will just have to change the way you communicate with them. You are not wiping the memories from your mind, you are just getting rid of the tangible form of the memories. When Jack and I moved to Celebration, we tried to make sure that we treated everything as an adventure. That made is easier to concentrate on the positives of the move rather than dwell on the negative aspects of it. It looks like you have the right adventuresome attitude to fly through any temporary sad parts.”  ~Rene Baron 4.16.2011

“Great article! I have also been decluttering around here and asking the same question – why do we have all this? My three kids have more toys than they will ever need and it seems every inch of storage space is filled with something. I have taken a lot of time recently to just start cleaning out and giving things away. It is such a great feeling! Even better, all these things I have held onto for so long, when I passed them on to someone else, I haven’t once “needed” them. How about that?”  ~Beth 4.17.2011

“I love this! and the pictures are hilarious! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.”  ~Angie  4.18.2011

“I am SO excited for the day when you can say “WE ARE HERE. WE DID IT!” I can not waiiiit to read that on your blog :) You are SO incredibly close!”  ~Cassidy  4.19.2011

“I wanted to let you guys know that you have made a difference to me. My best friend and I have an apartment, and a month from today we’ll start the 24-hour drive back home – permanently. Thank you for giving me the courage to just do it, even straight out of college!”  ~Sarah 4.21.2011

“WOW!!! Reading this really does seem like things are speeding up… it has been pretty cool following your journey and cheering you on, even though we are strangers. All best to you (and some extra sprinkles of pixie dust) in the weeks ahead!!”  ~ Wendy 4.28.2011

“I am continually amazed at how much you are doing to make this dream a reality. Keep moving forward! Soon, you will be here in Central Florida! Woo hoo!!!”  ~Scott Otis 4.28.2011

“Amy, I have been so far behind on reading the blog, but I have to say that when i get the chance I enjoy what you write and at times I feel like you are writing for me. I will say you had me almost in tears reading this post and its like Matt & I are starting the journey that you and Craig are accomplishing. I know why I admire you so much for sharing your feelings and opening up your family to all of us. ”  ~Shelley Jones  5.1.2011

“Hi Amy, I “know you” as one of the WDW Radio Box People!
I’m so excited to have stumbled across your blog and I look forward to reading about your new adventure! I’ve added you to my blog list…”   ~Kathleen Kelly  5.4.2011

“Being a sappy guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, I am not ashamed to tell you that the beautiful way you wrote your post had tears welling in my eyes as well. The emotion of the moment was so incredible, be safe on your trip to Florida! Remember, my family will be there from June 17-24 so if you want to meet my family, just shoot me an email and we’ll work out the details! Safe travels,” ~Mike 5.9.2011

“Wicked awesome, Amy! So glad things are coming together so nicely — you and yours certainly deserve it! God bless as you wrap things up and finally get where you’re supposed to be!”  ~John  5.10.2011

“Awesome! Don’t you love it when things just fall into place?”  ~Jonathan Grant 5.10.2011

“Congratulations! We haven’t even met and I’m excited for you! Hopefully we’ll be doing what you’re doing in a few years.”  ~Jim O. 5.10.2011

“This is so great! CONGRATTTTTS! It must feel so good to know you are going to be leaving soon and live so close to the magic. I am hoping to get down there in the fall as well. I just graduated college and would love to get on Disney web design team one day. My plan is to save up this summer by working and move in the fall to Orlando. Probably near the Clermont area. I have been watching your blogs for awhile, I love them. I remember you all from Magictrips forums back in the day I am wdwlarkey22 there! I am so excited for your family, what a great move! Can’t wait to read the next blog. =}”  ~wdwlarkey 5.10.2011

“Oh how wonderful for you guys!!! I am so excited for you and your family! If I were ever fortunate enough to make the move to Florida, Celebration is the place I would want to be! Or in your case “very, very, very close to Celebration”. How absolutely fabulous for the Petermann’s!”  ~Lisa Niles 5.10.2011

“Wow as I read the post I can feel my emotions feeling up for you and how amazing you are! You have blessed so many peoples lives and to see you getting to that finish line to your dream just warms my heart.”  ~Shelley Jones 5.10.2011

“Absolutely FABULOUS!!! I am soooo happy for you and your family. Sounds like God is in charge and He is 100 percent with you. What a wonderful amazing plan He has mapped out!”  ~Teddy Beaver 5.10.2011

“Congratulations! We will be neighbors. I am in Celebration also. The kids will love the schools. You will love the town.”  ~Rene Baron 5.11.2011

“Your blog is so inspiring and informative! It has helped me A LOT with my own check list for my upcoming move. Your confidence and excitement is so awesome. Congrats on finding a home and being so close to fulfilling your dream!”  ~Courtney 5.11.2011

“Great advice Amy.. and yes.. KEEP MOVING FORWARD =)”  ~wdwlarkey 5.11.2011

“You’ll do great Ames! Don’t worry about goodbyes either. We’ll always be here for you.”  ~Kelly Lins 5.12.2011

“Preach on!”  ~Angela  5.12.2011

“We really do have alot more in common than I thought. Thank you for sharing such personal & heartfelt information about you & your family. I greatly appreciate it.”  ~Vicki Delien 5.14.2011

“I’m from New Jersey, so you know I’m chuckling at your title! Thank you for letting us share your feelings of reflection as you approach the brink and prepare to take your leap of faith!”  ~Kathleen Kelly 5.14.2011

“Even though I have lived as close as Tampa to Orlando growing up, the city of Orlando still fascinates me. I revel in all the back roads that the locals know to get around the city faster and avoid the tourist areas. We look forward to all your little “discoveries” around the city to make our visits from Fort Myers more interesting. Please let us know if you find a great Cuban Restaurant as this is our families favorite type of food! We wish you a smooth and drama-free move into your “whole new world”!!”  ~Robin Ecklin 5.17.2011

“Amy, I cant tell u how much I enjoy ur blogs! I’ve been reading for a while now & I’m soo excited for all of you & your huge adventure, it really has come round so fast…. I could hardly dream of ever getting to visit Florida, never mind to relocate….it’s a very long way from the UK! But I did get there for our honeymoon in 2007 & I soon realised I would have to visit again & we did in 2008! So dreams do come true! I’m so happy you let all of your readers share in yours coming true too! x”  ~Becky 5.17.2011

“Very, very nice! This is truly WHY! Thank you for sharing these meaningful photos with us.”  ~Scott Otis  5.17.2011

“This list is great and was similar to the list we had when we moved here three years ago. I look forward to meeting you at some time and welcome you and your family to Florida. We don’t live very far from where you will be located.”  ~Angela 5.17.2011

“Smiles and laughter. That is what it is all about. The opportunity to have many many more smiles and moments of laughter.”  ~Greg 5.17.2011

“Thank you for sharing something so dear to your hearts..very well put..love the pics, as always.”  ~Vicki Delien  5.17.2011

 “You’ve met the Robinsons??! I am so envious. Lovely collection of fun, happy memories. Good luck with your sale and safe travels!” ~Lucinda 5.18.2011

I love your blogs and your insight on things. We are also planning to move to FLA before the end of the year. My mom has lived next door to us for 22 years. I see her every day. The move is going to be really hard.

“My mom has a computer and is not afraid to use it!! She can even Instant Message so it will not be hard to keep in touch daily/weekly. I always stress the positive. We are hoping she will visit for the winter. We live in New England and the snow can be very stressfull, as I’m sure you are fully aware :) .Good luck on selling all your “stuff”. Take Care.” ~Linda 5.20.2011

“It was great to meet you today after living so close all this time. I totally understand about not wanting to leave your mom. My mom and dad divorced when I was 2 and its has been me and my mom forever. However my mom fells the same about Disney World as I do and would mostly follow us if/when we would make the journey south. Live your dream Amy, it would make your mom happy!”  ~Shanna 5.20.2011

“I just have to add, your mom said it best. ——You really can’t stay somewhere just because it’s too painful to leave. I bet she shows up in Florida often. You’re so blessed. So am I.”  ~Ann 5.20.2011

“Wow, I’m exhausted just reading that. You guys did an amazing job! So happy you’re one more step down the road.”  Jen H. 5.20.2011

“Good luck with the next few days as you get everything into the vehicles and start your journey down to Orlando. I do want to say thank you, you have been one of the people who has made me realize my dream again, my whole reason for moving down to Orlando. Just by reading your families dreams and your commitment to see it through. Yesterday I had my traditions class and I couldn’t stop smiling. I am following my dream again and I took the first step, which always seems to be the hardest. So, again, thank you!”  ~Heather 5.22.2011

“SO happy yall have your dream come true. This shows great hope for us who are having a challenging time and hope some day it will happen to us. So happy for you.” ~Isabell 5.22.2011

Y’all are going to be just fine, AFP. I’ve faced the rush of the move with my wife three times now, each time before treks of at least 1500 miles — it’s too strange a jumble of emotions and fears and joys and anticipation to describe properly.  God, I believe, eases our hearts and minds when we need it most, much as laughing gas makes the trip to the dentist a bit easier to handle. Not to compare the Almighty to laughing gas, but, er, well, I just hope He has a sense of humor…. You and yours are on the brink of a fantastic journey filled with love and pixie dust. There will be aches and pains of many kinds over the coming days, weeks, months, and maybe even longer, but they will grow lesser and less important. You already have friends waiting to welcome you to Florida, you have family and friends at home in Wisconsin wishing you well and sending their love, and you have each other to turn to and lean on in both the best and worst of times. You couldn’t ask, from my humble perspective, for a better circumstance in which to make such a joyous transition. Savor these moments (and the peace you’ve found in them) — the fun is JUST about to really begin! God bless as your family comes to the end of one journey and the beginning of the next!” ~John DeLancey 5.23.2011

“I’ve been following your blog ever since I heard your interview on the Be Our Guest Podcast, and it’s echoed so many of my own dreams. Today, when I clicked on this page and saw “Soarin’ to Florida 10 Days,” I actually got a little teary–you’re almost there!! And I hope to see you there. Thanks for letting us follow along, and God bless the Petermanns…”  ~Wendy 5.24.2011

Amy, Thank you so much for writing this and being willing to share the good and the bad, the joy and the sorrows, and more importantly being the ray of sunshine when it feels like it’s too far out of reach…”  ~Angie DeRosier 5.25.2011

“Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for a while now and I am so excited for you guys. I hope that soon I will be on the same journey moving to Florida. I’ll be sure to wave and say a prayer for you guys as you drive through Atlanta next week. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds for you. Enjoy the ride!!” ~Beth Moser 5.26.2011

“Craig & Amy, This is such an exciting time..I am on the edge of my seat even here in Idaho, waiting to see the pictures & updates of your roadtrip to Orlando, so I can only imagine your excitement!!!… I am sooo looking forward to being able to follow along on the blog even after you move into the new house, and see pictures of your dreams coming true! this is amazing & wonderful and thank you for sharing it! And I’ve been dying to ask you….how often do you guys plan to visit WDW? It’s crazy that you are going to be close enough to literally go whenever you want!” ~Angie DeRosier 5.26.2011

“So excited for you sweetie!! You gonna drive past me here in Illinois *in some form or other* so wave at me!! You’re gonna have to message me how you are going! I cant wait to follow your journey!! Love ya!” ~Jamie L. 5.26.2011

“Amy, thank you for being so honest in these blogs…. I have laughed with you and cried with you (especially at today’s mention of you and your Mom in tears in the car). I wish you, Craig and your girls all the very best in your new future and look forward to reading about your 3 day drive and see how you are settling in. I am also a UK reader, living in South Wales and we are saving like mad to come back to WDW in Sept 2012 as we had such an amazing time on our first visit last year. With love and best wishes” Tracey 5.26.2011

You and your family are amazing. I cannot wait to meet y’all some day soon!!!” ~Cassidy 5.26.2011

Wow..Amy, I’m just glad I had “stumbled” upon your blog over a year ago & decided to keep up with it. You have given so much insight to things and how to never give up on dreams & keep moving forward. I am lucky to have the pleasure of knowing someone so kind & loving as yourself. I wish you and your family the best within your move & after being settled in sunny FL. I am hoping that we too can move down that way..its always been my dream to live somewhere where its not freezing & lots of snow.   Good luck to you & your family & safe travels when you leave WI. Keep the blogs coming…we all live vicariously through them..lol.. (((BIG HUGS))) to the Petermann family.” ~Vicki D. 5.26.2011

“Thank YOU for taking us all on your amazing journey through such a special and important time in your lives. I’m so lucky to have been a part of it. Hopefully we’ll be able to officially meet at the parks one of these days. I also hope your blog continues – I want to hear about all of your adventures post-move.” Lynn 5.26.2011

“You guys have added belief to our dream.. it’s amazing to see you guys *really* doing this and be able to say “I think WE can ACTUALLY do this!” ~Angie DeRosier 5.26.2011

“God has brought a special group of People together, look forward to the future all because it only gets better:) Thanks to Amy and all here dedication to involving us in her families dream.” ~Jeremy 5.26.2011

“Amy, The same goes for you! You have been an amazing person, woman and most off a friend. I still remember the day you reached out to me in an email asking to be part of your friday friends. I was so over whelmed with excitment to be a part of that but it opened a new chapter of me learning so many tips from you. Then to have you open up your home & heart has given me to love you even more and have a great respect for your organizational skills.I am so excited for the day when we will both be on Fl soil and can dream of future magical experiances. XOXOX!” ~Shelley J 5.26.2011

“Oh man! You made me cry! There will never be another Amy either! I very much treasure ALL of our times together Ames! Our evening remembering old haunts was the perfect way to spend our last time hanging out before you move! I loved every minute! Love you always my sister!” ~Kelly Lins 5.28.2011

“What a sweet post. I have followed your posts in this process and have thoroghly enjoyed them, but this one had me in tears. God is good… His blessings are the best ones. Happy birthday to your 11 year-old blessing! She is beautiful. And as you set out on your new adventure this week, may your journey bring everything you have hoped for! Blessings”
Christi Bunn 5.30.2011


First let me say how happy I am for you and your family, and proud of you for taking such a great leap of faith, following your dream, and moving to Florida. I know (from experience) that it’s not as easy as it sounds, can be pretty scary at times, and yet is incredibly exciting! I think you will look back on it as the best thing you could have done for your family.  Let me also tell you how grateful, humbled, and flattered I am about your kind words. To be mentioned in the same breath as Walt, and someone who may have had even the slightest influence in you pursuing YOUR passion, puts a huge smile on my face.  I look forward to seeing, hugging and celebrating with you when you arrive at your new home here in Florida, and close to our shared passion – Walt Disney World!  I promise you that the smiles you have experienced in the past will not fade with repeated visits over time, but increase as you continue to grow in your appreciation for what Disney means to us all.  Congrats again!!!!” Your friend, Lou Mongello  6.1.2011

I feel so lucky to have been able to follow you on this journey toward your dream for the little while that I have, thankful to have been your Facebook friend, and SO excited for you and your family. My teenage son and I were talking about how amazing it must be to be able to say, “Let’s go to Yorkshire County Fish & Chips for dinner,” or “We’re not doing anything tomorrow, want to go ride Mission: Space and Test Track a couple dozen times?” You have a lot of fans out here — we’re all mostly sick with jealousy, of course, but still avid fans. Here’s to a smooth drive, and the joy of waking up as a Florida resident. Think of all of us when you hear WDW fireworks from your backyard for the first time.”  ~Gina 6.1.2011

 “I have tears in my eyes, I am so happy for you guys.” ~Emma G. 6.2.2011

“I have read all the posts with happy anticipation for you, but this one made me tear up! Take wings and fly, but leave some of your roots where you are.” ~Becky 6.2.2011

“Im glad that we got to meet before you moved. I am honored that you call me friend. Thank you! I wont say goodbye, just see you later. Just remember the old World of Motion song, “It fun to be free, to be on the move..”. Cant wait to hear about your journey home. Crossing fingers that I can see you in October.” ~Shanna 6.2.2011

“Oh – what a special blog…..I’m in tears. I’m happy for you. Excited for you. Sad that we didn’t get to meet up this week. Looking forward to your trip updates and your first days in FL. Funny how I almost said “your first days at WDW”…..cuz that’s what I think of when I think of FL…..and I know you will be spending as much time there as you possibly can. Safe travels, my friend. Wisconsin will always have their arms open for you to return long term or just for a visit. And, as I usually tell all my friends that are going to be going to WDW…….please have a Mickey bar for me. ((hugs))” ~Billie 6.2.2011

