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Tag: blog about a familys move to Florida

The City Museum in St. Louis, MO

  I was looking for something fun to tour, something I hadn’t done before. During these interesting times, I have found creativity rules all. So to keep my love of […]

Disney Parks Blog Treat-Up

I am always happy when I make the list of a blog meet because it means that I will get to experience and enjoy something that I may not have […]

At Least You Tried

I think the thing that scares people the most about relocating is the “finality” feeling of it.  Somehow we get in our heads that if we follow a dream, that […]

Merch Monday… The Little Mermaid Merch

Found at Storybook Circus, at “Big Top Souvenirs,” inside the Magic Kingdom is this section of Little Mermaid goodies. This is the most I have seen in awhile, enjoy!   […]