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Tag: Original Relocation to FL Blog

Disney’s Ariel Collection by Sephora

Guest Author: Mary King of Back in the spring I shared with you the exotic Jasmine collection by Sephora, an inspired collection that was second in line after Sephora […]

Our Trip to the Kennedy Space Center

Guest Author: Thadine Mauricio In 2009 while planning one of our Disney trips, my son’s asked to go to Kennedy Space Center. I think my husband had something to do […]

Our First 60 Days

We thought it would be a great idea to recap you on what our relocation has been like since we moved here 60 days ago. It doesn’t seem possible that […]

Coming out of the Closet

No, not that kind of “Coming out of the Closet,” more like the “Cleaning out” kind.  We all have them, those closets that seem to be spilling over, the kind […]