“Great post Amy! Have a safe journey to your new home!” ~Tiffany 6.3.2011

“I have just stumbled upon your blog via @UMWDW and I’m so excited I have! God bless as you make this transition. I moved to Central Florida from PA in 2003, and although the transition is not always guilt-free, livin here is one of my very favorite things about my life! Please please please email me if you have any questions about NonDisney CFL stuff once you get here. I have only read today’s blog, so I’m sure you’ve done extensive research and have contacts here- but I also know one more friend never hurts. :) we are in Davenport, on the west side of The World and just love it. Best of luck on your journey!! <3″  ~Karen 6.3.2011

“Eeek! So beyond excited for you guys! You’re gonna LOVE Florida! I know Mickey Mouse and the gang are standing on top of the EPCOT globe just waving you on! You gave me the energy to have a great day today! Be safe and make wise traffic decisions!” ~Robin 6.4.2011

Amy – I am soooo incredibly happy for you guys…you dared to dream big and look at you! You did it!!! Seriously, I was almost in tears reading your post and feeling your excitement and emotions. Loving all the updates and you taking the time to keep us posted. I am enjoying all the photos you’re posting too, but especially loving the ones of your huge smiles on your faces – warms my heart! Enjoy your new home and may God continue to bless you guys!!! Sending hugs!” ~Catherine 6.7.2011

What an amazing journey!
I’ve followed from the start, haven’t posted much but took in every word.
Sharing the same dream, I got all emotional when I read about you pulling into the driveway and knowing that you were HOME.
I am truly happy for all of you and so grateful that you shared your dream with all of us.
Here’s to making new memories and a lifetime of happiness!” ~Sherri 6.7.2011

“Well thanks for that blog post Amy, I’m now sitting crying at my desk at work!! I’m so happy for you and can hardly believe that a family could be brave enough to make this change to their lives. Congrats again!!
BTW, have you visited the Celebration History Center? We spent a wonderful day in Celebration last December and the history center is run by some lovely volunteers….they might have some ‘locals’ tips for the Celebration High School ‘issue’ xx” ~Emma 6.8.2011

Wow, just wow! I have been following you along your journey all these months and months and you’re finally here. I am just truly happy and excited for you! I look forward to reading about what’s next for you as you settle in as new FL residents.” ~Jim 6.8.2011

Best post EVER!!! Thank you for opening up and sharing your lives with us! It is so fascinating to read your posts and the amazing perspective you have on this entire experience. I can’t wait until our next Disney vacation… we WILL be meeting up!” ~Lisa Niles 6.8.2011

“So awesome, you are Floridians now!” ~wdwlarkey 6.8.2011

I began reading your post this morning and couldn’t wait to get into my office to finish it! I had been waiting for your cable hook-up. Wow! What a great first day! That is is type of first day I would love to have, when and if my dream to relocate ever comes true. I have so enjoyed your journey and look forward to “The Continuing Adventures of…” Keep all the great advice coming! There are some of us who are chasing dreams. All the best as you continue to settle in and may God bless your home.” ~Greg 6.8.2011

“Well now you’ve got me crying…. Not to state the obvious, but I am so happy your family made it home safely and has enjoyed (most) of your first moments in Florida. We can certainly relate to the “black cloud syndrome,” and I only hope that, should the day come for us to make the move (that’s the plan), it goes so smoothly. Now y’all go play — you’ve got a mighty awesome playground to do it in!” ~John DeLancey 6.8.2011

 “I cried as I read your blog today! Our dream of moving to the Orlando, Florida, area is still four years away. I hope my husband and I have as much courage, faith, and perseverance, as you and your beautiful family. I’ll be looking forward to your blog posts about the DMV and anything else that will help us when we become relocated tourists. Love, hugs, and pixie dust!” ~Lesa 6.8.2011

I hope everything works out for you all! I have been reading your posts for a while now, and I think you all deserve all of the happiness that you can get. As for the school, at the end of the year, sometimes people can get a little touchy. I am a high school teacher, and it is completely unacceptable for a representative of a school to be so rude to you. Anyway, things will work out, and you can solace yourself with a trip to the Magic Kingdom and some ice cream. My husband and I want to move to Florida too, and reading your posts gives us the courage to keep moving forward to pursue our dreams. Good luck!” ~Jennifer 6.8.2011

“Awww lovely post Amy, I’ve been trying to read it all day on my phone between jobs, but enjoyed it so much more in full tonight! Glad ur having a fab time, hope Kyra feels better about school soon xx” ~Becky 6.8.2011

“Amy I cried all the way through this post!! I am so thrilled for you guys and excited to live vicariously through this process with you!!! I hope you have a great week!” ~Lindsay 6.8.2011
“I just recently found your blog when looking for some inspiration for my own move to Disney World. Reading about your story, your dream has made me and my husband so excited about doing the same thing. Our story is a little bit different as we are currently international students from Sweden living in Las Vegas and we have tried for a couple of years now to apply to a college in Orlando but something always goes wrong. I can totally relate to that rain cloud feeling. But we continue trying and are right now in the process of getting all of our admission papers approved for the school. Unfortunately today we had a setback with some of the papers and reading about your experience just made me so happy after being depressed the whole day!
Disney to me stands for happiness, dreams and reaching your goals and every time anything Disney happens I feel that way. I now can include your blog into that category because it makes me feel the same way. It makes me happy, makes me dream and inspires me to reach toward my goals! Thank you and your whole family for that!
Looking forward to the next post!” ~Corinne 6.8.2011

I have to say that reading your blog has given us ideas on how and when we should be planning a move to WDW. Glad that you are sharing not only the upside of moving but also the headache inducing ones. Best of luck for all things to come!‘ ~Shanna 6.9.2011

Wow! What an amazing first 5 days! I especially enjoyed reading about the trip today Epcot at the end. Welcome home, Petermann’s.” ~Scott Otis 6.9.2011

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I want to just say congrats to you guys for making your dream come true. We are also a family of Disney lovers, having taken many trips over the last 6 or 7 years to visit the Happiest Place on Earth. We have talked many times about making the move, but then we start worrying about the economy and being in a new place with no family or friends around. But you guys have shown that if it is something you truly want, then you can and will make it happen. Your blog has also been informative about how and what you needed to do to make the move, so if we do make up our minds that we are going to make our dreams happen too, I will appreciate all you guys have shared.” ~David 6.9.2011

Holy Smokes! Over the past couple days I have read every entry on your blog! Wow and HUGE congrats!!!! Amazing— your dream has come true!” ~Kim 6.10.2011

Reading this so reminds me of when I moved to Orlando. I only lived there from about 1983-1986 but it’s so similar. This was where I had my first apartment after college, so I learned the furniture stores, bought a bed, and a couch.
My favorite evening was go head over to EPCOT and have dinner at the Yakitori House and sit up on the patio with the lanterns and the waterfall. You’re well on your way to discovering the Floridian’s Disney World!
Congratulations!” ~Janet Sala 6.10.2011

Loved reading this… and have loved seeing all your photos from your journey on FB. You ARE the Relocated Tourist. The “WDWorld” is your oyster…. so happy for you. Loving the story and the pictures. God is good! Blessings” ~Christi Bunn 6.10.2011

I’ve been reading your blog for a couple months & I love living vicariously through your words and photos! Please keep up the good work as it is just as important for us to understand the realities of a relocation as it is the realization of a dream! Wishing you & your family the best.” ~DeeAnn 6.11.2011

I love reading your blog! We (me, my daughter and my mom) are moving to the Orlando area early next year. We’ve been thinking about it for a few years, and have just decided it’s time to get on with it. Your blog is SO inspiring!” ~Deirdre 6.11.2011

Another wonderful post, Amy!!! You look so beautiful and happy in all your pictures! what a truly great group of disney friends you have and how wonderful that it is helping to ease your relocation to Florida…. thank you again for sharing all the fun with all of us.” ~Angie 6.13.2011

Isn’t it strange how much everything changes once you have a permanent place to call home down here? Happy to see that ya’ll are settling in well. We will have to get together one of these days and hang out. When you and Dawn are out come try to find me at DAK!!!!” ~Sharon 6.13.2011

Great blog. Thank you for the info. I like the way you keep referring to yourself as a “resident”. Are you still trying to convince yourself? LOL. Love the blogs. Keep up the good work. We may one day decide to pick up and move too. We just build what we call our retirement home so it might take a few years to convince ourselves to make that jump.~David R from Louisiana 6.14.2011

Gosh Amy , What a wonderful night for you and our hubby!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! Its fun to watch you live your dream!! You know, after struggling for 15 years I forgot how to dream.It took everything I had to just survive..But with the guidance of God and wonderful friends he’s put in my life again not only can I dream again but have such joy enjoying the dreams of others. Your blog always makes me smile. You have such a wonderful family and I’m truly thankful you are willing to share your moments with others! God bless you!” ~Terri 6.17.2011

“This is exactly why God inventes Skype and chat and instant messaging systems…so we don’t feel so lost and alone when we’re far from home. A quick click or two on the computer and you’re face to face with those you are missing!
Hang in there and just know it’s all normal.
p.s. I really appreciate your honest posts, the good and the bad. I need to hear it all as we prepare our lives with the possibility of moving to the Disney area in Florida” ~Patti 6.18.2011

At this point in our preparation to move I was hoping to avoid the bad but I grimmaced and opened this blog anyway to face the music. I’m sorry for your pain but thank you for putting it out there so that we can be prepared for every aspect of our move.” ~Susan 6.18.2011

I am happy Craig felt better after his scare! May I say what a great joy it is to read your adventures, it’s like your excitment just leaps right off the screen and into my body , and I find myself smiling!” ~Kristina 6.19.2011

You are right, Amy. You do seem to be blessed. But, I truly believe that to be blessed you need to BE a blessing to others. You certainly seem to bring the blessings to your family and those close to you. Wishing you a magical day in this wonderful new world you have ahead of you. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Birthday, and pixie dust is being sent your way.” ~Debbie Hein 6.21.2011

I absolutely love reading your blog – your gift for writing is amazing. Hopefully at some point we will get to meet in person” ~Marilyn 6.21.2011

“HaPpY BiRtHdAy Amy!! Thank you for writing the blog. You are an inspiration. My dream is to also move close to WDW. I currently live in NC. My first WDW dream came true when I was married there, now I gotta work on my next dream.” ~Lynn Brooks 6.22.2011

This made me cry from happiness. I can feel the happiness through your writing” ~Susan 6.23.2011
I truly love the blog, it is a piece of magic that you share that I hang on word by word and picture after picture. I so adore you and how you are like a little girl in enjoying what life has to offer and for me I hope to experience that when we get to visit and then we we can get to move there.” ~Shelley Jones 6.23.2011
 Amy & Family-I came across your wonderful blog late last week. I’ve been catching up throughout the week off and on since you first started blogging to your most recent posts. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your journey to fulfilling your dream! I live on the West Coast so all the WDW keeps me informed and giddy about all the fun stuff you see/do! Keep up the inspiration, love and fun!!”~Auburn 6.23.2011
You should take up podcasting your adventures. Perhaps as “relocated tourists” you should pick up the old “trapped on vacation” podcast – one of the best out there in its day! It was just ambient recording of FL adventures (but mostly Disney). It would be like we were right there with you playing in the parks.” ~Brian Cain 6.23.2011
 I am so glad your blog will continue. I, too, would like to hear about the house, area, etc. I am curious about how much the cost of living is in FL. Things like how much higher will our utility bills be, does a pool really make your light bills go up a lot? Don’t want to be nosey by any means, we’re just wondering these things as we plan our own move there. How about Tasty Tuesdays? You could show us different treats to eat or tell us your favorite places to sit and enjoy a refreshment. I love the Merchandise Monday idea!! Can’t wait to see more.” ~Lisa Shaw 6.23.2011
Awesome!! All the new ideas sound GREAT!! I can’t wait!! So happy that you are keeping your blog honest and truthful about everything! I am getting great ideas from you!” ~Jamie 6.23.2011

Love Merch Mondays! Your blog is the next best thing to being there! Thanks, Amy! Enjoy!” ~Terri 6.27.2011

I’m not sure how anyone can hate on you guys for living your dream. You have so much courage to set off into the unknown. I have been so impressed by your hard work, research, and willingness to make some tough choices and sacrifices to make this dream come true. I know that I cannot do what you are doing, so I am thrilled to be experiencing it vicariously through your blog and Facebook posts. Don’t worry about the haters – the rest of us love hearing about how you are making your dreams come true!” ~Sally 6.27.2011

I love your blogs, Amy! It always brings a smile to my face. God bless you & your family for living your dream!! It’s very brave of you & I admire you greatly. Take care & have a super Monday!!!” ~Katie 6.27.2011

We love following the Petermanns BECAUSE you are living your dream. You should never have to listen to jealous people with that kind of attitude. However, you guys are Disney online celebrities so you will get your share of “snarky” people. Please keep doing what you are doing and know that you are making a difference in other peoples lives. Reading and watching your family on this wonderful journey of achieving and living your dream gives us hope that we will one day do the same. Thank you for having the courage and strength to get through the tough times and actully get to where you are now! Your family is a great example of what is possible!!!!” ~Dave 6.27.2011

I love your blog and always smile when I see your fb status saying there is a new one! And I think you would make an excellent CM! Good luck following your dreams and don’t let what anyone says bring you down! Have a Magical Day!” ~6.27.2011

Love your posts Amy! Life is all about choices and you made yours. You’ve sacrificed, worked hard, set goals and turned your dreams into your reality… Do not let other people’s jealousy get in the way of all the good you have coming! Enjoy all you can, while you can. I only wish I had the courage to make some of the choices you have. All the best to you and your family Amy!!!” ~Lisa 6.27.2011

Everyday I can’t wait until I get to check if there is a new blog post…I look forward to them THAT MUCH! :) I make my Mom sit down while I read her every word. Since we are moving to the area after the first of the year, your blog is like a “how-to” guide for us. I love how you cover it all, from buying mattresses to of course Disney World!

We’ve just recently started telling some of our store neighbors (we own a store here in my town) that we are moving to Florida, close to Disney World, and it’s amazing how many of them have said “Eeww, why?” (or a variation.) I just tell them it’s what WE want, the life we want to live. I guess part of why I love your blog so much is that you GET that, you understand the “why” and you’re actually living it. I am so very happy for your family, and happy to be able to read your blog for pointers. You living YOUR dream is helping my family prepare to move and live OUR dream. Thank you so very much for your blogs!” ~Deirdre 6.27.2011

I really enjoy your post and think it is amazing how much you and your family has gone through and now to be able to celebrate it by living your dream. Ignore the ones who are envious of where you are, they have to live with themselves! I will be down in October and you can be sure I will be looking out for you! ~Gaylin 6.28.2011
Love reading your blogs! I have been following them since almost the beginning. This is my first reply. I am so happy for you and your family, leaving the Disney dream. You guys and everything you have been through is an inspiration to others, and shame on the haters who would comment otherwise. I follow you on facebook and twitter, and LOVE the pics you post while in the parks. It gets me so excited for my trip in early December. Maybe I will see you around the parks! Keep up the great updates!” ~Annette 6.28.2011
Amy, I am still feeling this way and it has been almost a year since we moved here from Seattle! It’s been such a culture shock for us too. I was so excited to be so close to WDW but coming down still involves a hotel stay or two and that gets pretty spendy. I keep questioning whether or not we made the right decision too. I can relate to almost every single word you said! We need to chat and see if we can find comfort somehow with our similar stories! Hang in there!  ~Jackie Gailey 6.28.2011

Right on… Go Amy and the Petermanns! I love reading the blogs, they are so fun! Soarin is one of my favs too and I love the LAND ride. Its just a nice relaxing ride to rest your feet and smell the plants in the greenhouse. (LOL for some reason it smells really good in there!) The dog animatronic in the farm scene reminds me of my dog that passed away recently so I named him Buddy <3….. lol. anyway, hang in there things will get better for you all, you are still adjusting to this new awesome life in O-TOWN! I can’t wait to relocate myself down there. I am saving up now! thanks again for sharing with us. ~wdwlarkey 6.28.2011

Thank you for this article. My dream is to move to Orlando, but I also think what will I do without my parents just 20 mins away especially since I have 3 small kids, a 11 yr old, 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. I am so happy that you are living your dream. I hope to one day be able to live my dream also.  ~Lynn Green Brooks 6.28.2011

Thanks for being so honest in this post. I wondered if at some point some of these issues would come up. Mine would be wanting to go in the parks and spend like I was on vacation when I’m not. I’m sure given some time all of these issues will work themselves out.” ~Edward Owen 6.29.2011

