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Tag: Live near WDW

DTD Disney AMC Tip

When seeing a movie at Downtown Disney’s AMC Theater, try going for screens 1 or 2. They have a balcony with a second floor that provides bathrooms and another way […]

Tortuga Tavern

If you like Mexican food and are looking for it in the Magic Kingdom, “Tortuga Tavern” is a very yummy stop to grab a taco, burrito, or a great plate […]

Relocation Tips

Relocation Tips The following tips have been shared in The Relocated Tourist newsletter, and are being compiled here for those who do not receive it. This list will constantly be […]

The Saving Tables Debate

We have all been there…balancing the tray of food in one hand, little hand in the other, and searching for somewhere to sit. In Disney World this has become an […]