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Tag: Family moving to FL blog

When is Enough, Enough?

So on our family vacations, we had a shopping rule. As we all know, kids, heck adults as well (ya’ll can put your hands down now) go crazy over the […]

The Leash Laws in Florida

As I have done many times in my own suburb, I walk the sidewalk around the Park by myself, or with my family, or walk just the puppies.  Well tonight […]

At Least You Tried

I think the thing that scares people the most about relocating is the “finality” feeling of it.  Somehow we get in our heads that if we follow a dream, that […]

Oh 2011 will be Disney Heaven…

If you have been following us, you already know that we plan on relocating to Florida. The big news we would like to share is that we are officially moving […]