Amy i sooo love reading the blog and wish we could do what u did Live the dream but as we r in the UK i can’t see it happening so i am living vicariously through you. It will be hard but i know u will get there. To me i think that because its summer vacation time it may be a little harder cos without school yet there is the lack of routine to make it ‘normal’ and u r very lucky to have the AP’s to be able to visit the parks all the time. So thats like the vacation part and may be contributing to a few of the thoughts u r having. I am sure it will settle down soon but for now loving the park updates and remember u can bring in the coke and ask for cups of ice at the counter service places to save some money” ~Wendy 6.29.2011

Love love love this article. You all had a magical day. So happy for you guys. ~Lynn Green Brooks 6.29.2011

I just started reading your blog and I love it! Someone on D-Cot gave me a link and I am so glad I found you. I am trying to go back and read some of the older posts but that will take a while. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! ~Becky B 6.29.2011

How fun!!! It always puts a smile on my face to read about your day!! How exciting to meet Rapunzel and Flynn!! Do you know, was he leaving the meet and greet for today only or is that something more permanent..I hope not because we were hoping to meet him this Sept..Thanks again for such a wonderful blog!! ~Terri Dobbins 6.29.2011

You all are so lucky to be living your dreams. It is clear that you have worked really hard to get where you are, and you should get to enjoy all for which you have worked so diligently to achieve. My husband and I are seriously working toward a move to Florida as well because we really love Disney World, and we want to be close to the parks. I would love to become a castmember, and we are not afraid of the hard work that it will take to help us live our dreams. However, not many people really understand why we want to do what we want to do. I have heard so many negative comments about how stupid our goals are or that we are just ridiculous for wanting to live near Disney. I really hate when people make such comments because it is just so hurtful. Oh well, people will always be mean when they are unhappy with their own lives or jealous of someone else’s goals and dreams. Amy, I wish you and your family the best of luck, and I hope that everything is as magical as you have hoped it would be. We will be in Disney next week, and I hope we see you all when we are there. Keep living your dream! ~Jennifer 6.30.2011

The subject of this blog is one that I wanted to hear badly. I’m expecting that when we move there will be many moments where I question if we did the right thing, especially when there are kids involved. If my daughter is bullied, is it because we moved or would it have happened anywhere? Could I have prevented it? I’ve come to the conclusion that some kids are just cruel between the ages of 11 and 17 and it’s going to happen no matter where we live. How does one handle being able to visit WDW daily without incurring alot of cost related to food and drink? Just as you have done, you go home for dinner or lunch but it’s so easy to be tempted by the smell of a churro, the site of Beaches & Cream, or the though of how much easier it would be to just eat there. Then there are the cocktails that are 7.00-11.00/piece. There’s really no way to get around that except to save it for special occassions or limit yourself to one. Can I consider one frozen margarita to be lunch? Maybe I can save that way LOL. I bring up food and drink because that’s an expense one doesn’t normally incur in daily home life. I mean, even if you eat out at lunch every day because you work, that is lunch for only one person. When it’s you and your children, that’s 3 and the cost is more like 30.00 vs. 7.00 or 8.00. You put it very well saying that the mindset is of being on vacation so you’re normally inclined to pay the price. That’s just one more change in thought I will gladly have to go through:)  ~Susan Visconti 6.30.2011

all I can say is… amen!
never stop being curious, exploring, and skipping!
~Liz Driscoll 6.30.2011

You are an inspiration. I have vacationed at Disney World 32 times in 16 years. Have been playing with moving since 1996. Now I graduate college in the spring and we are getting ready to set a date for our dream. It will be a little easier since my son is a CP and will be extending til
mid May. After that he will be rooming with a friend until he rents out apartment or house for us. All we have to do is purge, pack, load and unpack. Did I say ALL lol. I hope we have as exciting adventure as you did. I am keeping a journal, not quite tech savvy enough to set up a blog. Maybe soon. I hope to meet you in November when I come to visit my son. Maybe sooner if I can swing it financially. I haven’t worked since Dec. 2009.  ~Melissa 7.1.2011

I love how you give purpose to each day in the parks! ~ THAT is a very cool thing to be able to do !!! But after all, you guys have earned it, by being patient & courageous for all the hard work it took to get to where you are now…. great blog as always….  ~Angie DeRosier 7.1.2011

We haven’t made the big move yet, but I can’t EVER imagine being sick of it! Love the blog Amy…..keep the articles coming! ~Dave D. 7.1.2011

Amy, keep up the good work, um, fun! I am sure there may be a thing or two that you stop being interested in but WDW on the whole, it would take years to see, do everything so why would you get tired of it.
I am preparing for my 14th visit and I do get people saying “Don’t you want to go somewhere else on vacation?” NO
  ~Gaylin 7.1.2011

Another great post Amy. It is great to see that you guys truly are becoming the “go to” family when it comes to relocation. I know that someday I will be contacting you for some support when we finally make the big decision. It is nice to know you guys are there. Makes it seem a little less scary!  ~Dave Drumheller 7.1.2011

This one really hit it on the head for me! My husband wants to move to Orlando for Disney but also so he can play golf year round. I am the one concerned about Disney losing it’s magic. It has such a special place in my heart and it would kill me if it lost it’s magic. I know how it is easy to lose interest in something that is so accessible to you. I don’t think that could ever happen to me but it makes me afraid of moving there. We are in DVC and visit twice a year. I am always counting down til our next trip (151 days) and it is always magical to me. I really enjoy the resorts and of course wouldn’t stay there if we lived in Orlando. We are thinking of a compromise and becoming snow birds in the next few years!
Keep up the fun and I’ll keep dreaming of living with the mouse!
  ~Becky B. 7.1.2011

Finding a local hotel to do your laundry was a GREAT idea. I almost always do laundry on vacation, and I am always amazed that the machines are empty. I like packing clean clothes to take home  ~Leigh 7.2.2011

Amy, you are my resource! I just read this to my family (my Mom and my daughter..I guess the cats were listening too, ha). Our move will be late Spring/early Summer next year, and all day today we’ve been talking about how it’s our last 4th of July here…next year we’ll be in Florida! I can’t thank you enough for the information you provide, and as our time draws closer I am sure I’ll have a million questions for you. (warning you in advance!) Thanks so much for the inspiration! ~Deidre C. 7.2.2011

That is one of the big reasons we really want to move there. We have made so many friends like you that now reside there. I know we all have lives and we get busy but the fact that someone will think of you and just out of the blue say hey lets hang out is so great! Because you are right we all want to fill like we are accepted and belong. We all just want to have a fun, happy & enjoyable life. Then those that we meet fill and meet those feelings. I so enjoyed the post.  ~Shelley Jones 7.3.2011

What a blessing it is to have and meet others in Christ, in or out of Disney! God is so good! I thoroughly enjoyed this blog, a lot! Keep up the terrific work, and know that His Light is shining in and out of you! ~Monica 7.7.2011

I so love reading your blog entries and look forward to meeting yall in person with my family. I really believe that IF you believe hard enough and work hard at it that your dreams will come true.  ~Isabell Blancher 7.7.2011

You have no idea how much I preach the second floor of counter services. Big fan of the columbia harbor house second floor  ~Billy H. 7.7.2011

What a wonderful post Amy, filled with so much Disney magic. I believe amazing experiences keep heading your way because you seem to share so much positivity and happiness with those around you xx  ~Emma Godbold 7.11.2011

Love this blog and these items.
There is also a shop in Germany as well as a booth. And if you have friends who love this stuff, but don’t want to go into a park, there is one located in DTD near the WOD. It’s called Arriba Brothers, they also have the glass blowing.
~Heather 7.11.2011

What an awesome opportunity to meet the cast! I teared up reading about why the show is special to your family. Those are the moments and memories that make Disney so special to all of us. It’s like you’re a giant magnet and great people and moments are being drawn to you guys- That’s what happens when you have big hearts ~Serena 7.11.2011

I love your Florida life too. Thanks so much for sharing in such detail that I find myself almost there with you.  ~Mya G. 7.11.2011

I love reading about your perspective of moving there! I’m from New Orleans so the heat, the bugs, and the tourists I can deal with, my problem will definitely be the spending money when I move out there…must…learn…self…control…at…Disney…world!  ~Erica Marie 7.12.2011

You touched on THREE topics we have been heavily talking about here so I thank you.
Four years ago I started researching areas to live in and had narrowed it down to 5. We are still looking into the same five areas today. Some were near tourist areas and some are farther out. Having never lived in a touristy area, we were brainstorming on what problems that would bring. You’ve given us some solid points to think about.
Glad to hear your leap of faith worked out in home searching. It’s a scary thing to do but sometimes heavily relying on “faith” works out.
The cost of living near WDW is another thing we have been discussing is how much money we would spend. Would we be tempted to buy that $10.00 cocktail at each visit? That could add up quickly. We eat at home often so this would be a big change for us. As we’re some time away from a move, we’re loosely mulling over the topic since it could have a great impact on the budget.
Excellent topics! 
~1181 South 7.12.2011

Hey there I am so glad I found your site, I really found you by accident, while I was looking on Yahoo for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a incredible post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I donít have time to go through it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the superb job.  ~Jocelyn B. 7.11.2011

Wow!!! How much fun is your live living in Mickey’s backyard? So happy for you and your sweet family! Love reading your blog! Makes me happy, too! Enjoy, Amy! You guys deserve it!  ~Terri M. 7.12.2011

It’s nice to see you’re not just painting a rosy picture about your move. Thank you for being truthful. It gives those of us who dream of moving there some real world insight. You’re providing a great service for us all believe it or not.  ~Jim (Disney05) 7.12.2011

Great blog Amy. I particularly enjoyed reading this one because before we bought into DVC we used to always stay on 192 (with the exception of an occasional splurge on a WDW moderate resort). We used to stay at Fantasy World Resort, at the corner of 192 and Kyng’s Heath Rd. I think it’s a little farther east than the area you describe, but still very close to WDW property.

Although I love staying at DVC resorts, I kind of miss staying on 192, as hectic as it is. It brings back great memories of vacations past. Your descriptions of the areas we’d pass when driving west on 192 headed to WDW really brought me back. If we relocate to central FL someday, I’m not sure where we’ll end up, but your blog entries since the move make a strong case for Kissimmee. ~Andrew Serio 7.12.2011

Perfect timIng with this post Amy! We are staying at BLT starting Saturday. Great article as usual……see ya Sunday!  ~Dave Drumheller 7.12.2011

Awesome blog again! As of today the gas price here in Appleton is $3.59, so not to far off your price down there. The gift shops that you came across are a dime a dozen. I remember seeing a bunch of those in Ft. Myers, FL when I visited my grandparents and that was over 10 years ago. The alligator heads are a popular theme with the gift shops too! Cant wait for more living in Florida adventures.  ~Shanna C. 7.12.2011

Hello! I have just found your blog and cannot believe how similar our stories are! I myself just moved to Orlando 2 weeks ago after years of dreaming. I will be starting as a massage therapist in Shades of Green in a few days. If you and your family are ever free I would love to meet up with you. I don’t really know anyone in this area yet and judging by your blog you guys are awesome! Hope to hear back from you ~Jillian Reck 7.13.2011

Love reading your blog-it’s my dream to move down there. My husband would do it if the right opportunity came about, but our kids would be so upset. You inspire me to go and move and live your dream..Wish all of us had that kind of determination! My husband is a general manager of a restaurant and we can never seem to figure out how to search for those types of jobs at Disney…Your blogs make my day! God Bless your family! ~Laurel Sheppard 7.13.2011

Thanks for this section, amy. it’s good to know that it’s not all roses. we know that already, but the specifics add some more realism. more food for thought.  ~Cliff Wu 7.13.2011

Amy, thanks for the info. Our family is moving soon to Florida and this information will really help. Thanks! ~Michael Dickerson 7.13.2011

Great information. For those of us who will someday move to FL, this is exactly the information we need. Living on Long Island now, I can see where I will be saving once I get to FL.  ~Jim (Disney05) 7.14.2011

Great to have that information! Thanks for sharing that. It’s good to see that while some bills increased, others decreased. It will be interesting to see what your bills are like in the winter compared to WI.  ~Sue M. 7.14.2011

Thank you for this excellent info! This is the kind of stuff that is tipping the scales in our favor for moving to FL. We’re from Baltimore and the cost of living here is much higher than FL based on this article. Plus, we’re taking into consideration how much we spend in airfare and hotels to visit WDW twice each year. I think you’ll have some new neighbors next year!  ~Shelley 7.14.2011

Great information! We’ve been baking here in TX and I’ve been wondering what the costs would be in FL….It may be cheaper for us to live there! Now if I could only find a job there . ~Robert Acosta 7.14.2011

Thanks for the info. I just noticed that living in FL is not as bad as in NC. The housing may be just a little higher but not much. Crossing my fingers we will be a FL resident in the near future.  ~Lynn Brooks 7.14.2011

What a find ! I am so grateful for your blog and that I found it. My partner and I are in our planning stages for our move to Disney, and I have been scouring the internet for information just like what you are writing. I have been writing my own journal with highfalutin dreams to publish it as a memoir, and then I stumbled on your site and discovered that you are a year ahead of us, and we can learn SO MUCH from your experiences!!!  Our arrival date is Spring of 2012, so we still have a year and a half-saving every last extra penny we can, but it wasn’t very long ago that I was saying “we are moving in 2 years”. Before you know it, it will be, “we are moving in 1 year”… and I can’t wait. Thanks again for your insight, and sharing this information. I know a lot of people are reading you, but you have 2 people right here who consider your blog entries VITAL! Best!~Mousekateer KEN  7.14.2011

Great and VERY helpful information for folks wanting to relocate! I know that we want to, but just have no idea when we will be able to. Information like this makes it easier to plan for the future, that is for sure! ~Maureen Danforth 7.14.2011

Awesome information!! Thank you so much for your great detective work. It is certainly appreciated!  ~Lynn 7.14.2011

The Nemo show is my favorite show in all the parks. I am so happy for you and was in love with that group shot! What a special time. Congrats! I love following your blog. ~Kim 7.15.2011

Thanks for sharing such useful information! This is so important in trying to budget and imagine what your new life will be like. Keep up the fantastic work! ~DeeAnn D. 7.16.2011

Such a great blog post. We have had to use a wheel chair on two trips. And Let me tell you it’s as uncomfortable for us knowing we’re delaying other guests as it is for the guests having to wait for us. ~Jim 7.17.2011

Love this information! We are planning a move before the end of the year. I am looking for a job right now. We live in New England and the only thing that appears to cost more is car insurance. I just need a little more savings. That’s the part I’m having trouble with. Can’t wait for the grocery breakdown. Thank you for helping all of us interested in moving to Florida. This information is priceless.  ~Linda 7.17.2011

Wonderful post Amy, you know how envious I am of you getting to see Lou all the time! So many opportunities are opening up for you  ~Emma G. 7.17.2011

It was great to meet you guys! Wow, sounds like you had a nonstop Disney day. Hope you continue to enjoy (and spread) the magic! ~Ron Cohee, Imagineer 7.18.2011

Amy, Everytime I read your blog. I am so taken in by all the experiances you have and I long to someday be there too and sharing and making memories with you. Also you are just and amazing person, you are always sharing so much of your self and I am so grateful to even know you. Keep up all the great writing  ~Shelley Jones 7.19.2011

thanks for the update, amy, and thanks especially for telling us the good and the bad. there is no perfect place, and if everything you said was good this and good that and nothing wrong, well, then we’d know that there’s something so horribly wrong that you’re not telling us or you’re not seeing everything.  ~Cliff Wu 7.19.2011

WOW!! I said it b4 your family is so bold for making the move you did, and the way you write shows how real this is. I wanna be like you when I grow up.  ~Paul Lambert 7.19.2011

i cant seem to move past thinking about missing my grandkids enough to seriously think about making “the move”, but your blog give me hope that maybe one day i can and be added to your roster  ~Laurie Bishop 7.20.11

I just found your blog. Thanks so much! I am considering the move as well. I have loved in Florida before, and I do have a tip for you. It sounds like you need a dehumidifier. It will draw the moisture out of the air and prevent mildew. ~Kim Bowers 7.20.2011

I love reading all your posts about life in Florida. It makes the time between trips seem not so long. I can’t wait to get to WDW in 28 days, it is cooler in FL than it is here in Kaukauna. With the heat index its going to be about 110 degrees. Keep up the good work Amy! ~Ann Ploetz 7.20.2011

