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I Refuse to Apologize for…

I was surfing the World Wide Web and came across my honey’s Facebook page.  Under his picture he has stated “Unapologetic Disney Fan.”  So it was born, my list of […]

My 2010 Disney Bucket List

I have been thinking about life lately, and what I would like to do before I enter those pearly gates in the sky.  I have my regular bucket list, which […]

Why I Love “The Land”

After this most recent trip to Walt Disney World, I discovered that I have fell in love with not a person, not an attraction, but yes folks, an entire pavilion.  […]

Taking Pictures is Making Memories

In this age of the memory card, we have learned that taking pictures has reached new heights. No longer the days of rewinding film and buying flash cubes, but of […]

It’s Like Being a Kid Again…

You all know that moment-the one where an idea meets reality and the spark is set. I have been ignited, and I am more than excited. After talks with my […]


I know some of you can’t even fathom the thought of your vacation being anything less than perfect, but it does happen. When Walt Disney World gives you rotten pineapples, you […]