My husband and I have often talked of relocating. I can see the good and bad through your posts. We’re still talking, but you were daring and brave to do it. I am really not a hot weather fan but you seem to be OK with it! ~Becky Wheeler 7.20.2011

Your frankness is what drew most of us to your blog. For those of us thinking about moving, FL or elsewhere, you & your family’s experiences are an inspiration and how-to guide!  ~DeeAnn D. 7.20.2011

I like this blog entry. Thanks for being honest! ~Kellie 7.20.2011

Love your site, I got the address from Linkedin discussions about Disney. This is a cool thing you have done, it is a great idea. I will drop you a line when we come down next year.  ~Paul Barger 7.20.2011

Hi, I’m a relocated tourist myself! (Except we’re a bit further away from The Mouse..near Tampa.)We’ve been here for almost a year and love it! I also love your blog. ~Sandi W. 7.21.2011

Amy I LOVED this post. I know for you this was related to moving to your happy place yet it could be applied in so many situations in so many lives, as always an uplifting post. Thanks always for sharing your heart. ~Darby 7.23.2011

I’m thinking you should start a career as a motivational speaker. You’re very inspirational. ~Jim (Disney05) 7.23.2011

Can’t wait to read youre next blog, as usual!!! I ld love Survivor -thats so cool that you got to meet Tina..are you following Parvati by any chance? I’m happy to see you & Craig had another wonderful night together. You guys are awesome   ~Vicki D. 7.30.2011

Hi Amy…….I just read all of your posts (from the beginning) and am finally “caught up”! I am a travel agent in Central New York and specialize in Disney. I just love your passion for the disney product! My family will be in Disney (staying at Windsor Hills) from August 9 – 16. I would love to meet up with you if you happen to be in the same park as we are to say a quick “hi”! I’ll be there with my husband and my 2 kids who are 12 and 9. Do you think it will be possible??  ~Theresa S. 8.2.2011

Great blog article! I love the music at EPCOT and it is one of the reasons I love WDW. I spend a good amount of time logged into d-cot.com during the day. They have a great selection of WDW park music and it is all on demand!  ~Robert Acosta 8.3.2011

I truly enjoy your blog and hope that we can meet. You are living my dream life.  ~Lisa Latham 8.5.2011

Love reading your blogs Amy. Too bad we never got to meet up two months ago,but you had just moved there. Hopefully, next time we come in a year or two, we will finally meet!  ~Keith Nettles 8.5.2011

I enjoy reading every blog post Amy. Thanks again for a lovely read… ~Kim 8.6.2011

Amy – Thanks so much for this blog! Im moving to Florida in November (woohoo! No more Chicago snow!) and Im understandably freaked out but excited too! Its great to read about how well your family is doing!  ~Katie M. 8.6.2011

I enjoy reading your blog! ~Laurie Horsch  8.25.2011

I love your blog – just wanted to tell you that! I dream about moving to Florida every day (and often say to my husband on those “boring” weekends .. “You know if we lived in Orlando we wouldn’t be bored.”). I am still hoping that we can make the move sometime in the next few years…and this pro/con list is spot on.  ~Traci 8.26.2011

Great post. My husband and I often discuss moving to Florida, even though we wouldn’t choose to live in Orlando. It would be so nice to be close to everything we love so much and only get to experience once in awhile… living quite a few states to say. I appreciate you keeping it real when you talk about the move. I couldn’t imagine moving when I was a senior in high school, and would have adamantly refused to go I think. Again, my situation was different because my mother’s income was tied to the school and our town. But I’m sure if my parents had the opportunity to move to FL at that point, they would have jumped on it… somehow. In a way, I think this change will be good for your girls because in life, there are tons of changes. I’ve been out of college for four years, my sister is about to graduate next year, and I know that looking for a job in your hometown or a few miles away is not the only option. You have to be open-minded in this economy and sometimes that means making moves you never expected to make. I’m sort of going off on a tangent. Changes always seem tough at first but in the end, they really do teach you a lot. I’m confident in your girls and know they will grow into mature, independent women because of all you have done. …the same will happen for you! (I also agree… I don’t think I could ever replace my girlfriends of 20+ years if I moved. You are right that it takes time and patience. It’s funny how history counts for so much, isn’t it?) Thanks again for sharing. It’s always a treat to see you have a new post up. Good luck with it all and have a great weekend!  ~Stelle 8.26.2011

I love your honesty Amy, it makes these blogs worth reading. Life isnt always fun, these things are sent to challenge us and make us stronger people. You are such an inspirational writer and I look forward to your next blog.  ~Tracey 8.26.2011

Thank you for you honesty Amy…And I know God will be there with you and your family through each up and down..You are a special person and it’s been like finding a rare treasure reading you blogs!!  ~Terri 8.26.2011

I love your blog. I follow along with you and your family on your daily lives. I sat on the edge of my computer chair as you left Wi. and waited for every post. glad that you were safe. I seem to start most sentances with “Amy from Wi…..” I now say , “my friend Amy from Florida says….” lol I’m not a good writer, just a fan, and a “blog buddie” who enjoys your views and pics from sunny florida. Yes we dream of moving there too, just not looking forward to leaving our 12 grandkids..we are comming “home ” for a visit in Oct. Maybe we will run into each other… ~Kathy Blanchard 8.26.2011

My family and I are planning on making the move to Florida March of 2012. We’re so excited about it and I use your blog and the links you provide to help make the transition easier for our whole family. Thanks! ~Kim 8.30.2011

Great post! I love reading your blog, the ups AND the downs. That’s a part of life, even at WDW. It is nice to get a realistic view and I don’t at all get the impression you hate it or anything- i just get the impression you are having a great time, enjoying life and adjusting to a new lifestyle, which can bring about its own pains and challenges, even amid the magic. You may live near the magic, but real life still goes on, school, work, traffic etc. So it’s nice to hear it all, good and bad, no sugar coating. Thanks for sharing so much with us. The semester i lived at WDW for the WDWCP was awesome and I often regret I didn’t do more while I was there. Being able to just grab a coke and sit on main street and people watch sounds heavenly (without having to rush because you know you only have so many days here on vacation!) ~Michelle Peters 8.30.2011

As always… I loved the new blog!  ~The McBryar Family 8.30.2011

Personally, I appreciate your honesty about the move. Nothing is perfect 100% of the time and it is great that you are putting the trials and tribulations out there along with the happiness and joy so that others can learn from you. I sure know I appreciate it and it will be helpful when my time to move finally comes. Thank you, Amy!  ~Maureen 8.30.2011

A Great Post and a Great Website! I have never thought that you were trying to tell people not to move closer to the Mouse. You always give the “real” parts of relocating to Florida. I would rather know it all than just the good stuff. Because if/when we move down, We’ll know what to expect. THANKS, keep up the great work!  ~Bruce 8.30.2011

Thanks for sharing Amy. We are planning on moving down to the Orlando area next year. We just sold our house here in Kentucky. Very nervous about the whole move and it helps to see that other people have their cons too. Thanks so much for this blog!  ~Byron Fawley 9.4.2011

I have been reading your blog now for a little while. I have enjoyed reading about your move, and look forward to updates. We have a house in the area and would love to move there full time. Right now the house is a short term rental and we go down every few months for a week or two. Some day we will be living our dream too!! But for now I am enjoying your updates and can’t wait for more!  ~Lori 9.6.2011

Wow, I’m getting so excited for our trip next month with these photos! I LOVE the fall decorations and I think I might have to get one of those headbands! Thanks for sharing and brightening a gloomy, rainy VA day!  ~DeeAnn Fox Diaczynsky 9.7.2011

Thanks, Amy! I was having a bad day and your article definitely brightened my day. ~Shelley Bowman 9.8.2011

You are such an inspiration to me and our desire to move to FL one day. Your family is strong, and times get hard, but you will be okay. Remember that we are all praying for you! Keep moving forward as Walt and Lou Mongello like to say! ~Jennifer Romano 9.20.2011

I’m glad you are willing to share your feelings in the articles you write. You are HUMAN and ups and downs are certainly expected. ~Dave Drumheller 9.20.2011

I’m reading this with a happy voiced Amy in my head!! I bet your mum is going to feel very happy to see how well you’re coping, showing her around like a local. ~Emma Godbold. 9.23.2011

I smiled all the way through this. It’s so great you can be with your mom. ~Becky 9.23.2011

Loved this post! I’ve been a lurker on your site for quite sometime. It is wonderful that you are continuing to find new things at a place where you can go every day (if you chose). ~Bernice 9.24.2011

It’s good to be you, AFP! ~Patti 9.25.2011

Totally OT post: I’m watching Lou’s 40 hour podcast, pre-recorded, and I just saw the Petermanns! ~Pattie 10.4.2011

This blog has reduced me to tears, Amy! Beautifully written, and just goes to show how important our mothers are – I love my Mammy!  ~Tracey 10.4.2011

Watched the 1st hour of Lou’s podcast & saw ….THE PETERMANNS !!!!!!!!!! I was waving back at you….did you see me??? :-D
It was great to see you & the lovely family enjoying the day!!! ~Jenny 10.5.2011

WooHoo I made your blog! It was so nice finally meeting you and your beautiful family in person! Meeting so many nice people really made our Honeymoon more special than I ever imagined. Have a magical day!!  ~Shelley Benhoff 10.5.2011

Amy, thanks so much for your coverage of this! The Magic Kingdom & I both turned 40 this year. I wanted to be there so much! Maybe they’ll have a BIG celebration for our 50th! ~Heidi 10.5.2011

Excellent article Amy!! I was SO hoping to be down there for the 40th, but I didn’t have enough money…. oh well!! I’ll have the chance to hopefully meet everyone next year. I’m sure Lou will plan something when Fantasyland start opening in 2012. You never know with Lou haha. Congrats on meeting a great Disney figure.  ~Mike Roy 10.5.2011

Your blog is awesome. Keep up the great work and having fun. You are quite an inspiration. ALL OF YOU!  ~Michelle Hyatt 10.6.2011

Another wonderful post! I’m glad everything is going well for you and your family. You are living my dream!!!! ~Bernice 10.9.2011

Thanks for putting a smile on my face! Have a Magical Day  ~Jenny 10.17.2011

Amy, I think it’s time you start thinking about putting some of your posts in a book. From someone who’s been following your blog since before you made the move, It’s fun and interesting to see where you’ve come from and where you are now. You don’t sugar coat anything. You honesty, insight and analogies come right from the heart. I can so see “The Relocated Tourist” on bookshelves. And I bet I’m not alone.  ~Jim O. 10.20.2012

I just smiled when I read this post cause I can tell how happy you are to be living in Florida now and really being able to enjoy your life! So happy for you!! Can’t wait til I can play every day in WDW!! I agree with Jim…a book would be great!! Just remember to autograph my advance copy!! ~Jamie Longoria 10.20.2011

WOW! 300, I am so proud of you to continue to do what you love to do and what you have helped me with is to be not afraid to dream even if there are road blocks, bumps, because in the end there will be magical, joyous days and also to see you amazing family to stand by you and love you, support you is the greatest reward. ~Shelley Jones 10.20.2011

Congratulations Amy, Craig, Kyra and Emily on your 300th post and on fulfilling your dream. Just keep dreaming, just keep dreaming! Hope to see you again soon. ~Greg Grimsley 10.22.2011

I am thankful for the blog that has led me to love and adore this family! Thank you for sharing your lives with us as we celebrate along with you as your dreams have come true. Love all y’all! Hugs ~Robin 10.22.2011

Amy, your blog is amazing, I look forward to the installments every day. You are living our dream and it has been wonderful following along with you. Hoping to someday be a relocated tourist along with you!  ~Lesley Sawhook 10.22.2011

  • Happy 300th! Your journey is an inspiration to anyone with the desire to make the big move to Florida. Truthful, funny, heartwarming and so much more. Thank you for sharing your adventure and thank you for sharing your lovely family with all of us. God bless and keep on blogging! ~Teddy Beaver 10.22.2011
  • Congratulations on your 300th post! I live reading your blog and daydreaming about living the Disney dream myself. Keep up the good work.  ~Katerina 10.22.2011
  • I love your blog! You are living my dream. I pray someday I can live it myself,but until then I am blessed by God to enjoy what you are living through your blog and as friends on facebook. Best wishes and prayers for 300 more!  ~Jodi Rice 10.22.2011
  • Amy, even though we have never met I feel as though you and your family are great friends of mine! Your perspective on your new adventure has been a great inspiration to me and I look forward to your Blog posts every day. Congrats on 300 posts, and look forward to reading many more!  ~MaryBeth Van Meer-Caliciuri  10.22.2011
  • I LOVE your blog! I can’t forsee myself living out that dream anytime in the future, (as much as I would love to), so I hope you don’t mind that I am living vicariously through you! Keep up the great work! Maybe someday I can make another trip to WDW and we could meet!  ~Debbie Ponton 10.22.2011
  • I am so very proud of you, Amy! You and your family have been through SO much, and yet you always find the positive in it all! I am proud to call you my friend, and when I move to Orlando, I hope that we can become better friends, and we can spend much more time together! Congrats on 300!! Here’s to 300,000,000 more!!! Love you!!!  ~Shari Matz 10.22.2011
  • Congrats on your milestone! I have been following since very near the start and have enjoyed it very much! I have have learned things, laughed, cried and celebrated with you and still look forward to more!! Blessing to you all  ~Dana Toy 10.22.2011
  • You helped me realize why I moved to Orlando. And that I should follow my dream. And I am now happily working full time at Disney and working towards more dreams.  ~Heather McClay 10.22.2011
  • I am SO HAPPY that I FINALLY had the chance to meet up with you over the past week before you trip! Your blog has really helped my husband and myself with preparations for a move in the future. It has also been a huge help in keeping me connected to WDW, especially so far away with me being in Michigan! I wish you and your family only the best and I can not wait until we live closer! Hugs and prayers to all of you.  ~Beth 10.22.2011
  • Thanks for still sharing after your move. You still inspire me! ~Bruce 10.22.2011
  • CONGRATS!!!! YAY How great! LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blogs, I feel like I am experiencing everything with you! Always look forward to them!  ~Danielle 10.22.2011
  • You have inspired me with your enthusiasm and determination to make your dreams come true! It is always fun to hear about your experiences as a resident, and it allows me to imagine what it would be like to live there too. I am filing away all of your tips, advice and experiences, as we hope to retire to Orlando in about 20 years! Thanks for everything! ~Sally Lee Daneman 10.22.2011
  • I just love your blog! It provides me with so much information and a little Disney fix when I need it. Keep up the good work…here is to another 300 blogs! ~Matthew Zidek 10.22.2011
  • Congratulaions on your 300th post. I don’t post often, but I have enjoyed sharing in your journey with you. I feel like I know your . We hope to live in the Disney area at least part time one day and I have really learned alot of helpful information. ~Kara Parrish 10.22.2011
  • To the Peterman Family: You have helped me through many days of missing Disney. Reading your posts & blog make my days magical. I love what you do and what you stand for. The personal touches you add make it feel so much more real and like a friendship….love that! Keep up the good work. Wishing all of you many Blessings!!! ~Lori Fein 10.22.2011
  • You can’t begin know how much your blog has inspired me. We are moving the first weekend in June and you have given me the courage to do it. I can’t wait to meet you in a couple of weeks. Congratulations on making this milestone, the first of many!!!!!  ~Melissa Stevenson 10.22.2011
  • I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and all the inspiration and love you pore out through your amazing stories & adventures in your blog. I am so happy to be able to say I’ve been there for some of your great moments and am extremely lucky to be able to call you a dear friend. ~Scott Otis 10.22.2011
  • This blog has helped me to believe in my dreams and take chances. I come here when I feel discouraged and lost. When I read about how you and your family took such a huge leap to accomplish your dream, I know that I can one day accomplish mine. I can’t thank you enough for sharing every bit of your journey. ~Cassidy 10.22.2011
  • You’re amazing journey has truly been inspiring and I look forward to each and every post! Keep doing what you guys do best! ~Courtney 10.22.2011
  • From Carl and Ellie to Craig and Amy… from Wisconsin to Florida… you have shared your journey with many others. Thank you for blogging and sharing your journey with us. ~Liz Driscoll 10.23.2011
  • Thank you for this blog. It has been a blessing in my life. I look forward to reading it each week & it has been fun following along!~ Thanks for being a ray of sunshine in my day, and a source of inspiration in my own family’s plans for our future. I am truly grateful. ~Angie DeRosier 10.23.2011
  • Amy…wow – this post struck a huge chord with me today. Thank you so much for writing this…it is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. ~Traci 10.25.2011
  • Tears are in my eyes now after reading this Amy!! I am at a low point in my life right now…but I will find my joy and make it happen!! (you know what I mean) Love you!! ~Jamie Longoria 10.25.2011
  • This last blog is why I keep coming back time after time to you blog. You write from the heart and I love that! ~Rebecca McBryar 10.25.2011
  • What a inspiring blog and so true. When my eldest son died in the dark years that followed i felt that i could only find joy in Disney either in fl or in Paris and we went a number of times. Now as the credit crunch crunches it is not possible to visit so now i do need to find a new way to find that joyful place. Thanks to your words i am going to make a huge effort to find it here at home and in everyday things. ~Wendy Hayton 10.25.2011
  • I literally collapsed to tears today when I read this. I had the worst day today, it’s been a really rough year work wise for me and I am dreaming of the Disney dream day and night. I know it won’t be able to happen for us for quite some time so trying to find joy in my family and all we do have right now with the long time dream of joining you guys in Disney eventually!!! Thanks for your blog, it is always so comforting! ~Lesley Sawhook 10.25.2011
  • I needed this, thank you. ~Christine Tilley 10.26.2011
  • What an incredibly inspiring post!!!! Thank you Amy! ~Benice 10.26.2011
  • I love reading about the Wisconsin family that made the “big” move! Thanks for sharing with all of us that will still endure the cold Wisconsin winters! ~Cathy O. 10.26.2011
  • It was so awesome meeting you, you are as nice as I thought from all your blogs and posts. ~Michelle Boyer 10.27.2011
  • Wow, Amy, you made me wish I lived closer to Orlando — not for WDW, but for YOU! ~Jen 10.30.2011
  • Words to live by! Thank you for reminding me why I am working on my ultimate goal so diligently for those days that are difficult to get through until I am there! Have a blessed week! ~Beth 10.31.2011
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  • Amy I am loving reading your blog. ~Byron Fawley 11.5.2011
  • Amy – I had to read through this quickly so the tears wouldn’t flow. What a wonderful tribute and recap of a wonderful day! You captured our time spent together perfectly! But I have to say that I love how you conveniently left out the part where you tried to trick me into wiping out at the Haunted Mansion. But that will be our little secret. haha! Can’t wait till next time (in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room)! Love ya! ~Robin Howard 11.5.2011
  • Please post more information about your neighborhood. For those of us who are not in Fl yet, but planning and DREAMINGGGG, it really helps, especially with the kids agenda and schools and whatnot. So scary as you know. If there are neighborhoods aside from yours you like, we’d love to know. We are HANGING on your every word as you are so helpful. Thank you. ~Ann 11.9.2011
  • Amy, sounds like you had an awesome time. It was wonderful to see you at the Air Supply concert. We had an great time singing some old classics. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. ~Scott Otis 11.9.2011
  • Did you realize your blog made it on the disneyreport.com site? ~Robert Acosta 11.11.2011
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  • Another great blog post, and very useful to your readers. That’s why we all love you. Thank you very much for sharing your insight. ~Scott Otis 11.22.2011
  • Let me begin by saying I am Thankful to have God somehow someway connect us and we have become friends and have become part of my life. I thank God everyday for everything no matter how big or small – because it is a blessing. Thank you Amy for sharing your life with the world and inspiring each everyone of us. May you and your wonderful family have a FANTABULOUS 1st Thanksgiving in Florida and may there be a million more to follow. ~Diane Welch 11.23.2011


  • I just read what you wrote and it was beautiful ~Currie Markham 12.1.2011
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  • As always thanks for the truthful post. I am always looking forward to what you will post next. I watched all the Christmas vlogs you posted and loved them all. I know we never met, but I talk about you and your family at home almost daily and I always refer to you as my friends in Florida. ~Jennifer 12.28.2011
  • Very good Blog Amy. You are giving both aspects of the relocation which everyone needs. Though it’s exciting to be so close to disney – it comes with challenges too. Keep up with these blogs – it’s good to know your feelings and opinions for those who are contemplating the move. ~Diane Welch 12.28.2012
  • Preach it like it is girl! I love your honesty! Nothing is perfect in this life…nothing.  I love reading your blog. I get so exited to see your family enjoying a dream that for most people could never come true. ~Jodi Rice 12.28.2011
  • What I love & admire most about your blog~ is your honesty. Sometimes life is not as full of pixie dust as we would all like it to be, and that’s ok. We would not appreciate it as much if it was. And being honest is not something you should ever apologize for. That is how we know you are a real person  ~Lindsay Sauer 12.28.2011
  • Wow! That was awesome! God surely does order our steps. When God is the center of your life, everything falls into place! I’d be so lost with out Him and in my moving process now, He’s directing my path and making the crooked paths straight. He’s got His hands upon you, and your family definitely!! ~Monica Francis 12.29.2011
  • What a wonderful testament to the Lord Amy. ~Mya 12.30.2011
  • Wonderful post, and more importantly, a wonderful witness! ~Greg Grimsely 12.30.2011
  • What a great idea! I have been reading your blog almost since it started (this is the first comment though, I’m trying to be less of a lurker and more of a participant) and have enjoyed it immensely. I just sent a request to join your group. Thanks for doing this, I’m sure it will help many people. ~specialthings 1.3.2012
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  • LOVE THIS BLOG POST!! LOVE YOU!! So proud to call you my friend! I have to print this blog post out and keep it with me for inspiration & motivation to keep moving things in my life forward and positive direction! Just amazing this comes at a time when i need to hear this! THANK YOU! ~Jamie Robbins 1.26.2012
  • Thank you Amy! Somehow you knew exactly what I needed to hear today. ~Beth Moser 1.26.2012
  • WOW!!! This must rank up there as one of your best blogs . You have a unique way of saying/writing things, Amy, and making them reach out and touch your readers….whether it be a gentle prod to help them on their way, or to reach right in and touch their hearts. This one definitely struck a chord with me. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your thoughts and dreams with us. ~Tracey 1.26.2012
  • ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ You are such an inspiration. ~Lynn Green Brooks 1.26.2012
  • AMAZING!!! You are so right about life being too short and only having one life to live. I came to the realization last year. In part, I think, due to your blogs. I recently came across a great quote from Walt Disney and have it on my desk at work and at home on the fridge…”All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney. Thanks to you, your family, and your blog we are coming up with a plan to pursue our dream to relocate near the magic. God Bless you, Amy!!!! ~Jennifer 1.27.2012
  • Hi!! I just Kindof stumbled on your blog, and wanted to say, I guess, thanks! I’m actually a cast member at the Studios, and I love doing the parks by myself!! It’s fun for me to enjoy them on my time, at my pace. Anyway, I’m enjoying your site! Take care! ~Paul 1.29.2012
  • I really enjoyed this Post! I worry and I’m a control Freak. Every day I need reminded that God is in Control. He is so much better at it then I am! Thank you for sharing this blog! ~itsyourworld 1.31.2012
  • You have a gift of taking what you feel deep inside and putting it into words. ~Pattie 2.1.2012
  • P.S. The state of Florida should hire you to write the book or post at the blog on all the in/s and out/s joys and headaches of moving to Florida. It’s been a real pleasure. ~Ann 2.2.2012
  • Thanks again for doing this Amy!!! I appreciate this more than you will ever know! ~Kris Banas 2.14.2012
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  • I’m so glad that I found your blog. I LOVE it and your family! If I made a list like this my number one thing would be to meet you and your family. ~Jennifer 2.24.2012
  • 1. Meet Amy. Done  Glad to be part of the Relocated Tourist family! Congratulations and lots of blessings for many more years!!! **HUGS** ~Thadine 2.24.2012
  • Amy you are awesome! Loved reading all the details!  I had so much fun keeping in touch with you during our 24 hour Marathon and that is JUST what it was… a full on Disney Marathon!  I have loads more pics and will get my blog post up tomorrow and share with you and anyone that wants to know what was going on at Disneyland (it was insane)! Way to go girl!!!!!!” ~Darby Mourtison 3.3.2012
  • Wow. What an awesome read. We really did have a wonderful time during the 24-hour festival. It all went by in such a blur. But I really wanted to thank you, Amy, for hanging out with me and having such a blast. Sorry I kept disappearing. I’m a wanderer always looking around the corner to see what’s there. Anyways, there’s no way I could have done it without you, Amy. Especially since I didn’t sleep the night before. I ended up being awake for 46 hours and 45 minutes straight. Yikes! But it was sooooooo much fun. Thanks again! And, it was wonderful to see the family for a spell too. As always! ~Scott Otis 3.5.2012
  • Loved reading this. I am actually in this exact situation now. We’re relocating to Central FL this summer…and the first thing I did was start researching the schools. Where we are now, my kids attend one of the better schools in the state and I’m so afraid to downgrade their education for this move. My middle son will be entering his senior year of high school next fall so I’m most concerned about how things are going to go for him. Still so much to consider…and moving day is fast approaching. Yikes! Hope I figure it out soon!!!  ~Lucinda 3.11.12
  • I’ve heard mixed things about Virtual Schools.  Considering that when they are free it’s always worth a try.  It seems to be just what some people need, but sometimes it’s a stepping stone for others, either back into the brick and mortar public school or into full time homeschooling. Anyway I think it’s great that you shared your review, because even though in the end you decided it wasn’t for you, you acknowledged that it may work for someone else. ~riceballmommy 3.12.2012
  • I have been following your blog ever since I found it while doing some Google searching prior to our move to FL this past January.  It has given me some great insight and I enjoy hearing about your love for Disney. ~Christine 3.12.2012
  • Thanks for the “real” story on the garden grocer. I have read their customer reviews and most are just about the deleivery and the convience of it not the whole experience from start to finish.  I have thought about shipping non-parishiable items down (cereal, fruit snacks ect) for our next trip as well.  Thanks again for the inside scoop. ~Shanna Chynewoth 3.27.2012
  • Just stumbled upon your blog!  My husband and I came super close to moving from Pennsylvania to Florida in June 2011.  Sadly, we chickened out… We had good reason to but it still stings to know we were 2 weeks away from making the move and it didn’t pan out.  Here we are nearly a year later and considering the move again!  Your blog has inspired to put aside our fears and follow our dreams.  The blog is amazing and I wish I knew about back when we were planning to move the first time.  Love the blog… keep it coming, always looking forward to the new entries! ~Laura 3.27.2012
  • Very interesting blog. Something you don’t think of, vacationing in someone else’s neighborhood. ~HomesickforWDW 3.30.2012
  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Yikes! Ya sure got MY attention! Scared the HECK outta me, Amy! That was THE BEST POST!!!!!! LOL A LOT!!!!!!!!! Thanks for that one! And HAPPY APRIL 1 to you & the beautiful family! ~Jenny 4.1.2012
  • Amy…I really appreciate this post. As of late, my wife and I have been thinking of relocating to Florida and we’ve been checking out listings of property that are close to the parks. My concern? Exactly what was in your post. How many people do you live next to who really aren’t your neighbors, but more simply “visitors”? Respect for property? Another issue. Having some peace and quiet, as well as privacy would be a priority, so I’d be curious to know how much of an intrusion these issues are when you decide to live close to the magic.  Nice post! ~Charlie Gessner 4.1.2012
  • Thanks for this post Amy.  I don’t even called what I went through as bullying, I call it torture.  The kids were so hateful and I remember saying exactly what you said “why can’t they just leave me alone?”  I never wanted to fit in, just for them to pretend I didn’t exist.  I don’t have children but I have thought numerous times what I would do if I did and one of them was bullied.  I’m not sure I would have much control.  I also wish that there had been more options when we were kids for virtual schools or other ways out of the constant harrassment.  I think people are starting to get how damaging it is and how it leads to other horrible tragedies.  Anything that people can do to get the word out helps, so thank you for speaking up!! ~Sarah Ames 4.2.2012
  • WOW! Amy, this has been a GREAT Merch Monday. I’m not a big shopper but you sure make me wish I could be! LOVE those pillows & these bracelets! Thanks for being my WDW eyes & EARS. ~Jenny 4.2.2012
  • So cool to see Dave highlited on this site! I recently went on one of Dave’s tours and it was amazing! I knew Disney World was said to be a magical place but what Dave pulled off in a day can only be described as pure magic as well. With his incredible planning and attention to detail I was able to see everything I wanted to in all 4 parks in 1 day!!! Not to mention all of the great trivia and fun facts I learned throughout the day!   I highly reccommend Dave and wdwguidedtours.com!  I also think it is very cool how tight the Disney World community is as I am big fans of The Relocated Tourist as well!!!You guys ROCK!!!  ~Steve 4.3.2012
  • The best day will be when we all meet in person!  Until then, thanks to Amy for giving the space to let us get to know each other better! ~DeeAnn 4.7.2012
  • Very important post. Something we may forget about in this information age. ~HomesickforWDW 4.10.2012
  • Wow, what a wonderful, expressive, vulnerable post. This is truly how a quality blog should be; honest, without candy coating.  I have always believed that people pass in and out of our lives for a reason. Some last a very short period of time, some a long time… some even gone for weeks but always return. You have to be able to let down your walls enough to let in a new friend, even when there is a risk of bVery true.  ~Ken 4.10.2012
  • Just know that you ARE touching a lot of lives in a positive way and those who hurt you are just mean people.  Unfortunately, there are a good many of those in this world.  Those are the ones who sometimes stand out for that very reason.  It is for that reason that I come to your blog and read your facebook posts….to see the good.  It is so evident in all you say and do. ~Michelle 4.11.2012
  • Great Blog!  I told my hubby and son about Orange Bird and they looked at me like I had 4 heads.  I can’t wait to see Orange Bird in october even if he is just picture.Thanks for sharing Amy! ~ Diane Welch 4.18.2012
  • As someone who is in the “process”, I love this idea. My biggest challenge at the moment is securing employment in Florida. I hope to learn of some resources that may help with this. Plus the house hasn’t sold yet. Looking forward to reading everyone’s story! ~Christine 4.19.2012
  • Wonderful and informative as always!  Now that we’ve moved from ‘maybe one day’ to ‘well, why not next year’, your words hold a new meaning for us!  Thanks for sharing! ~DeeAnn 4.28.2012
  • I loved the blog- mom! Your probley thinking why I am posting so many comments. IT is way to much fun! It has been very fun to experience this with you to, mommy! You’ll be in my heart- always! ~Emily Rose 5.1.2012
  • Great tips, Amy.  Also, thank you for mentioning some not so safe areas to live in.  I really appreciate all and any information you blog about about relocating to the Disney !. ~Jennifer Makin 5.1.2012
  • Awesome tips. This is going into my “Project Florida Dreams” folder. Thanks! ~Christine 5.1.2012
  • AMY!  This is so great.  I’ll definitely read and re-read each one.   WHAT A FANTASTIC idea.     GL to you.   Haven’t really been reading up on the travel agents, sadly.    I don’t use them at all any more ~Ann 5.2.2012
  • Thanks for ending the mystery! We don’t have kids and have a pool at home so swimming is never a big deal for us but I have always wanted a better description of exactly what Stormalong Bay was! ~Mickeyonmymind 4.2.2012
  • I found your experience interesting. I am glad you left out the case details it would change the story from being about you to being about the case. It was odd the lack of communication to juryers.  You would think they would be experienced enough to at least have an information sheet for you.I had to laugh at the helicopters , only you.  It’s fun to read about it. ~Saundra 5.5.2012
  • I appreciate you don’t want to say much about your children’s school, and perhaps this already exists in a post and I haven’t found it yet, but a review of the good and bad schools would be helpful. Especially services for children with special needs. One more note: really recommend you assemble your information into a self published book – I think it would be very successful. ~cnetbuild.com 5.9.2012
  • Watching your family go through the move & transition to FL has been an awesome experiance! As a mom I do have to say that no matter what our life holds our childern are our greatest investment in life. Knowing you and meeting your girls several times that are amazing young ladies! They are very kind, considerate, thoughtful & beautiful, You & Craig are amazing parents. So that time of seeing how Kyra has grown will pull on any mom’s heart seeing the great person Kyra has become. ~Shelley Jones 5.28.2012
  • That was so touching – gave me chills, getting a peek into your family’s special moment, recalling my own. ~Kathy Holmes 5.29.2012
  • It’s funny, I just took a break from scrapbooking to read your Blog!!!  Love your pages! ~Mary 6.4.2012
  • Ok some tears flowing here!! Just amazing, you are just as inspiring as your momma. ~Dana 6.5.2012
  • That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your point of view. I think that will help me when it’s time for me to move. God bless you and your family for being such an inspiration to all of us! ~Byron Fawley 6.5.2012
  • Wonderful to hear how well you have adjusted to your new life!   You are an inspiration!  I loved reading your post …  Enjoy! ~Mary Lou 6.5.2012
  • Great post Craig. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. ~Shanna 6.5.2012
  • Wonderful post, Amy!!  Thank you for always providing us with the truth…the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I think what you and your family has done is absolutely amazing and you should all be so proud.  Of course, there will be bumps in the road and a few things you would like to do over, but that would have happened if you stayed too.  You are such an inspiration!  You are my “hero”, and I’m so proud to call you my friend!   You and this blog have made so many things seem possible for me that I used to never think were possible.  Thank you!  I look forward to your posts every day.  I hope year 2 as Florida residents is even more magical!!! ~Jennifer 6.5.2012
  • Hello Amy! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations! Thank you for your contributions to the Blogosphere!  Keep up the great work!  You can follow this link, http://wp.me/p1fiGl-h0  for the rules regarding this award! ~Christine 6.5.2012
  • Great video! Loved it! Congrats to you and your family on an amazing journey!  ~Robin 6.5.2012
  • Beautiful post Mr. Peterman!  Thank you for opening your heart to us all.   Brave of you and kudos to living the dream….   We will be you in a few more weeks.   Your attitude speaks volumes. ~Ann 6.5.2012
  • I love this video so much and I am so happy to have met you. I love you very much and I believe that fate brought us together in our time of need. Here’s to many more magical memories, my friend ❤ ~Shelley Benhoff 6.5.2012
  • What an amazing video! So many memories you have made during your first year. Imagine all the future memories to come! Keep on living your dream! ~Jackie Keats 6.5.2012
  • What a beautiful video! I must say I was pretty teary eyed watching most of it! You all have had such an incredible year! What a great thing to have followed your dream!  Thank you for allowing me to “dream along with you”. ~Michelle Edwards 6.5.2012
  • Has Wendy mentioned how much she LOVES YOU BACK ??? BEYOND thankful to have found a kindred spirit here… here’s to many, many more happy memories together. ~Wendy Pugh-Hummel 6.5.2012
  • Great video scrapbook, Amy!  Thoroughly enjoyed it and thanks for sharing!  Hope to meet with you on my next Disney vacation!  ~Marie Rampello 6.5.2012
  • You really know how to bring the magic back to every one else. It is good to know that there are ups and downs and that you get through them with faith and family. I enjoyed reading and watching your anniversary celebration, and knowing your family would be happy no matter where you live! ~Paulette 6.6.2012
  • Amy,  that was really something!   Well done, and what a truly amazing year you have all had.  Thanks so much for letting us all share in your dream come true. Love you! ~Julie Heyer 6.6.2012
  • I just want to say that first off I love this blog to death. I never really get the guts to comment haha! Living in Chicago you don’t get much Disney magic so I have to depend on the internet and my once in a while trips to Disney World (planning on doing the 5K family race this 2013 year with a friend now!). This post in particular nearly brought tears to my eyes. ~Amanda Thayer 6.7.2012
  • As a current Wisconsin resident, you are certainly living my dream of one day living in Florida so close to Disney. Thanks for sharing your Bay Lake Tower stay. My parents own DVC there and I haven’t yet had a chance to stay there. ~Barry Laabs 6.8.2012
  • Ha! I can’t wait to read on. The suspense is killing me because something must have happened for the better since it is June 2012 ans you have been in Florida for a year now. With this post you sound very similar to us, we want to make the move and cant imagine spending another winter stuck inside but then again, we have family here, we both have jobs, a place to live, we know the area and have a stable school and routine, etc etc etc. It is a tough pull for sure. Trusting that everything will work out and to follow your heart is a big jump. ~CMDS 6.12.2012
  • You continue to inspire and educate us. Thanks for being our “inside” person on relocating. ~Jamie 6.17.2012
  • I enjoy your post so much . They are so inspiring and helpme look forward to my possible future in Florida.(WDW) area. Thank you all so much. ~kjzm 6.17.2012
  • Wow, this was just what I needed to read today!  i was starting to feel really guilty about the decision my family has made to move to Orlando by July 2013.  This totally reminded me why we were making the right decision and is motivating me to work harder to get to moving day (and possibly even trying to move it up).  Thanks for sharing your stories. ~Cheryl 6.17.2012
  • Nice words Amy and very true. Life is too short to live in regrets and apologies. ~Greg Grimsley 6.18.2012
  • Thanks for the update.  Your words are so encouraging and real at the same time.  Thank you for continuing to post about life as a Florida resident.  It is so great to get an inside peak at what life will be like when we relocate. ~Jennifer 6.18.2012
  • Thank you for writing this post!! My fiancé are planning to move to FL spring 2013 or spring 2014. Currently we rent an apartment up here, but are looking to rent a house in FL within 45 mins of WDW. Thank you again! I have enjoyed reading your blog about your process! ~disappearingcuttifish 6.19.2012
  • I must say I am not one for certain “unplanned” events in my life but this blog got me thinking.  We plan and plan and plan again …and God just laughs.  Thanks for the reminder to “live in the moment”, I honestly forget to do that and life is passing by. ~Lori Fein 6.20.2012
  • Hope your Birthday fills you with as much joy and love as you share with your readers.  Thank you for allowing us to share your journey with you and your family.  Have a Magical and Blessed Birthday Amy! ~Mary Beth 6.22.2012
  • Your blog is so very true and something I personally need to remind myself of every day.  Work, daily tasks and things can be overwhelming and take over your life if you let it.  A year from now am I going to look back and remember that I spent Saturday cleaning the house or that I spent the day with my best friend hanging out.  LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!!!! ~Bernice 7.3.2012
  • You are the most blessed person I  know. I wished all my life for a friend such as you found. I don’t have anyone down here and never did anywhere I’ve lived. I was too shy in High school…too involved in my major in college…too wound up in relationships/marriage after college…and by then, had no idea how to form a friendship…still have no idea. You seem to have been blessed with a wonderful personality, and to already have some good friends. That is blessed.  Cool. ~Cathy 7.2.2012
  • Thanks for sharing Amy. Our habits have changed greatly since we set a moving date. Part of it is due to trying to save as much money as possible for the move and the other reason is because we are trying to declutter when we have the time and sell/donate absolutely anything we do not need, do not use or can inexpensively/easily replace in Florida. It’s amazing how much stuff resides in closets, cabinets and the garage and how long it takes to sort through it. It will be interesting to see what new habits develop and whether habits we’ve now cut out here (frequent starbucks trips, shopping!, pedicures) make a reappearance in Florida.  ~Carrie Catalano 7.8.2012
  • All good points! We’ve moved a lot and we’ve learned that many things are up for renegotiation in the new place because things do change. We also missed normal malls when we lived near WDW – one of the pluses of living a bit further away is that we just had an awesome night at the mall – had forgotten how fun that can be – lol !!  ~Kathy 7.9.2012
  • I love the Relocation Tips! Thanks!!!  ~Jennifer from OH 7.9.2012
  • AWESOME blog!!!! Amen Sister!!! You speak the truth and from experience. The problem you had when you relocate is still there just in a different atmosphere. Yeah reality sucks sometimes but it is just that Reality and sometimes everyone needs a good slap in the face with it. Reality is just the one to do it. You are person not a character ( well you are a character too ;) ) this is real life just because you live near Disney life’s problems don’t go away. It’s just nice to be able to escape every once in awhile. Kudos to you Amy – You are an amazing person! Love you girl!  ~Diane Welch 8.8.2012
  • Very well put and excellent logic. We will always have trials and tribulations. Your blog over the past year has offered insight into Disney I did not have before. You explain the ups and downs and not just one or the other, even billionaires and CEO’s have problems, you just take the good with the bad, trust in Gods plan and enjoy the ride.  God bless~ Dizneydad Paul, Indiana  8.8.2012
  • You managed to say a lot here in one little blog entry! I’ll be the first to admit I’ve felt I know you far better than I do. That’s a compliment to your writing and the way you share with us. I feel badly that that leaves you open to being judged. Having moved recently I think you’re dead on about finding closure with your old life. I’ve really appreciated you sharing your process with that. I am still quite new at it and your thoughts on it have been helpful. As far as Disney being a distraction, for me it still is. That’s why I’m not ready to explore moving there. I know my problems don’t really go away for the 10 days a year we’re there but it’s an escape. My chronic pain issues are hardly noticeable when we’re there. For me, the magic is real. I know if I was there every day that wouldn’t be the case. I do, however, enjoy updates on the magic from you! But I also enjoy getting to know the non-Disney side of you a bit better as well. Thanks for another great blog. ~Kristen 8.8.2012
  • Yes, yes, yes! I’m not nearly as close as you are to our favorite place (we’re on the Space Coast, about an hour away) but you’re right. While we can go to the Magic Kingdom just about any time we want (read: weekends and holidays, because hubby and I work full-time), we can’t constantly play hooky from the laundry, yard work, tree trimming, school stuff, visiting with friends and family, etc. It’s a great distraction and mood lifter (I hit the parks on a rainy October day when I got my mom’s panel rejection email to make myself feel better) but in many cases, the issues are still there when you get home, no matter how many times you ride Dumbo. Love your insight!!  ~Mad Scientist Amy 8.9.2012
  • What an amazing blog post. I am going through this with my parents now. I am a 34 year old woman with a family. It’s been our dream for some time now to move to FL (my husband’s home state) but my parents and family say we are living in a fantasy world by wanting to move to FL. We know in our hearts we want to move there because of all the pluses of living in a southern state: beaches close by, no snow to shovel, can do anything outside all year long, quality time with our kids is better because we aren’t couped up inside all winter, living in the beloved state my husband grew up in, and disney is just the bonus. So when they say, “You live in a fantasy world” time will tell and show them how much we will love living there and enjoying the quality of life in a realistic way. Isn’t that the point in life.  We almost moved last year and we regret it every day for not taking the opportunity then. Knowing it was in our grasp but we chickened out at the last minute made us realize what our true hearts desire is. But this time we will be smarter about it by taking all the baby steps each week packing, getting rid of things we didn’t need like you guys did. Then we know it is in our grasp because we did the homework and the upfront work to get us closer to our goal. You are an inspiration!! Keep these honest and genuine blog posts coming. They show what incredible people you and your family are!  ~Laura 8.9.2012
  • I think I may print this one out and put it on my fridge! Very truthful and absolute reminders for every day! ~Bernice 8.12.2012
  • THIS is why you are my favorite blogger! So beautiful and well written. You really hit home with this one, ❤ Great job! And Bernice, good idea. I’m doing the same! ~Paulette 8.12.2012
  • Another reason for us to get an apartment where the lawn is already taken care of! Thanks for this, I never would have guessed. ~Katerina 8.15.2012
  • Martha freakin’ Stewart. You crack me up! I’ve been away from TRT for a while getting my oldest off to college, so I’m really enjoying catching up. You painted quite a picture here – hilarious.  ~Patti 8.15.2013
  • It’s so great that I have this blog to turn to when contemplating moving to FL. Great insightful information. ~Jim O.  8.26.2012
  • I think every Disney fan imagines moving to Florida at least every so often. I’m glad you’re able to really be at home there.  ~Lori 8.28.2012
  • While I am kind of lost right now in my beliefs I truly respect those that are so strong in theirs. As always Amy, you are an inspiration to me. Put your hand up, fall to your knees, jump up and down, do whatever makes you feel closer to what you believe in.  ~Jaime 9.9.2012
  • Tears in my eyes….GREAT story – GREAT video!! Thanks for sharing :)I am SO happy you got to live one of your dreams. I’ve been to Night of Joy a few times and I know the REAL magic that happens here on this night. God bless you Amy! I know He already is…~Krista (Disneyways) 9.9.2012
  • I am SO SO happy that you got to go!! I know you wanted to attend this so badly, and I am just tickled that you got to go!! God is so good!! If I were there, I’d be there like you, with you with my hands up in the air praising my King in the Happiest Place on Earth!! I got goosebumps when I was reading this b/c I am just so excited that you attended this, Amy!! This is so awesome!! ~Monica Francis 9.9.2012
  • Oh Amy, you made me cry…and you made my day. Thanks for a much needed dose of Pixie Dust!  ~Mary Beth 9.9.2012
  • Like…..I totally have tears in my eyes….this looked like you had such a wonderful time!! And such a nice day for Bea, the soon to be birthday girl!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!  ~Kris Banas 9.9.2012
  • We love it too! And there’s more good news…you can also get the whole rotisserie style chicken instead of fried if you prefer for the same price!!! Thanks for the great tip for your readers! This is a great deal. PS, the macaroni salad is great too!  ~Angela 9.10.2012
  • WOW!! I have never seen the parks like that, especially for a holiday week. It is kinda eerie. I can’t wait to be a local and enjoy low crowds. Thanks for sharing!  ~Jennifer from OH 9.11.2012
  • Such great memories during your time of heartache. ~Lynn Green Brooks 9.13.2012
  • This sounds like so much fun! Just added it to my to do list for October. Thanks for sharing! ~Courtney 9.19.2012
  • YUM! That’s something we have never done, either! And, seeing as how both my youngest son and myself are candy-holics, that is pretty amazing. My DH could do without it but he would still enjoy watching. I do believe we NEED to try this on our next vacation. Thanks for sharing, Amy and Kyra!  ~Michelle 9.20.2012
  • Thanks for sharing your pictures! I am so excited about our first Food and Wine Fest!!!  ~Christine 9.20.2012
  • Haha your “Florida Local” picture is fantastic :) I can’t wait!!  ~disneymanners 9.20.2012
  • I also noticed, too, that the food was different since the last time I went. Overall, the food was really good, but I do kinda miss the corn on the cob, but that corn bread was SOOO yummy!! Oh my! The salad was great too – heck all of it was good! LOL  I liked our seats b/c we were able to see the show head on. I am sorry that the light and sound guy was right there… :-( Thank you for coming to this dinner show with me!! I have now a new sister in Christ and that means so much to me! PS. Keep in mind everyone – If you’ve never been before that there are 3 different tiers for seating and prices vary. There is a seating and price chart on the Disney website.  ~Monica 9.21.2012
  • Fantastic recap Amy! I am still laughing about the cat and shark costume selections in Karaoke Revolution too :D I can’t wipe the smile off my face today (probably because I am still wearing my tiara – someone is going to have to pry this thing from my cold dead fingers) it was such a blast and was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had! Love you!!  ~disneymanners 9.23.2012
  • Hi Mary, yes i finally got to meet Amy at the party. She is one awesome person. i am happy that i am meeting new friends. ~Marisol 9.25.2012
  • Love all the pics. Can’t wait to be there in 36 days, but who’s counting. Lol. Hopefully those iphone cases that look like spaceship earth will still be there. My DDIL will love it! I wish they had cases like that for my phone a droid!!  ~Rose 9.28.2012
  • I attended the D23 event, but didn’t take any pics. I knew there were talented people like yourself who would do a much better job. Thank you! I saw you for a fleeting moment outside the meet, but you were walking like a woman on a mission. Maybe I will have the privilege another time.  ~Cathy Mawhinney 10.3.2012
  • What great memories! And you did such a spectacular job at capturing it ALL. So glad we finally met!!  ~DIStherapy 10.3.2012
  • Amy, it was a real pleasure finally meeting you in person, I was just thrilled. I was also very touched when you invited me over to your table for lunch, thank you so very much! Pixie dust to you for round two, Amy!!  Hugs, Jackie 10.3.2012
  • What a great event! Love your pictures! Wish we could have met officially. I almost made it by your table. Lots of happy pixie dusted memories from that day!  ~disneymomdebs 10.3.2012
  • Finally had time to read this and you did a wonderful job of capturing the day Amy, I’m sat here in tears which means that as a writer you aced it, what an incredible experience you got to have, just awesome!  ~Clara Stein 10.4.2012
  • Loving your posts Amy!! I wish we would’ve had a chance to talk but I do recall seeing you at the events over the weekend. There was a lot of chaos.  ~Disney Gal Tricia 10.4.2012
  • Now, these posts are the ones that will help me when I move down there next year!  ~Colleen Lynn 10.4.2012
  • Ooh, wish I had known about this! Will definitely keep an eye out for the one in March! We just relocated to the area this summer and I am overwhelmed by how wonderful all the thrift shops and goodwills are, now I need to fill my need for yard sales! Thanks for the heads up!  ~Sara Austin 10.10.2012
  • Thanks for the wonderful report!! Sounds like it is a great tour.  ~Dana 10.11. 2012
  • I would love to hear more about this tour – maybe someday I’ll get brave enough to do the tour!!!!! Like CMDS – the visuals had me laughing! Thanks Amy!  ~Bernice 10.13.2012
  • “ask yourself why not” I love it! This gave me good tingles all over my body, like a message to just go for it. Thanks for addressing this topic.  ~CMDS 10.15.2012
  • Awww, you mentioned us! It was so fun to be there with you on the very first day! Thanks for the heads up! It was awesome! xo  ~Leah 10.15.2012
  • Love you, Amy and love the blog. So wonderful of you to share your life with us.  ~Susan 10.17.2012
  • Amy, I really enjoy reading your blog and it helped me a lot when we relocated down to FL this summer. We live in the Winter Garden/Windermere area, so if you ever get any questions for this area I would be happy to help! We have only been here 3 months but have gotten into the swing of things very quickly (mostly by necessity!).   ~beccagrace 10.17.2012
  • I want to thank you for taking the time to write your blog. It helped a lot in the decision making process for us. We just completed our move to Celebration this weekend and are in the settling in stage. I will continue to look to your blog as we try to learn to navigate our new home! Thanks!  ~Katie 10.17.2012
  • So very glad you guys are “settling,” as you so aptly put. I’d never thought about it that way, but this was exactly the experience we had in California and Montana (and look forward to having again in Florida!). Congrats to you all on making it through all the bumps and hurdles of that first year!  ~John Delancey 10.17.2012
  • Deciding where to live, for us, will be 100% based on schools, so I am not surprised to hear that is the question that most ask about. What I didn’t realize was that schools would not even talk to you if you didn’t live in the district, that is crazy and it’s going to make choosing a suburb that much harder when we relocate from Oregon to the Orlando area. Glad to hear that you are all settling in there, and thank you for writing the blog!  ~Jen 10.17.2012
  • This was a very interesting read! I enjoyed it, and thank you for sharing. I didn’t even know this existed.  ~izbemused 10.21.2012
  • Thanks for an honest and frank review. Fulton’s used to be an exceptional restaurant but that all changed a few years back. I’m not sure if it was a change in ownership or a change in management, but things definitely went downhill. It used to be when you came in, you could see all the bills of lading posted for the fresh seafood brought in daily. The first time I noticed that had disappeared there were a lot of other changes which did not bode well. We started seeing farmed Atlantic salmon on the menu (I don’t know of any respectable fine dining restaurant that would do this). The service went downhill significantly. The overall food quality dropped off. I keep watching reviews of Fulton’s to see if there’s been any changes for the better. But the only good reviews I see are from the sites that never have a negative review about anything on Disney property. I attended a culinary demo with the new chef from Fulton’s at Food and Wine a couple of weeks ago, and I was reasonably impressed. But it sounds like the chef’s skills haven’t translated into a better experience at Fulton’s.  ~Barry Moss 10. 30. 2012
  • This looks amazing and so beautiful. Thank you for giving us all a sneak peak! ~Carrie Catalano 11.1.2012
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  • Awesome Blog!!!  ~Diane Welch 11.6.2012
  • I’m grinning and chucking as I read this post. “Try the grey stuff….” from my favorite song in all the Disney movies.Thank you!  ~Julian Abrego 11.19.2012
  • Amy — what a thoughtful and inspirational post! No matter how we are connected to Disney, when it becomes work we definitely can lose some of the magic. Thanks for the reminders!  ~Christine Hardenberger 12.10.2012
  • Well said Amy! Having been hear nearly a year myself (can you believe it???) I am starting to feel the need to distance myself and explore the rest of Florida. My hubby and I are planning a trip to Legoland very soon and we would also like to do the Kennedy Space Center and WWOHP. We love our Disney but there is SO much more to do in FL!! Thanks so much for writing this excellent perspective.  ~Shelley Benhoff 12.10.2012
  • Well said Mrs Petermann, well said. You put your life out there to share and inspire but unfortunately people tend to take personally and make it all about them ( I call it the Tinkerbell effect – “its all about me!) You do what’s right for you and your family and if people get angry about it well they don’t need to be a part of your life. Love you girl and I thank God that you are part of my life now. Keep doing what you do!  ~Diane 12. 10. 2012
  • Wonderful post Amy!!! Genuine and from the heart. ~Lisa Niles 12. 10. 2012
  • Great blog as usual. Im glad that you and your mom had a special time together while she was there. Your blog today was very insightful and full of wisdom. One word that stuck out with me is humble. I agree, Amy living where you do you have to remember that you are lucky and count your blessings and never take anything for granted. Bless you and your family this holiday season Amy, I hope that 2013 brings more joy and happiness!  ~Shanna 12.10. 2012
  • Thank you for your honesty in putting your heart out there…you are indeed a thoughtful and hard-working WI girl! God bless YOU.  ~Rebecca 12. 10. 2012
  • Wonderful post. You have to stay true to yourself. I look forward to many more posts from, Amy, the Relocated Tourist and the Petermann family enjoying their lives while living their dream. That is what you relocated for, not to satisfy other peoples egos or pettiness. Keep up the great work on the blog, but only as an avenue to share your life’s dream, not to let it consume your life.  ~ Cheryl Chamberland 12. 10. 2012
  • Very well said Amy, I just hope that I never made you feel bad or anything. I love reading your posts and hearing how you spend your days but I know how you feel when it becomes to much you have to back up and restart. I was there when I first moved here and found it very hard to say no to people but now after 7yrs I think I’m better and even working at disney I tend to loose the magic sometimes but just have to remember that it’s who and when you do it that makes it all come back. Please know that anytime you want a friend to share with I’m here anytime.  ~Barbara 12.11. 2012
  • I have to say… I LOVEEDDD When you said, “so scream pretty”… I actually laughed out loud.  ~tconrad527  12.11.2012
  • I love that you brought up TRON. I watched a video of the new Test Track and felt very much like it resonated with it…as though you were riding on the Grid. ~Mary King 12. 11. 2012
  • Oh, thanks for this great information Amy!!! I can’t wait to go on this in May!!!  ~Kris Banas 12.11. 2012
  • Risk it, because if you don’t the biggest regret will be having not tried at all…And this year I am the poster child for playing it safe and regretting it and then risking it and getting something that will open a lot of doors for me in the future. Love this post as I do all the others!  ~Heather M 12. 14. 2012
  • What a great post! My husband and I did the same thing–we took a chance by leaving Ohio for FL in 2008. The road hasn’t been easy, but has it been worth it? YES! Absolutely. We have no regrets. I don’t like to look backwards and play the what-if game because you can’t go anywhere if you’re stuck in the past.  ~Michelle 12. 14. 2012
  • Thank you for this post! Our family did the same move from N Illinois 6 months ago. Lots of the same feelings that you hit upon here. We are enjoying out first “warm” Christmas this year.  ~Joe 12. 14. 2012
  • We are risking it! Great post! ~Katerina 12. 14. 2012
  • I tell this to my daughter all the time. You miss 100% of the shots you do not take. Don’t be afraid to take a shot at something you want to achieve. And if you want something bad enough – work your butt off to earn it. If you fall short…at least you will never regret taking a chance.  ~abronxturtle 12. 22. 2012
  • All ready Amy. Looking forward to new things from you. Welcome back! ~Kat Dennison 2.24.2013
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  • Looking forward to the next chapter!! I’m so glad that you came back. I missed your posts so much. I kept checking the website every few days just hoping it would be back up and running, so I was VERY happy to see that that day finally came. I was sad to read your last post, but understood that you needed to step away. I didn’t email because I wanted to give you the space that you needed. I would read something new about Disney and wonder if you saw it yet, and what your view was on it. Welcome Home!!!  ~Jennifer from OH 2.25.2013
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  • So incredibly happy to see you back. I felt like I lost a friend! Isn’t it funny how attached we can get to someone we haven’t even met? I look forward to following the blog. I love the new look of the site. My husband and I are planning our relocation in a few years and this is such a valuable and inspirational help for us!  ~Sheryl 2.28. 2013
  • Amy! Finally getting caught up with the new blog entries – love having you back! It was great to see you at the meet up and also to meet your husband and daughter – felt like I already knew them from the photos and stories on the blog! Hope you all are doing well – will text or email you to say hi when we’re down for Everest Challenge – cinco de mayo!!  ~Rachel Carter Dewey 3. 5.2013
  • Your blog has been a source of hope and inspiration that we have needed (and still need) while on our journey to relocate to Florida! Thank you for deciding to blog again   ~Betty Mercier 3.5.2013
  • Thank you for the review! My family and I are planning on seeing this in IMAX 3D – now I am really excited!!!  ~Rachel 2.26.2013
  • What a great experience! Thank you for sharing it. I’m looking forward to the movie even more now. Have a Magical Day!! ~Jennifer from OH 2.26.2013
  • Thanks for the insight. It is really helpful to get tips like this from someone who lives in Florida. We are currently looking and appreciate all the help we can get.  ~Diane 2.26.2013
  • Thanks for sharing your experience. Up until this post I always thought that living in the cul de sac would be the way to go. Something to think about when we look at houses in Florida.  ~Jennifer from OH 2.28.2013
  • Thanks for sharing! Picking up later today! Fabulous price for Blu-Ray, DVD and especially the digital copy with house full of kids and iPads! Great Easter gift!  ~Lisa 3.5.2013
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  • I love your writing Amy. I have to say, with all due respect, I appreciate the new authors here, but yours is beyond beyond. Thank you.  ~Ann 3.19.2013
  • I am doing this in May! After I did the Wild Africa Trek, and conquered the rope bridges with my fear of heights, I am ready for the next challenge! Thanks for sharing this Amy!!  ~Kris B. 3.19.2013
  • Looks really neat. Thanks for showing the pictures.  ~Karen 3.23.2013
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  • Great info, thanks! Oh hey, have you been to Mount Dora? We are actually thinking of relocating there. It seems to be a very quaint historic area with lower rents. That’s Lake County though, I’ll have to check out their Chamber and see what they have to offer for a relocation package.  ~Kat Dennison 3.25.2013
  • Looks like you both had a great day and enjoyed all the fun. We have a very small Rem festival here, no way in the size they do there. I look forward to going to this one next year, maybe meet up with you too. Thanks!  ~Angela F. 3.24.2013
  • That is so amazing! And the pictures are fantastic! ~disneywithchildren 4.10.2013
  • HOW AWESOME IS THIS!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your fun!!!  ~Kris B. 4.10.2013
  • I have had similar experiences with the character pens they sell that in the shapes of their heads ect. They don’t write that good but are a nice reminder of a great vacation.  ~Shanna 4.15.2013
  • I visited Cypress Gardens when I was very young. It used to be a park all by itself. I had no idea it was part of Legoland now. They used to have waterski shows on the lake back then. Thanks for the review and pictures!  ~Sheryl 4.24.2013
  • it was great to finally meet you….sorry it was such a short visit.  ~Barb Huddleson 4.22.2013
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  • I used to LOVE the OLD Cypress Gardens! :) Thanks for the info Amy!  ~Darby 4.21.2013
  • You write so well and I tell you this all the time. Remember me? Never stop writing to us, write a book. You touch our hearts and so many of us (me) relate to you so well. I love being a mom and cannot think of a greater joy. Giving birth or adopting. Same. You are a great mom, as most are. Keep writing..  ~Ann 5.12.2013
  • I so want to do this sometime. I am hoping that someday I will be at Disney with my mom and sister and this the one thing that I want to do just us girls! Thanks for the review! I would love to see the Mrs, Potts tea cozy if you a picture of it!  ~Melissa E.  5.24.2013
  • Love it. Exactly how I hope it will be for us one day (hopefully sooner than later)  ~John DeLancey 5.15.2013
  • Thanks for the great reply! I love your outlook on things!  ~Karen 5.17.2013
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  • Beautifully written! Happy Mother’s Day Amy!!! ~Diane 5.13.2013
  • Such a great story. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the moms in the TRT Community..those of 2 legged and 4 legged kids! ~Kris B. 5.13.2013
  • Good pictures!! Thank you for posting these photos – it’s so great to see that Merida got her bow back and lost the corset and lowcut neckline. Disney listened! 103,000+ people signed a petition asking that the sexed-up version of Merida not be used at this ceremony and people are still signng because they don’t know how well Disney handled the problem. Good for Disney and thank you for showing us these photos. Now to spread the word that the tavern maid version of Merida wasn’t used. ~Zuriea  5.12.2013
  • Thanks for this report, next best thing to being there. Sophia Grace and Rosie those two are to cute and funny.  ~Cheryl 5.13.2013
  • I am just now reading this post, and it was read just in a timely manner for me. Thank you for sharing this!  ~Monica 5.16.2013
  • What an amazing post! This does not just apply to relocating but to taking any risk! What is life if you always play it safe? Well said, Amy!  ~Christine Hardenberger  5.10.2013
  • You sound like a real pro in doing this! Well done! Were you at the movie? report on my blog) That was all I did, but that was GREAT! As is this report!  ~Jud 5.25.2013
  • Hi Amy. I stood near you and we chatted a bit. I told you I would look up your blog, and you said to leave a hello. I didn’t have a camera, so am going to send your blog on to my daughter, so she can get a glimpse. It was a fun event, and I am glad I was there for it.  ~Julia 5.26.2013
  • We loved this video. My favorite part was the roller coaster clip (I think Thunder Mountain) and Little Mermaid, it totally looked like she was dancing to the “when can I see you again” song.  ~Cheryl 6.5.2013
  • LOVE it! I was smiling the entire time. So happy that you and your family is living your dreams.  ~Lynn Green Brooks 6.5.2013
  • Oh, my goodness… laughing, crying, smiling, REMEMBERING :). This is so beautiful, and it’s a joy to my heart that we’ve shared so many amazing memories… with many, many more to come :) . I love you (and all the members of our Florida ‘Ohana)  P.S. I didn’t know how you could top last year’s video, but you did!!  ~Wendy 6.5.2013
  • Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your wonderful year!!!!! I have just discovered The Relocated Tourist and you have given us hope that we will be able to do this someday!  Congratulations! You have a beautiful family!  ~Kim 6.8.2013
  • I am teary eyed watching this! So many of my Facebook and twitter friends are in this, and I can’t wait to get down there and meet everyone in person. I want to be all over next years video! Very touching, made me smile, laugh, cry, and just feel so good and happy all over. Thank you Amy for sharing your journey with us, it has been a huge inspiration in our own relocation! ❤ ~Betty Mercier 6.6.2013
  • XO to you. I hope you read my replies. You and I always agree. I wish I could write it they way you do though. DON’T STOP. I need you.   ~Ann 6.11.2013
  • Amy, you are so right! So many people see decisions as final when they really aren’t. Most things can be reversed or changed so don’t let fear hold you back! ~Christine Hardenberger 6.11.2013
  • Thank you for this post. My husband and I are currently in “plan B” mode of our relocation. The first thing didn’t work out, and it would be so easy to just give up. But we’re still trying.  ~Coleen Lynn 6.11.2013
  • Thanks for posting this! Very good read! We are so tired of winters up here in Nebraska. Can’t wait until we are moving South someday……:)  ~Rachel Purcell 6.20.2013
  • I love your comparison of winter and summer…going to use this one because that is my husbands biggest worry is the summer heat. I told him we will do the same there as we do at home now…stay in the air conditioning. I think it cost us more to heat then keep it cool and we will have a smaller house for sure. Just trying everything I can to get him to make the leap…thanks this will help.  ~Barb Huddleson 6.20.2013
  • I’ve been down in Florida for 14 years now, and still hate the heat as much, and it still oppresses me. Everything you said, to deal with it, is true. Staying indoors, going from air conditioned car to air conditioned house, etc. is true. Drinking lots of water, true. Doing things outdoors mostly early a.m or early evening is true. You described it all quite well. Thank you. ~izbemused 6.20.2013
  • you are welcome Amy. I am so happy that you had the time of your life. it was your special day to celebrate and i am glad that i went to spend it with 2 great friends.  ~Marisol 6.23.2013
  • Good things to point out. I am working on Plan A (move cross country to Florida) within the next year. I find myself stressing about the “what if’s”. You had the right idea that a move doesn’t have to be forever if things don’t work out.  ~fla2013 6.24.2013
  • Absolutely true! Thanks for posting on this subject Amy. It is so tempting to just want to take a leap and move to Florida but its important to keep in mind the true WHY of moving. We realize that the lifestyle we wish to have in FL would be a challenge to achieve if the proper steps are not taken. How bad would it be to finally move a few ears length away from the mouse only to realize you didn’t have enough money or time away from work to enjoy it. ~notmysuegraskitchen 6.29.2013
  • Excellent post, Amy, and well said! We’ve lived in a few vacation places – Orlando and Las Vegas to name two – and living there changes the experience for you. But, like you said, it does allow you access to some really fun stuff. And there is something about living in a more touristy place that can bring joy to your everyday life but you have to be ready for it. I’ve found that it’s then harder to live in non-touristy places – you get hooked on it. The biggest problem in Florida for us was culture. As the HR rep said as we were leaving Orlando, “West Coasters don’t stay” so where you are from also plays into where you are comfortable living. Hope all of your readers who do move to Orlando have a fabulous time because the Florida lifestyle outside of Disney can be quite appealing!  ~Kathy 6.29.2013
  • My baby daughter visited Disneyland dozens of times until she was 18 months and we had a great time, both because I was performing there and because when we had her with us we realized it was all about HER, not us.Families being what they are, I couldn’t take her again until she was 6 years old, by which time she had no memory of the place. The one thing your article doesn’t address is the miracle of that limited window of time when the park can be truly magical, when the child is old enough to understand and yet young enough to believe. On our long-delayed return, Katie and I had the most amazing two-day visit… they weren’t ‘rides’ to her young imagination, they were miracles, adventures that we faced together. I wish every parent could experience that joy… but it takes patience. There are only a few years when Peter Pan’s Flight can send her mind soaring over London, and then it’s just another ride. ~Ron Schneider 6.28.2013
  • Wow, no dog should be able to come at anyone like that. And yes, every dog needs to be controlled. A leash works best, but if in your own yard then you could get away with a voice command to “drop” or whatever you use. Thanks for the informative write up.  ~Beth 7. 13.2013
  • We have been searching for pet friendly, CLEAN, vacation rentals!! Thanks!!  ~Angie 7.26.2013
  • I love this blog. Every one always asks me…”Can you imagine paying an electric bill with your a/c running all the time?” I replied the same as Amy…If I can pay for heating oil, I can pay for electric. ~Paulette 7.16.2013
  • Love, love this article! I so can’t wait to be able to do all the things you listed, and more once i am moved down there!!  ~Monica 7.24.2013
  • LOVE this!!! I am grinning from ear to ear… 2 weeks Amy! Just 2 weeks. WooHoo!!!!  ~Brian 7.24.2013
  • Such an exciting life you get to live. God has truly blessed your family. Can’t wait until it is our turn! ~MovingtotheMouse  7.24.2013
  • Amy, you’re always so inspirational to me, and this article is PERFECT. Our move is now officially less than a year away, and I cannot wait to have all of the experiences you mention. Keep on living the dream!  ~Dierdre 7.25.2013
  • I just loved this article and your excitement in living near WDW. This is my dream one day.  ~Lisa 7.25.2013
  • Amy I love reading your blogs, as you are living the dream that I cant live! Sadly being a Brit gives us a much bigger hurdle and Im not in a position to jump it. I do however have a vacation planned for this December and I am SO excited to return after 6 long years away!! Smiling from ear to ear right now.  ~Kymie 7.25.2013
  • What a great article! I am more inspired than ever to live out my dreams of living in Florida and being able to visit WDW at any time that I want.  ~Chad Allgeier 7.25.2013
  • Great post! I don’t get bored easily, so when It’s time for us to move to the Orlando area, I’ll be entertained forever! ~homesickforwdw 7.25.2013
  • This post is so timely for me and my family. On Monday we will make the drive down to become Florida residents! I’ve followed your blog for a couple of years and knew that one day we would want to head to Florida, so, when the opportunity arose, we decided to take it. Our 10 year old daughter is thrilled we will be so close to WDW even though we are moving closer to the Ocala area. But having Disney less than 2 hours away-wow! I’m so glad to read that you guys are really enjoying your central Florida adventure,  ~hunnybelle 7.26.2013
  • I read this article with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. You hit the nail on the head. The experiences you described are exactly why I want to move to FL to live near Disney World. I have to admit that I was worried that I might get bored. But now I know that won’t happen! Thanks for renewing my faith that I can and will move to Orlando!  ~Angela Barr 7.26.2013
  • Amy thank you a million times over for this blog post today. Its always been our dream to move to FL, and we aren’t in a position to do it at the moment, alas. But I do like to do my research and the Victoria Park Appts sounds EXACTLY what me, my fiancé, and my dog want:)   ~Jennifer Toto 7.27.2013
  • I am so happy for you and the family, Amy!! I have been praying you would find a church home that would meet all of your needs and where you could minister and be ministered to. Praise the Lord for answered prayer!!!!  ~Marilyn Johnson 7.28.2013
  • This post came at a great time. I just moved to Orlando three weeks ago and went to church for the first time down here today! Amazing!  ~wishinkitchen 7.28.2013
  • Amen!! I have only recently started going back to church. I can totally relate. Beautiful post!  ~Angela Barr 7.28.2013
  • Well said, Amy! Well said. You made me cry again. Sooooo looking forward to meeting you some day.  ~Michelle 7.29.2013
  • I can hear the joy in your words. Tha joy that only comes from Jesus. I’m so happy for you, and thankful for boldly sharing your story. We only have one more Sunday at our home church, then it’s off to Kissimmee, where we will begin the search for where God wants to use us.  ~Brian 7.29.2013
  • OMG! I opened this email with the idea of unsubscribing. I haven’t read yr emails in weeks because I was kind of done with Orlando Disney for now – I live in CA. ;^) But look! You are writing about what is exactly on my heart. Coincidence? Don’t think so! Amen! ~Carol 7.29.2013
  • Fantastic post Amy! We are going on 8 weeks here in Florida, and have discussed finding a new church home several times over the last few weeks. I appreciate you writing about this…what an inspiration you have been tome/us throughout this journey! Ctainly hope to meet you one of these days.  ~Tami Lee Maurer  7.29.2013
  • Amy, I heard you on the WDW Happy place podcast, and was filled with a good feeling to hear someone not afraid to profess their faith in our Lord! Way to go! My Wife and I are loving the website too. Thanks so much. ~Dan 7.31.2013
  • Amy, I heard you on the WDW Happy Place Podcast, and loved hearing your story. It filled me with a feeling of joy to hear someone on a Disney podcast, profess their faith in our Lord! Thanks so much! My Wife and I are really enjoying your website too.  ~theboxingguru 7.31.2013
  • Amy, I just slowed down and took the time to watch the entire video. I must say “Nicely Done!” It made miss you all even more and we hope to see you soon. Seeing so many familiar faces of friend that we all share, really does emphasize the magic of Disney and friendship.  ~Keith Lowery 8.3.2013
  • It’s so great that I have this blog to turn to when contemplating moving to FL. Great insightful information.  ~Jim O. 8.26.2013
  • I think every Disney fan imagines moving to Florida at least every so often. I’m glad you’re able to really be at home there.  ~Lori 8.28.2013
  • Soarin is one of our favorites too. Got there too late on our recent trip so never got to ride it. So cool that you can say now that you’re FL residents you go ride it anytime you want. ~Homesick for WDW 9.1.2013
  • Thanks for your highlights. We are going for our first MNSSHP next month–just me and my DH! We are very excited. Not sure if we want to “dress up” but maybe some cool t-shirts and Mickey ears would do the trick. Great idea! ~Marie Rossiter 9.1.2013
  • Thanks so much for noting how much fun this event is! We had a blast the 1st time in Adventureland and the 2nd year we spent in Tomorrowland and danced with Goofy and friends during a huge dance concert. We still get comments on how awesome our house is on our street because of the flashing skeleton faces in kid windows which are from our Mickey’s Not So Scary experience and our pumpkins have Minnie and Mickey Halloween ears with spotlights on them so the kids in the neighborhood feel a ill’ Disney came to the north.  ~Kim 9.3.2013
  • I always make sure to wave to the CM that’s sitting in the corner. Love Living with the Land!!  ~thedisneycouple 9.2.2013
  • Great blog!!! It has always been one of my faves!!! Thanks for sharing  ~Stephanie Livers 9.3.2013
  • Love your take on this ride. We feel the same way. It’s a great ride that you can share with anyone . ~jodi7966 9.3.2013
  • I love love ❤ Love Love this attraction!!!! Thanks for sharing your review!  ~Kris Banas 9.4.2013
  • We were there Fri night also. It was an amazing night even with the storms. I agree that the umbrellas should have moved back or to the side. At that point everyone was pretty well soaked anyway so it shouldn’t have been a big deal:) Awesome experience!  ~Sara 9.8.2013
  • Thanks for such great coverage!! We are totally all in for this event in,2015! Sorry about your feet! I can relate!  ~Kris Banas 9.8.2013
  • I like this one and seeing the oldies come to life but i do think they could update a few of the scenes to more current films that younger kids/teens would know now! :) Great review.  ~Darby 9.12.2013
  • So great to finally meet you, Amy! I’ll message you this week about meeting up!  ~Marilyn 9.12.2013
  • Can’t commit to so much time in line while on vacation, but do plan to go buy the book. I came to meet one celebrity but instead I met another. The “real” relocated tourist !! It was a true pleasure. ~mybulkemail 9.11.2013
  • Wow! That’s so wonderful. I’m off to order it.  ~Lori 9.12. 2013
  • I am so excited for you that you were able to go & meet Marty. I reeeeaaallllly wanted to go, but I just couldn’t justify taking a vacation day so early in the school year. Thanks for sharing your experience though so I could live vicariously through you. I know this was a day you won’t soon forget.  ~Brian 9.11.2013
  • Thank you Amy! You always seem to post the perfect inspirational message for us at just the right time :) We too know that we should stop worrying and being afraid of the unknown — of what’s to come. Of course there is no sense in worrying about something you have no idea about. But it’s much easier said and done, with so many details – many difficult – that need to come together in order for us to relocate. We will try harder to let go of the fear, so that we can instead enjoy the journey – thank you!  ~Betty Mercier 9.18.2013
  • Amy, I have to say that MNSSHP is probably the best party I have attended. I have done several others including the Christmas Party but Halloween was the best and is my favorite. thanks for the great description ~Paul Barger 9.16.2013
  • Love your love story and the pictures. You have a wonderful husband who took in every detail for your special celebration. Thanks for sharing the highlights with us. Happy 20 years you two.  ~Beth Skarp 9.16.2013
  • This entry brought tears to my eyes! You are so blessed!!!!  ~Bernice 9.16. 2013
  • So beautiful!!! Couldn’t be happier that you had a wonderful and magical weekend! Can’t wait to hear more details next time we get together! And congrats on TWENTY years!!!  ~9.16.2013
  • Loved this Amy. You and Craig are so blessed to have each other.  ~Mya Gutweiler 9.16,2013
  • Congratulations!! I can’t wait to read more!  ~mckryanchrista 9.16.2013
  • I’m glad that your wish came true to stay at the Poly!!! ºoº I have always wanted to stay at the Polynesian as well. It is so beautiful and tropical. I just don’t know if it will happen because of the high nightly rate. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us!!!  ~Jennifer 9.19.2013
  • I’ve always wanted to stay at the Polynesian. This just adds to my excitement, I hope I get the chance to do so someday!  ~wishinkitchen 9. 17.2013
  • Great report! Lots of helpful information. I just hope they don’t charge for magicbands or give people staying at deluxe resorts more fasspass options, etc.. I like the fact that it doesn’t cost extra to use fast passes, and that it is the same for everyone regardless of where you are staying, etc.  ~Jennifer 9.19.2013
  • This is really cool – I hope they keep the ability to use regular fast passes in addition – then you could plan your evening park adventures with the FPPs and use regular FP for mornings! *fingerscrossed* How far ahead of your trip were you asked to do this? I’m still hoping we’ll get selected for our October trip! Thanks for the info!  ~Jodi R. 9.17. 2013
  • This is one of the few signature dining restaurants that we haven’t tried! After this review, it’s definitely on the list!  ~mckryan 9.17.2013
  • You hit the nail on the head, Amy! I was quiet growing up and I always was a listener as to not cause problems. Always trying to be friends with everyone. It sure was exhausting! Now that I’m an adult I always think of the repocussions before I open my mouth. If it’s ok in the end I speak my mind. If it has to do with my kids. You bet I’m going to speak my mind! I will let someone have it. But I always think of the outcome before I speak and weather or not what I’m going to say will either hurt or help. Will I be happy with the outcome and can I live with what I just said. Thank you, Amy, I feel like what you said described a lot of myself growing up and now as an adult.  ~Sharline Hernandez 9.27.2013
  • Well written Amy. I think our battles need to be chosen….sometimes it is best to remain silent, other times you need to speak up and be a voice. Sometimes it is for someone who has no voice, sometimes it is to make sure that a clear head or opinion is heard to separate fiction from facts, and last it is because OUR voice needs to be heard. It is confusing at times to know when to speak or when to hold our tongues and just walk away. Thanks for these words of wisdom.  ~Beth Skarp 9.27.2013
  • Amy, your writing is so flawless and hits my sentiments exactly. Only it would have taken hours for me to write it because I get so emotional as all my frustration of being walked over all the time come thru at the same time. I try to say something politely after a situation occurs numerous times and people don’t take me seriously. Then I spit stuff out more because it keeps happening and now I’m the bad guy. Only it was okay for the person to have the great life in the meantime while I was being used. This mostly refers to play dates.  ~Kim 9.28.2013
  • Thanks for sharing this story, truly an Inspiration.  ~Michael 9.28.2013
  • I HAVE been second-guessing myself, and this decision to move to Florida! I know what I want and I know I can do it, I just get overwhelmed by all the details; like, do I drive a moving truck or use pods, how do I find a dentist, or vet, or will I be able to drive on I-4 safely? It’s like you’re reading my mind Amy!  ~Lisa 9.28.2013
  • Thanks for this update. We enjoy purchasing some fresh produce as well as fixings for lunch when we are there. Have always gone to Wal-Mart because it was closer to where we were. As you stated, it really is a “race” to see if you can get out in one piece. After reading this, will definitely check out the Publix or maybe even a WinDixie. Thanks for another great article. ~Beth Skarp 10.4.2013
  • I love shopping at Publix, Aldi and Target. Clean stores, good products, nice employees. Thank you so much for this post! I have tried explaining to friends why I will choose Publix over WalMart. ~Heather McClay 10.4.2013
  • Love the review! My roommate and I had gone right after it opened. The menu was huge! I haven’t gone since they shortened it down, but happy to hear the food is still amazing! ~Heather McClay 10.9.2013
  • Hi, great post. You are so lucky to have seen Wilson Phillips perform. I wanted to see them in 1990 when they were touring with Richard Marx. I was lucky enough to see Richard Marx twenty years later but I have never seen Wilson Phillips. So I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photos.  ~Quirky T. 10.17.2013
  • Amy, No judgement here. I am also a huge Wilson Phillips fan! I am so upset that my family and I will be there on vacation starting the 28th and I am missing them! We are also planning a movie to the Kissimmee area and I hope that I will catch them after the move. For now, I will live vicariously through you!  ~Kirstyn Bruno 10.15.2013
  • So glad you got to enjoy this! I would have loved to be there as well! Thanks for sharing!!  ~Kris Banas 10.15.2013






  1. I have truly enjoyed reading about your most amazing journey.

    And, I’m very fortunate to have finally met you at Lou’s November 2010 Meet of the Month and can’t wait for you and your family to finally arrive here in Central Florida.

    I am very honored to be able to call you my good friend.

    Be patient. The day will arrive sooner than you think!

    Until then, keep up the awesome work on this amazing blog!

    Your friend,



  2. Hey there I am so glad I found your site, I really found you by accident, while I was looking on Yahoo for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a incredible post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I donít have time to go through it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the superb job.


  3. My family and I are planning on making the move to Florida March of 2012. We’re so excited about it and I use your blog
    and the links you provide to help make the transition easier for our whole family. Thanks!


  4. Just read about you thru Digital Disney (which I love) and plan on following you as your journey continues. My wife and I have always talked about moving near Disney (we get emotional as well when we leave from vacation) but never the guts or nerves to do it. THANKS and wish you all the best!!!!


  5. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I found it tonight and have read through every step of the journey. We may be losing my parents house next year and started discussing moving down to Orlando. We all need a change and it has always been a dream of mine. Currently, I live in IL with my husband, 3 kids, and my parents. My father is being very pessimistic about this and I’m starting to think we may have to take this step without them. I have been looking for inspiration and I think tonight I found it. Thank you again and I look forward to reading more.


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